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Hello, My partner and I have been living in Brittany for the past 5 years and for some time now, have been thinking of moving further south.  We're both set up as AE's and we have a 5 year old daughter.  Does anyone have any information / advice on where we should start?! Many thanks!  

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Sorry, we should have given more infomation!   I work in immobilier but am originaily from a Publishing backgroud and my partner is a Carpenter. We both love the sun and are perfectly happy with cold winters. Here it tends to be a perpetual grey with constant drizzle!  We appreciate that costal towns and properties are alot more expensive.  We don't have a lot of money to spend, we're hoping to set up and get on our feet more so than we've managed so far here. I suppose our main questions are -

is there much work?

Are there many rental properties and properties for sale?

What are the avrerage rental prices for a 2/3 bed property? Inland vs the coast?

Children - are the schools good? Are there many activities for children?

What is life like there? Here it's very much a farming community, is it the same there?

Any info/advice is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks

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Gosh, where to start? Yes, the south is expensive but there are areas that are slightly more affordable,  generally away from the coast. And of course each area will have its own character. Rural areas do tend to be farming communities unless you are near enough to a town/city to be a dormitory but then the prices are higher.

As for schools and kids' activities, it depends where you end up .... In fact, I think your questions are too general for a useful answer, sorry. Look on Le Bon Coin at property prices to get an idea and then come and visit before you relocate.

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Exactly, where to start? We moved down here over a year ago originally intending to buy in the Alpes Maritime but found it ridiculously expensive and terribly congested. In the end we bought in Var which has most of the advantages and is a lot less pricey. The area from Draguignan to Lorgues is very pleasant indeed. It is however vital to do a lot of hard headed research here. The countryside gets remote and isolated very easily. There's a lot of sense in being close to the A8 auotoroute and the rail links. But even then you can find yourself doing a lot of driving and the autoroute isn't cheap

Ideally you should come visit, once in midwinter and once in high summer. 

You have a lot of homework to do! But we like the area very much.

Best wishes

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