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Bonjour,  I am trying to get a rough idea of what it might cost to run and maintain a swimming pool per month. I know this depends a lot on how big the pool is, if it's tiled or lined, what sort of pump you have etc but just wanted to get an average guide. Also how often do they have to be drained/cleaned by a poolman ?  

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Gosh I don't think there is an answer to this! It depends on what cleaning system you use, as well as variables such as the weather. 

But you should not need to get it drained/cleaned by a poolman, ever. When I took over my last poolit was pretty shabby so I did drain it and cleaned it myself (but quickly as pools should not be left empty). After that I I kept it fulll and clean most of the time. I used to let it rest over winter but then gave it a spring clean for the new season. Very simple. But I was very careful to keep total alkilinity and ph spot on So I could use the minimum chlorine to keep it clean, givinga muchnicer swimming experience ie no blurry eyes etc.

Whether oxygen or salt systems are like this I do not know.

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