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I am thinking of moving and retiring to France this year or maybe in 2017.  However I am slightly concerned about any consequencies and repercussions of the UK saying No to staying in the EU. Does anyone have any useful thoughts on the subject?

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I suspect we are all waiting with bated breath to see what happens. I would probably opt for dual nationality in the event of a no vote.

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There are many non-EU folks living in France (Norwegians etc) who seem to be well integrated and happy here so an exit vote in the UK may not scupper your plans. Also I suspect any significant changes will be 'phased in' and remember there are many french nationals living in the UK so there is likely to be ongoing 'agreement' between the two nations Anyhow you are fortunate that you can wait and see how it goes. 

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Yes you are right about things been phased in and out. I was mainly worried about the health service and any issues. Thanks for your thoughts. 

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