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Hi. Anyone any ideas to the solution of the following .......I ordered a 500g pot of shea butter from the UK and received an already opened box (obviously damaged in transit due to its weight) with an alternator inside.  Yes! An alternator for (I think) a car, or maybe a scooter. I am not mechanically minded so have no idea. I can only imagine that the parcel I received AND the parcel I should have received have somehow been switched, for whatever reason?I have been back to La Poste to ask their advice - they say there's nothing they can do and that the chances of me getting my shea butter are virtually impossible.By law - can I keep the alternator and try to sell it? I would much prefer to have my shea butter than an alternator, even if the alternator is worth a lot more than my £7.99 shea butter, as I'm honest and would prefer to see the alternator with its owner.Any suggestions?Thanks

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Wanted car trailer or ride for a small clasic  spors car from the varr to the charente    Please call Janet 0613576365

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Hi There,Does anyone know someone who is driving down from the UK to the Cote D'Azur in the very near future who might be able to bring a couple of suitcases and my dog down with them (she is a superb traveller with all up todate docs/passport). Obviously more than happy to pay the costs and for their time! Must be within the next 5 - 10 days though. Many thanks!

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For anyone is interested in enjoying and supporting theatre in English, an engaging and original play - The Charlie Question - is being premiered at the Festival Off d'Avignon from 7th to 16th July 2017, prior to its run at the Edinburgh Fringe in August.The play, produced and performed by je ne sait quoi theatre - an entirely self-funded student theatre company from The University of East Anglia in Norwich - takes a compelling new look at the way we perceive, understand and talk about freedom of speech in today's society.For more information concerning the show, performance times and tickets, please visit the following links:http://www.avignonleoff.com/programme/2017/the-charlie-question-s20735/https://www.jenesaisquoitheatre.co.uk/the-charlie-question

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Looking for an English tutor to go over school subjects with 12 year old boy on holiday from 25/07 to 15/08 at Les Issambres.83380. He goes to boarding school in the UK term time. Maths, Science, French etc... 1 or 2h a day.

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There seem to be a lot more small flies around this year. These don't bite but are a considerable irritation when you are trying to work on a laptop and a couple of them are constantly crawling across the screen. Similarly when you are reading and one or more starts crawling up your leg/arm etc. You have to check to make sure it is not a tais (horse fly) which do bite and very nastily as well, which all distracts you from your work/reading/snoozing and so on. I do have the modern piece of technology, the electrically charged tennis racket (Executioner Pro), which if you manage to predict the direction the fly is going to take, works well but only swats one at a time. Again it is a distraction, having to go and find it from where you last used it then spend 5 minutes chasing down the errant fly. I have resorted to Victorian technology and bought sticky fly papers to hang up. I know they are disgusting objects but they do seem to work and don't exactly break the bank. I just hung up a new one about 15 minutes ago and already it has caught 8 flies. 

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We are moving to Provence in July, probably Vaucluse, and looking for a 6 month rental while we buy a property.  We are looking for 3 bedrooms, either unfurnished, or with outside storage for our own furniture.  Please PM me if you know of anything.

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Hello, my name is Sophie Delahaye-Kerr and moved to Fayence about 6 months ago and only just had the internet. I would love to meet some new people as im currently on my gap yr. im a very bubbly open minded person. I like everything and would love to meet anyone. Please email and I’ll reply. miss.s.delahaye-kerr@hotmail.com Thank you all xXx

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Hi ,can anyone tell me the best way to send parcels to the USAThank you Janet

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Any suggestions for my relocation plan from the Algarve to Draguignan in Provence at the end of August. There are approximately 6 large boxes with a total of 120 kg. I also have one medium sized, gentle dog and two young cats, all three will travel in appropriate cages.Is there anybody interested to share the van and driving with me? 

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Hello,I am planning a move back to the UK in July. I'm currently looking into options for moving furniture. I 'think' I will only be taking the essentials so don't really need a lorry. I was wondering if anyone else was in a similar situation who would be interested in sharing van/lorry space. Or if anyone is planning on moving here in the Summer and maybe I could contact their removals company to see if they could take a part-load back?Thanks in advance.Clare

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We have had a second home in France for nine years during which time we have had a lot of work done from several different companies.  We have encountered many difficulties but finally felt we had found a company whose work was good and whose personnel were skilled.  However recently a problem occurred with part of the work we had done.  We assumed that it would be covered under the Decennial agreement we had signed.  This is still under discussion but we found out some interesting information which we should like to pass on to others.A decennial covers many trades and many sorts of work, so if you are signing one with the 'boss' of the group and the group consists of several contracted workers - EACH ONE has to have a decennial which covers their aspect of the work they are doing.Up until now, we had assumed when you signed a Decennial with 'boss' or chief or works, the decennial covered whatever the job constituted but no;  each decennial will specify within the document what that person is covered for.So when some new columns and gates began to sink and list to one side, it turned out that our contractor was covered for some aspects of the work but not others.  From what we have understood in conversations with others, most people assume when they sign one it covers WHATEVER THE JOB IN HAND REQUIRES.  This is NOT so and you need to check that not only the boss is covered for every aspect of the work to be done, but that his sub-contractors are as well.Since our contractors really are decent people and good workers, we are sorting this out between but I thought I might just send a note on this so that you can be aware for the future.PS On the official 'Decennial' site - one the clauses states that it is the duty of the contractors to ensure that the land on which they are building is stable and that land slip is NOT a reason to invalidate a claim.

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My wife and I will be moving in July from New Orleans to the Avignon area along with our 11-year-old granddaughter and our English cocker spaniel.  We're hoping to be able to rent a furnished house or apartment of at least three bedrooms (to allow for occasional visitors) in the Avignon area, and we'd be very grateful for any recommendations of rentals that will be coming available, or of English-speaking estate agents in the Avignon area who handle long term rentals.  Our granddaughter is fluent in both English and French, and we'd also be pleased to meet families who have children in her age group.  Finally, because we'll be traveling (within Europe) two or three times during the coming year, we'd welcome any recommendations of a place to board our dog during those occasions when we have to be away.  also happy to hear from anyone interested in archaeology, natural history, culinary arts and the history of same, and/or environmental issues.

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Hi there, My partner, baby girl (14 months now) and I moved to Bandol thisMarch from Auckland, NZ. I’m English and partner French. We spent 4 years in Auckland and loved it. Before that we werein Sydney, Aus. We love Bandol and the area. Perfect for family life. I’m new tothe region, but my partner grew up in Carqueiranne and has family in the area. We’re looking to meet new people around Bandol, Sanary, St Cyr… Anyone coming down to Bandol or want to meet elsewhere, pleaselet me know. Cheers Nicholas

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Anyone has a good contact for this?  Please PM me.  Thank you in advance.Admin message:If you can help, you must remember to e-mail your replies; in accordance with French regulations, names and contact details of medical personnel must not be posted publicly in the Discussions.

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I am looking for a better phone and broadband deal than the exorbitant cost I am currently paying with Orange. Anyone know of good deals in the Sainte Maxime area. I have also found a company called Phoneexpat as my French unfortunately is not good enough to deal direct with phone companies! Has anyone had any experience with Phoneexpat?Thanks

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Please check out my regular blog posts www.englishmaninprovence.com.I hope you find it fun and do share with friends.Best wishes and enjoyAlly

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Hello there -  Does anyone know of any charitable organisations in Cassis that are looking for volunteers?  Thank you in advance for your response.

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Hi, does anybody know a dentist or oral hygienist who knows about proper teeth cleaning, scaling and oral hygiene? I live between Avignon and Marseille but will gladly drive to a good dentist. My French would suffice but if he/she spoke English it´d be super. My email is: elizabeth.sinnott@live.com (French law forbid adverts for health services). Thanks

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Hi. I am a massage therapist who qualified back in 1994 at the Northern Institute of Massage, UK. I am now looking to possibly offer my services in therapeutic massage and was wondering if anybody knows how I should go about insuring myself in order to operate here? I don't need any refresher courses on how to massage as I've kept hands on over all these years with family members and friends, just looking purely on how to go about insuring myself so as I can massage jo public without any risks of people suing me!

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