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Hi!   My name is Aurora, I am currently living in the Netherlands but I am trying ever so hard to move to Aubagne or Marseille. I was hoping to find friends on here to talk tho (via Whatssapp messenger, skype or whatever). Maybe to help me move (tips an tricks). I would love to learn to speak better french with someone and in return I could help you with either english or dutch ( I also speak German).  It is my dream to move to either marseille or aubagne but I just cant seem to find a job because I barely speak enough english to get to a hotel.. any help or contact is welcome!    Thanks for everyone who wants to help me! 

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We are a well-known English school in the center of Toulon and we are hiring English teachers for September. If you are interested, please send your CV by email to the following address: servicemanager-var@wallstreetenglish-sud.fr  We will contact you for an interview asap.  Thank you.

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I'm looking for a paid guardian position for a minimum of 6 months starting soon. Location must be within 1 hour of Aix en Provence. For further details please contact me via this ad. Many thanks Caroline      

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Hi, i'm french girl from grimaud and i looking for english speeking native for cultural exchange; For me to perform my english speeking and for you, your french style. see you. Dareen.

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Can anyone tell me if there is a local depo for donating clothes, toys etc for the ever increasing refugees.? i see pictures on TV of the people arriving in all the European countries & I'm sure France has charities helping.  

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The secondary school that our daughter will go to next year has refused to offer a vegetarian option for her at their canteen.  An internet petition has recently been launched by MP Yves Jego, mayor of Chalon-sur-Saône, to campaign for the right to a vegetarian school dinner option. The petition has already gained 130 000 signatures out of a desired 150 000. If you feel in agreement, please would you sign the petition and then share the link on your social media networks.  https://www.change.org/p/pour-une-alternative-v%C3%A9g%C3%A9tarienne-obligatoire-dans-les-cantines-scolaires 

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I have 5 sheets ,8 x 4 4 inch , thick foil back .Never used brought from Uk To be collected from flayosc   0644272747 or email  

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I am moving to France next year and wondered if anyone can give me an idea of the likely cost of removals.  Moving from Manchester to Draguingnan. We are a two person household and live in a 4 bed roomed house with lounge and dining room and a cellar and shed.  We want to use a good established removal Company who has good dry storage Facillities and proper insurances. We will most likely need our contents to be stored for a few months whilst we buy another house.

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 The National Theatre has decided to continue its projections at the Renaissance Hotel in Aix-en-Provence for another season, which it is hoped will include Benedict Cumberbatch’s ‘Hamlet’.   The new season starts on Sunday 27 September 2015 at 2.30 p.m. with “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”, acclaimed on both side of theAtlantic.   Simon Stephens’ script is based on Mark Haddon’s 2003 award-winning book of the same name.    See link below for more information.   Tickets must be purchased and printed in advance using: https://www.weezevent.com/the-curious-incident-of-the-dog-in-the-night-time Please do not call hotel!

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Hi we have just recently moved to La Garde Freinet area,does anyone know of any groups that meet up for, art, music,pétanque ,playing cards etc,  thank you in advance jane

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Hi there, i have just recently moved to France from Australia with my partner who is French. We are currently living in Le Lavandou near Hyere. Does anyone know of anyone that gives Fench lessons around this area? Any schools? I have a French base, however need to learn more as we will be moving to the Alps for the ski season. Thanks.

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We are a family of 4 from New Zealand moving to Provence at the end of July. During August we are looking for French lessons in or near Avignon for approx 15 - 20 hours per week. Any suggestions gratefully received! cheers James    

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This afternoon I caught a brief sight of a vibrant royal blue bird about the size of a great tit near water but I have no idea what type of bird it was. This was the first sighting since my arrival to France in 1999. Does anyone have any idea what breed it is. Thanks, Maggie        

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We've started a group for writers in France, open to all - fiction, non-fiction, plays, poetry. It's strictly non-commercial - just a way of creating a community to provide mutual support and encouragement. We've just created a forum, so come over to Writers in France to get the conversation going.

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I need to telephone the helpline for AliceBox ( the internet  telecoms company) from the UK. The company website only provide a 4 digit number (1033) which appears to be unobtainable from the UK using the normal 0033 international  prefix..Can anyone advise if there is a way of accessing this type of number from UK?

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Hi everyone! I will be visiting the Var mainly the Cotignac area in the late spring and really would love to meet up with some local english people who have been living in the area, particularly those with young children. We are thinking of moving to Cotignac in 2015 and will be bringing our daughter and husband and three small children and are very excited.. Our trip is one of many we have done over the past year in deciding where we want to finally put down roots, and are very keen to meet up with people to find out more about life in general in the Var area and in particular in Cotignac! If anyone is able to meet up with us for coffee that would be fantastic!  We will be renting in the village...Look forward to hearing from you... Philippa

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We moved  to Brunet from England in April and intend to stay long term - what do we have to do to register that we are living here please?

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I will shortly be moving back to the UK from France and am looking for a firm to box up and transport my belongings to the UK. I would appreciate any contact details/websites that could help me with this. I will be moving from Beausoleil 06240 FR to Darlington UK.  

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MONDAY 13-07-2015 Hello there, Am currently in Marseille visiting some family members living there. Until start of August. Am aware of the Marseille Meetup Groups and am a member of some of them. Would nonetheless be happy to meet some Brits based in/near Marseille for a drink and chat. Would gladly treat you to a pint or cuppa. Thanks, John.        

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Hi, I've just got a job in Nice and need to move to the area asap. However I'm having trouble finding something as I have a 2 month trial period and estate agents won't touch me with a bargepole, something to so with Assurance Loyer Impayé.  So does anyone know of a 2 bedroom property available as close to the centre of Nice as possible? I am looking either for a 2 - 3 month rental just to take me through my trial period or if the flat is suitable, a long term rental. Any help or advice would be appreciated, I'm pulling my hair out here. I'm solvent and a homeowner myself. Thanks

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