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Hi.  I am compiling a list of real life stories from those willing to tell, all about 'the move' to France.  Reasonably detialed stories about, how long did it take you before you found the right propertry. Were you gazumped or let down at all? How much did you spend on exploratory trips before you found your property? Did you endure any pitfalls? How did you cope with the language? Did you look at all housdes across different regions/departments? Had you decided what region to live ion before you started looking? Any titbit of an experience. Please Note. Some content may be published. If you object to this please state before telling your story.

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Could be interested as I have an interesting (perhaps) story to tell.........

Would be interested to know where the stories may be published and whether one can ok the copy before it goes to print!



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Thank you for responding.


My research is specifically looking at once your decision to move to France was made, what trials and tribulations did you experience along the way? Amusing anecdotes to utter horror stories are all welcome.


That said.


Right now nothing is to be published and there is no financial gain to be had for anyone.

After completing the research a decision will be made that could lead to financial gain for all parties and that includes the authors. Such decision will be made based on the strength and findings of the research.

If it is the case that the research is so positive that it can be made use of, then the authors will be invited to take part on a one to one basis and will benefit financially directly. Nothing will be done without their direct knowledge or participation.

But I say again. This is in the future and is only once the research has been completed.

The statement about whether the information can be used is to assist with the decision making process at the end of the research. Nothing more.



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Hi, I've just bought in Provence with my partner. I think we have an interesting story as we were both London-based and after being really put off by the state of the London property market (we're young professionals in our 30s and have been renting for some time) decided to make a completely leftfield decision and buy in Provence. I have some useful advice and recommendations of companies that can help with the administration process which might be useful for others. Also amusing anecdotes about the French estate agents. Let me know if you'd like to know more. 1428573163

Please click on my and send me some more details please. I'm not looking for personal stories to be written here.

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