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I understand that we need to burn wood of a certain age. What is the best age to buy and how do we tell if it's good or bad. The last load we had delivered is definitely not burning well and I'd like to avoid the problem again. Can anyone recommend a good wood supplier in the Haute Var - near Tourtour.

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Friends are buying a house in the village and want to have a full survey done. Can anyone recommend a surveyor, or company. Near to Salernes please and absolutely must be English speaking.

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We need to arrange for our septic tank to be emptied. What sort of cost is involved?

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Now we're here he's decided to pop the question......only took him 9 years! What do we need to get married here. Bound to be loads of paper involved, this is France..... Anyone done it recently? Any advice?

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Friends of ours are looking to buy an apartment here in Aix. They speak no French, can anyone recommend somebody?

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So glad I found Angloinfo - can anyone recommend a financial advisor based in the Var who we could consult about the French taxation system?

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Just moved into a new property and am looking for some advice from an interior designer. Does anybody have any recommendations of who i could contact please? Im in the Aix area. Many thanks

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I need a good accountant, familiar with the ex-pat position in France. Can anyone give any recommendations near Aix? Wills

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Hello I am looking for a Gardien job. I have experience and references.I will consider seasonal employment and I am available immediately.Thank you,Chris

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Anyone have any recommendations - near Salernes. He's at the local school having done a year at the Maternelle. I'm concerned that he's struggling, could do with some help from a fun person able to communicate well with children.  

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As you are well aware every pool needs a security system of some kind. My neigbour, who just spend six to eight weeks a year had their alarm installed a couple of days ago. And for that matter, a couple of days too late. Their pool is just 25 meters away from our bedroom and that's were the problem arises. This alarm goes of four or fine times a day (and night) becuase of animals? or wind? I have woken up twice the last couple of nights because of this and my neighbour sits in Switzerland not knowing. What should I do? Go to the police? Or the Mairie or what? I cannot wait until my neighbour arrives for Easter!!!!!   fluffy

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I understand that there is a sliding scale for CGT when selling a property in France. Does anyone know the details?  

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We are going to have to ship a few boxes back to the UK. Can anyone recommend a smaller removal company that could help at reasonable prices. Thank you.

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Can anyone tell me what they think of Meyrargues as a village to live in? Would it be feasible to commute into Aix every morning without too much traffic? Are there other internationals living there? Is it a "dynamic" village with activities? Does it get noise from nearby routes? Jennifer

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We have recently moved to Aix and I am now employed by a French company, probably now until I retire. What can I expect from my state pension that seems to cost me and the compant and arm and a leg. I will be paying in for about 20 years. Any advice, or recommendations of someone to give advice would be appreciated. Wills

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We need to make French wills. Can anyone recommend a Notaire in and around Draguignan, preferably with some English (for my husband!)

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Has anyone heard of any tax advantages of selling a property for under 300k euros? I've inherited part of a property and the person with the largest share of the house is saying this is the case. Can anyone recommend a good lawyer?

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Anyone know when this starts? Having Scottish parents it would be great to have a more direct route for visits.

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Hi , I am looking for a builder to construct a house (block and render with pool approx. 220m) in valbonne . I would be very pleased to receive any recommendations for people/companies who could do a good job of this project . Post reply or Contact Ian on 00447710 803477 IH

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