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Hi, I'm 50, originally from the UK and hoping to make some new friends in Marseille. I am friendly, young at heart, enjoy yoga, coffee, going to the beach, walking with my dog. I love animals, I'm easy going, happy to do most activites! Hoping to meet other people in similar situation or with similar interests. I'd welcome a language exchange too, my French is terrible!  Hope to hear from you soon! Alison.  

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I"m not vased in Marseille but you could join your local meet up group:

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Hi Alison,

I've just moved from England to Sanary Sur Mer and am also looking to meet expats or perhaps a language exchange - my French isn't good either! I also love animals and going to the beach and would like to try yoga but am having trouble finding classes in Sanary.

Marseille is an hour on the train for me (though I haven't tried it yet) and Toulon is very close. It would be great to meet up with another Brit :) my email is

It would be lovely to hear from you


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I'm 46. I live in Ardèche and I hope I can meet new people to chat and walk. I can speak English and French so you can contact me!
I hope to hear from you!

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