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Hi all, Anyone know a great place to list myself as a tutor and editor? I am in Provence near Pont Esprit, MFA, and here on a writing fellowship. Thank you!

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Hello I am looking for accommodation for the last week of Toussaint near the International Bilingual School of Provence, Bouc Bel Air. Sunday 30th October to the morning of Thursday 3rd November. It is for two adults and a child and we need to have animals accepted, Kitten and Dog (all house trained, even the child LOL) My son is sitting his GCSE's and we are having to travel from Finistere. Nothing too expensive, I know its out of season. Any suggestions welcome. Looking forward to hearing from you. Corina x

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Hidoes anyone know if you are allowed to install a satellite dish in Avignon Intra Muros ? If not, what system is used for receiving UK TV  ?Thanks

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Teach English at our school in Toulon in September. Send CV to: servicemanager-var@wallstreetenglish-sud.frInterviews at the end of August, thank you.

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Hello there -  Looking for fellow expatriates living in Cassis.  Would love to hear from you.Ange

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Have you a illustrated book project you want to produce but can't get your head around it?  I conduct One2One Mentoring via Skype. A step-by-step guide to layout, design, print & distribution. All you need to know to complete and sell your illustrated book. 

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I know the post services in France have never been great but this last year they seem to have become even worse. Stuff stolen en route, parcels never arriving on scheduled day, tracking not updated no post for days and then a whole lot on one day. The pleasant lady who has run our local la Poste office for many years, claims it is down to the unions, who have got such a hold over the managers, that nobody dares to take them on. She said that theft in the sorting offices has reached disgusting levels and is amazed that Amazon still use logo'd packages, as they are a prime target. The last theft was a great nuisance as it was my essential two monthly prescription. What is others' experience. Wilson

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Hi there -  Anyone interested in getting together for a drink?  I am planning to organize a weekly meetup if there is sufficient interest, please drop me a message if you are interested.Ange

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I so agree with you Headgirl- the website is the pits now.  Information is not updated and it's way more difficult to navigate/use.  I'm also wondering about the change?? Leaving it seems like a poor solution but..

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I've recently moved to Vaison-la-Romaine, close to Gigondas, Séguret, Beaumes-de-Venise, etc. I'm curious to know if anyone knows or is part of any English-speaking clubs or groups in the area. I speak French and have made some friends, but sometimes it's just nice to be able to speak English, you know? I am interested in meeting other English speakers in the area. I would appreciate any tips anyone might have! Thanks!-Bryan

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Hi, I am looking for expats who would be willing to talk to me for my new book. You would be kept anonymous and I would like to hear your story, how you got to live in France and how you coped, what you did, any regrets etc. I can talk to you on Skype or email or, if you are up for it, I can send you some questions. I would like to get as many varied stories as I can, both positive and negative. Thankyou and I look forward to hearing from you.

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It seems that, quite rightly, the petition to re run the referendum has been rejected...

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This is a new group set up to discuss the implications of BREXIT.  RIFT - remain in france together. Here is the link.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/RemainInFranceTogether/

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NationalStrikes in FranceIn protestof recent labour-law reforms, several unions will be on strike on Thursday 26May. This strike will likely affect public transportation, taxis, air traveland ferries as well as schools and government workers. If you’re planning totravel on that date, please check directly with your carrier. In addition,recent blockades of refineries by striking unions will likely mean continuedfuel shortages in some areas in France. Anational/general strike is also planned for Tuesday 14 June which could againdisrupt transportation and public-sector services.GO TO : https://www.angloinfo.com/provence/how-to/page/provence-transport-public-transport-strikes

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Hello, We're thinking about starting an Anglo-American women's group in the Var.  Are there any expat ladies out there who would be interested in joining? If so, what kind of activities would you like to see available? Coffee hours?  Book club? Dinners? Day trips? Other ideas? Thank you for your interest and assistance!   Expats in the Var   (for expats in and around Toulon, La Seyne, Sanary, Bandol)  

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Hi, I'm 50, originally from the UK and hoping to make some new friends in Marseille. I am friendly, young at heart, enjoy yoga, coffee, going to the beach, walking with my dog. I love animals, I'm easy going, happy to do most activites! Hoping to meet other people in similar situation or with similar interests. I'd welcome a language exchange too, my French is terrible!  Hope to hear from you soon! Alison.  

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OK, soooo, my name is Emma, I'm English, 38, and wondering if there is anyone else out there feeling like they are the only english person sturggling with living in France?! I've actually been living in France three years now, but just moved recently to the Var. I'm feeling really isolated and whilst I do speak ok-ish French and have nothing against having french friends ( my husband is French ) I am just really in need of finding like minded people with whom I can hang out with and speak in my mother tounge.  I'm used to living in cities, and whilst I love being in nature ( I'm a photographer but me and my husband are doing organic farming here ) I still struggle without  access to do all the things i love- pilates classes, yoga, great cafes and restaurants and a close community of friends and family on my doorstep.  If you live nearby and keen to meet up- let me know!     

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Wanted experienced carpet fitter Grimaud area,travelling expenses paid within reasoncall 0643 817568 with your rate

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Hi - I was wondering if there are any Advaitins in the Marseilles-Aubagne-La Ciotat area.  Would love to hear from you.Cheers,Ange

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It is so difficult to find any info, and I can barely read the print.  I am so disappointed....... I have been using AI for many years and it has always been my 'go-to' site for any info but just trying to find out what's on at the local cinemas is proving so frustrating.  Please Please Admin tell us that you are going to sort this out. 

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