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Hi there - Which are the nicer areas (clean, safe to live in) in Marseilles where I will be able to find 1- bedroom apartments with fantastic sea view?  Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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Hello, I will be visiting Marseilles soon to have a look around with a view to renting an apartment in the longer term.   Is anyone familiar with this city and are there any expat groups with whom I could make contact. ?  I am a painter and illustrator by profession.   My French is fairly basic and hope to find local French classes when I arrive.  Any advice would be gratefully received. 

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Hello.  I will be moving this summer to the region.  I am considering living in Marseille or La Ciota or Aix en Provence (or anywhere around there).  An important factor for me is the presence of an English-speaking expat community and leisure activities within that community (eg. meetups, sports etc).  Would appreciate advice on the various cities in the region where this aspect is concerned.  Thank you in advance.  

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Hi I am 31 years old and English and have just moved to Provence with my french other half and am looking to meet new people to go for a coffee, dinner etc.  Difficult to meet people at my age I thought i would write myself a classified :) Looking forward to hearing from you  Jan  

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Hi all. Just wondering if there is anyone in the area who would be intersted making a bit of cash doing airport runs for our wedding in August. Alternatively can anyone recommend any mini bus/transfer companies? Guests are arriving from the UK and Ireland into Marseille and Montpellier and need dropping into Vaison la Romaine (84). Anyone from a car to small bus owner would be great! Thanks in advance Jenny

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Bonjour,  I am trying to get a rough idea of what it might cost to run and maintain a swimming pool per month. I know this depends a lot on how big the pool is, if it's tiled or lined, what sort of pump you have etc but just wanted to get an average guide. Also how often do they have to be drained/cleaned by a poolman ?  

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In the UK it is possible to look at your local council website to find what new builds/extensions are being proposed/been granted planning permission. Is there something similar available in France that would allow us to promote our service to architects and home owners.  If not, where would we have to look? Any advice would be much appreciated

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I am thinking of moving and retiring to France this year or maybe in 2017.  However I am slightly concerned about any consequencies and repercussions of the UK saying No to staying in the EU. Does anyone have any useful thoughts on the subject?

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Hi  We are going to be moving to to Provence for my husbands job and have been advised to look at places close to Manosque such as Pierrevert and Greoux les Bains and wondered if anyone knows of any long term rentals in these areas? Also our daughter will be attending the internation school in Manosque and wondered what your thoughts are on the school etc? And if you have children there how are they settling in? Many Thanks Excited but a little nervous Fiona  

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Hi We´d like to change phone/internet providers. We´re paying approx. 60 Euros monthly with Orange and have been having a few problems. We  heard that "Free" might be the be an option. Would be grateful for any comments. 

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Hi, I am having a garden wedding in Entrechaux next Aug and am on the hunt for tables and chairs to sit 70-80 people. Rustic and basic is fine, in fact I would prefer the old wooden tressel tables if at all possible. can anyone recommend a company? Wedding is on a Thursday

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Hi, I am looking for a cleaning lady in the area of Maussane Les Alpilles for a second home, preferably somebody used to take care of noble material. The house will be occupied only by the owners , a very nice Canadian couple. Job that could begin in March 2016 : twice a month when they are not here and once a week when the house is occupied. IF you have any contact to suggest please send me a MP Thanks  

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Hello, I am writing an essay on the subject of the integration of British expatriates in France. I have created a short survey for my research. If you are British and live in France, I would be extremely grateful if you could complete this survey online here: British expatriates in France survey. It will only take a couple of minutes and all responses are anonymous. If you wish to know the results of the survey, or have any questions about my research, do not hesitate to include questions and your email address in one of the text boxes in the survey. Thank you for your time and input, Eva.

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Just curious to know if there are any  English guys living in the Var or surrounding areas ?  I'm a happy English lady looking for friendly chit-chat, living on the coast  near Toulon.    If interested, please make contact !  

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Hello, does anybody in the general area around La Roque d'Anthéron have some cheap storage or know of where there might be?  We are new to the area and haven't gotten our feet on the ground yet! Thanks very much Tom06 42 16 90 45

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We have a 9-page home insurance document that we want translated from French to English.  Could anyone suggest someone safe and reliable in the Luberon area. Thanks, DandD

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Hi would like to know if there are any English Luncheon clubs in BANDOL?  So far I just get blank looks when I ask where are the English people in this area are?   Just moved here so keen to make contact              

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Hello, My partner and I have been living in Brittany for the past 5 years and for some time now, have been thinking of moving further south.  We're both set up as AE's and we have a 5 year old daughter.  Does anyone have any information / advice on where we should start?! Many thanks!  

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We have some space in our van which will be leaving from the New Forest this weekend ,if anyone would like to use it and help pay towards costs   Janet

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Would anybody be able to email me any info on a female gynecologist in the Provence (post code 83 1nd 13, but rest of Provence is also OK)? I am also looking for other MD´s and a dentist until my French get good enough. Would anybody know of any other ex-pat groups that may have a list of english speaking health care professionals? Thanks for your help!  

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