Still too many cold calls with Stop Secret

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I activated Stop Secret on both my land line and Orange mobile some years ago. I would estimate I am still getting two to six cold calls on my land line per day and at least one on my mobile. Stop Secret is not a free service and as a paid for service, Orange should be doing a lot better than they are. I do not want to receive any calls relating to health insurance, house insurance, photo voltaic panels or special offers from online sellers. There seems to be a link on Orange's website that will allow you to tailor your call rejection parameters but nothing happens when you click on the link i.e. it appears to work as well as Stop Secret does. Anyone have any other suggestions for blocking unwanted calls? I can block them manually per number on my phone but these call centres have hundreds of different numbers and change them regularly, deliberately to circumvent this method of getting rid of the pests. At times I resort to leaving my phone on my landline answerphone, on the basis that if it is important, they will leave me a message. 

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wilsonaldilaw 1500187647

Many thanks. I hope it works better than the UK's Telephone Preference Service, which does not appear to work at all. 


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