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Hello one and all.  I have finally decided to put in new WOODEN double glazed WINDOWS.            My house is 300 years old, so style counts  (Sizes might not be conform with readymade). .Would appreciate names of the MOST RELIABLE companies, and if they do the installation   I'm in Cavaillon area;  Avignon would be ok but not Pontet. Many thanks for leads, Charlotte Novitz

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Hello we are currently in UK looking to come to Riviera area next year 2016 for approx 4-5 months and were looking for somewhere to put our touring caravan. We don't need the facilities of a big site, a small private site or just a one off private property. We just need some where that we can have electric hook up, mains water supply and an "elsan" waiste disposal point. The site doesnt have to be in the middle of town or close to the beach, we have transport. The reason we need to stay for so long is that we are thinking of relocating to Riviera permenantly and starting our own business, but we need to be there for a few months to do research on how the business will go by networking with other English speaking ex-pats and also looking for possibly more permanent place to live. Any help and advice would be brilliant, oh yes and we are coming over for a short holiday this year 5-15th April so could meet up then if anyone would like to. Many thanks "Bikerbabe"

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Hi - Can anyone explain how the daycare system works in France?  Are they all government sponsoerd?  I am hoping to find a class for my todderl during the mornings while I study French in June in Aix.   I havne't been able to find anything.   Thank you!, Emily

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Hi,  I'm a fit middle-aged lady and I'm looking for a female (French or English speaking) casual  walking companion -  I live in the Cogolin/La Mole/Bormes area and enjoy walking - not huge long ones, but about 5 - 10 kms.  Ideal if free Monday - Friday during the daytime.  I know a few places locally but would love to learn some new routes.   Would love to hear from you if you have a similar  interest.  

started by: FrenchRiveria_HouseSitters_Free · last update: 1424785738 · posted: 1424700371

I thought I would reach out to the AngloInfo crew here because I know you're all so wonderful at sharing information and helping each other out!  We are housesitters and have spent 3 winters in The South of France looking after a fantastic property. We love the area and the people. Usually in the summer we travel a little more and look after Gites or holiday properties. This year we would love to stay in or around this area. We have excellent references, we love all pets but are not able to care for indoor cats (due to allergies), we have experience in gardening, large properties, pool maintence, mill houses, greeting guests, change overs, managing work-aways, all aspects of running a home and/or business. Our situation is slightly different because we run a business of our own so we would prefer an assignment that lasts from mid April - September (or longer). We do not charge for our services. There are three of us, all business partners, so we always take preference over large properties with 3 or more rooms. Other than a good wi-fi connection our only other requirement is that we work with nice people who understand and appreciate the value our services as much as we value and appreciate the opportunity to care for their home and pets.  We will consider all offers and are happy to visit and meet with anyone who might be interested. More than happy to sent links to our profile on all the major house sitting websites and share our references. Call: 05 62 65 36 71 or drop me an email: laura@commissioncrowd.com

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Calling anyone who has a Toulon season ticket.... As you know, Toulon are playing Wasps in the QF of the European Cup. I have invited a number family and friends to come and stay with me and we have a hotel booked in Toulon for the Sunday night, however match tickets are only on sale to Season Ticket holders. If anyone is wiling to share their membership details with me so that I can buy some tickets, I would be extremely grateful, and will owe you a pint or three when it comes to match day. I only need your name and membership number and then I can buy tickets on line (I think) Thank you very much Mark

started by: Deane Mummery · last update: 1424180081 · posted: 1422549460

Hi Just to let anyone who is interested in yoga know that there is an English speaking yoga teacher in Saint Cannat at Crossfit Academy. To book 04 42 93 83 09. The gym is owned by a Scottish girl - super new gym with great atmosphere.  Yoga classes are every Thursday 10:30-12 and Saturday 9-11. The teacher is excellent.  We would love to see some new faces as gym only opened in November 2014. Elaine Mummery  

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Just wondered if anyone has completed one of these courses and if so what it entailed. All I know so far is that it costs 249€ and is four hours long. Any information would be helpful. Thanks

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Hi I'm 30 years old and I'm looking for future mums to be in Vaucluse area;) to excercise,shopping,walks,talks and just have a nice cup of coffe;))))) I am also mum to be and I would like to meet new people in the area;)get back to me if you are interested;) Marlene

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Please somebody help me!!   I can never get to my phone before it goes to voicemail as it only rings 3 and a bit times.  Have tried the Apple site, but their advice doesn't work which makes me think it is a matter of contacting Free.fr.   My French is not up to this, and I cannot make head nor tail of the website, so is there anyone out there who can help me please??!!      Thanks, Janiepie

started by: Jamie Huber · last update: 1422130172 · posted: 1417487571

Hi there, we live in Australia and recently bought a holiday house in  Salernes  and we are looking for an English speaking caretaker  (maison de gardien) and a Treuhandler (fidèle gestionnaire). Would very much like any leads or if you have any interest please let us know. Much appreciated. Thanks Jamie

started by: HannahSusan · last update: 1421944635 · posted: 1421754181

Hello, I am in Marseille and have a bit of time on my hands and want to do something useful with it, does anyone know of any volenteering opportunities round here?  Thanks 

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We intend to spend some time in the summer in this area and we had heard that although the BBC satellite footprint had been reduced, it has lately improved.   Have you found that you can now receive the Free to Air channels or have you had to invest in a larger dish?   Any comments would be helpful..

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We are just about to buy a property near Aix-en-Provence, which needs complete renovation. Despite speaking some French we find the technical vocabulary a challenge. Does anyone know of a reliable builder in the area who could help? Thank you.

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I love my new ipad air, but how do I get it to connect with my iMac (2008 vintage)? I've ticked sharing, bluetooth etc. but they still don't connect. Plugging it into a spare usb slot only seems to charge it. I need to have files on the tablet so that I can take work into hospital with me this week! I'm sure it must be reatively simple, but it eludes this geek.

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we are in the process of buying a house in Vaison la Romaine,Provence. Has anyone any experience of buying kitchen white goods in UK and getting them connected in France? Are they cheaper - Miele, Bosch, AEG for example?

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We urgently need an English speaking dentist around the Draguignan area. If you know of anyone can you e-mail me ASAP. Thanks

started by: Paul day · last update: 1420235629 · posted: 1420233984

Dose any one know an English speaking dentist in or near Lorgues . Thanks Paul .

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HI could anoyone point me in the direction of  an English speaking  Obstétriciens et Gynécologues in  or aound the Apt area of Provence   Thanks for your help!

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Hi, I am looking for rustic /shabby chic/ vintage decoration suppliers in provence for a wedding near avignon.  Most of them seem to be too modern and not to my taste. Appreciate any help. Thanks! Rosie

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