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We have a 9-page home insurance document that we want translated from French to English.  Could anyone suggest someone safe and reliable in the Luberon area. Thanks, DandD

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There are a few in the Business Directory try looing in the link below

Hope It Helps !!

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We have used Mary Podevin (who is on the list willow linked to) many, many times over the last decade.  She is a government certified translator, so she isn't always cheap.  She will normally give you a price quote if you call or email her and give the overview of your documents.  She is prompt and very good.  Obviously, you can probably get a cheaper translation if you go with uncertified translators.


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Thank you for this, I have been in touch with a couple of names on the list.  DandD

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Thank you Lori, will get in touch with her and see what the charge might be.  DandD

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Your welcome, thats wonderful hope someone was able to assist 

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