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My 20 year old daughter is starting universaty in Aix en Provence, Septemebr 2015, and I'm looking for a apartment close to the universaty for her and her girlfriend. I dont know the area at all and have called a few agents for property details but they seem reluctant to send them!!?? I would be most greatful for any reccomodation and help in finding a plce fro them Many thanks Hanna

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Hi  I am leaving France in 6 months time, apart from removalist is there anywhere we can buy moving boxes not to expensive .....thanks in advance.  I am in 13560 bouches du rhone.

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Playschool Toulon (an English Nursery school) is looking for an anglophone to join their team.  Does anyone know where we can find people who might be interested?

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Hi is there anyone out there in valcluse that can fix my phone ??

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  I'm working on a BBC2 non-broadcast pilot about British couples who run businesses in France. It's eventually for a prime-time documentary slot, but right now I'm looking for people who are happy to talk about the good and bad of business life in France and who have interesting things (moving, selling, expanding or downscaling)  happening over the next few months. I look forward to hearing from you! samantha.brick@btinternet.com

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Hi, Is there anyone near Lorgues that can help us with our 'Free' internet/phone/mobile problems.  We'd be happy to change to another provider but need to sort it out as soon as possible.  Need a French speaker to deal with Free to sort this out, and am more than happy to pay for professional help.

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Looking for a like-new double bed of good quality.   If necessary I could pick up, not too far from Aix/Avignon/Cavaillon. Many thanks, cn

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Has anyone out there ever been a seller at a vide grenier? We have one coming up in out town and there are some things I want to clear out, but just wondered what the process was.....for example does one normally have to pay for a pitch or donate a %age of ones takings? Any info would be useful before I before I take the plunge..

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Hello,  My name is Julie. I am 26. I've been living abroad during my studies and I am now in Manosque for 6 months (I found a job in L'Occitane en Provence). Unfortunately, I don't pratice foreign languages in my job as I only work for the French Market. I would like to meet people to practice my english (I also speak spanish and portuguese). I can help with french if you want to, or give some advice to discover the area as I am from Marseille/Manosque!! Do not hesitate to contact me, I will be pleased to meet you !! Thank you and see you soon Julie

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Hi everyone, My name is Xiaojing. I’m looking for English speakers (native or not) to create an English news publication with me in Provence.  The reason is easy. I’ve been living in Marseille since September last year and haven’t seen one English news publication either online or print. For the second biggest city in France which is also striving to be the next tourism star along the Mediterranean coast, that’s a bit surprising. So I was thinking why not make one myself. The idea is to build an English news portal based on the information collected in French. So there will be a lot of translating and editing. Considering the amount of work it involves, I know that I won’t be able to complete it all alone, which is why I’m here, looking for partners.  In short, if you are based in Provence (ideally Marseille), can write in English, read in French and would like to have a try on my idea, you are welcome to shoot me an email: sxjane@gmail.com  Finally a bit about me. Chinese national, grew up in China, educated in Australia, then worked in both countries before moving to Marseille, France (a bit messed up, I know). My professional background is in communication and media.  Look forward to meeting you ;) Cheers Xiaojing

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hi - can anyone advise me where to purchase gypsum multi finish plaster from and the cost please

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Hello ,I am looking for a person or couple that could look after my 4 horses and 2 donkeys whem we are away .   Flayosc

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we have a problem with our neighbours dogs coming onto our property, they have between 6-10 chihuahuas...what can we do to stop this

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Hi everyone, My partner and I have just moved to France specifically the Provence region. We are trained to teach English as a foreign language. We want to advertise our services and make sure it reaches a wide range of people. Any recommendations where to advertise either via web or real-life? We saw the notice boards in the supermarkets which we are going to use but there are only 3 supermarkets which are really local to us!! I've created some flyers with pull-off tags so just wondering where else to put them. Any ideas? We really would love to read some constructive feedback!! (First post on AngloInfo) xx  

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We're currently furnishing our house and are on a bit of a budget. Does anyone know of any second hand furniture options like flea markets or second hand shops? We're particularly on the lookout for a sofa and a large rug. We're based between Marseille and Frejus.  Thanks 

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Hi.  I am compiling a list of real life stories from those willing to tell, all about 'the move' to France.  Reasonably detialed stories about, how long did it take you before you found the right propertry. Were you gazumped or let down at all? How much did you spend on exploratory trips before you found your property? Did you endure any pitfalls? How did you cope with the language? Did you look at all housdes across different regions/departments? Had you decided what region to live ion before you started looking? Any titbit of an experience. Please Note. Some content may be published. If you object to this please state before telling your story.

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Forgot to add. I'm heading to S. France so maybe there's another route on route from Lyon to Cannes? Thanks

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Hi there A friend is looking for a house/villa with private swimming pool to rent for the week beginning August 19th 2015. There will be five in the party and they want something relatively close to Marseille and ideally walking distance or a short drive to shops. Thanks!

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We are resident in France and have a limited company registered in England.  The company provides supported holidays to people from the UK with a learning disability.   The holidays take place here in Provence. We are very interested in offering our supported holidays to French citizens with a learning disability.  The aim is to have a mix of French/English clients on the same holiday, which will give a rich cultural element to the holiday. My question is this.  Will our English status be sufficient to take French citizens?  Will we need to create a French status, like autoentrepreneur, to run alongside our limited company?   Obviously, it would be convenient for our limited company to be able to legally accept French clients.  Does anyone know anything that may help us move forward with this? Take a look at our website which will give you an idea of what we do www.goprovence.co.uk Thank you  

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i thought I would share my very positive experience with a lovely architect. She has really listened to us and has made suggestions without being too pushy. In fact, the lady at the Mairie even commented on how good she was during the planning process. I've read a lot of blogs about the complications of the French planning system but she's been a great help her name is Helene Barbier and she works in the Aix Marseille area. Her email is helenebarbier@gmail.com

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