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Hi  We are going to be moving to to Provence for my husbands job and have been advised to look at places close to Manosque such as Pierrevert and Greoux les Bains and wondered if anyone knows of any long term rentals in these areas? Also our daughter will be attending the internation school in Manosque and wondered what your thoughts are on the school etc? And if you have children there how are they settling in? Many Thanks Excited but a little nervous Fiona  

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Hello, we live 20 minutes from Manosque in Forcalquier and in the past, we've known of children who have gone to the International School in Manosque and have now gone on to Aix. Rentals are hard to find but I think that's beginning to ease somewhat. Being close to big towns such as Manosque where there is a local scene of cinema's, cafe's & things to do would be good. Greoux is a spa town and the age profile is too high for kids to have a good social network, and you. I don't know what your timetable is but I think you need to have a very good look around before signing a lease. If you don't have a lot of time, stick to Manosque - we were able to sign an 8 month lease but we were house-hunting and ORPI, Forcalquier, have been brilliant at pulling out all stops to find ours. Good luck. Jan

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Good advice above. I only know Pierrevert from driving through it and I always thought it was a tiny place. I think Manosque would be a more interesting place for a teenager. It is also feasible to live in Aix which is wonderful.

My son, who went to Duby in Luynes, once went to Manosque intnl lycee for a session of the European Youth Parliament and was hugely impressed by both the facilities and the students themselves.

It is wonderful living in Provence! 

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Hello Fiona,

I live in Manosque and I have a teenage daughter who attends the international school - (plus I teach in the primary section. I would definitely recommend trying Manosque to start with - my teenage daugher does not want to move out into the villages at all. It is a relatively small town so not overwhelming at all. It is better for them for getting involved in activities etc - sometimes you pay more for not being resident in Manosque - or are not allowed a place at all (new for the summer holiday activities this year.

I recommend or for sussing out housing. I found the agencies Bassanelli and Era to be the most useful.

There are 2 sections - "international" and "european" in Secondary. I am imagining that you will be offered a place in the european section as that is taught mainly in English. A language test is required for both regardless of you arriving directly from the UK.

Is your husband going to be working for ITER or one of the subcontractors on the Caderache site? If it's ITER they have a strong support group for families arriving - and supporting spouses who are following.

Hope this helps


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