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Does any one know of a golf course thats open to the publice near carces?   allie

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I am so confused about the new pool safety laws. I know that I have to have something in place by Jan 1st. My French is limited, can anyone recommend a company that can help please?

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Only having moved here quite recently, can someone explain to me how this new CNE contract works? My wife currently has a CDD and is being told she will be moved onto this new type of contract. I understand that it hasn't been well received in France. Should she hold out for a CDI contract? What difference will it make? Wills

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I have some friends coming to the festival in the Summer. Can anyone recommend a comfortable but inexpensive hotel?

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Don't forget, if you are a french resident, you only have tomorrow (friday 30.12.05) to register at your local Mairie for the right to vote in France for the EU and Municipal elections.  All you need is to go to your mairie with your carte de sejour or passport and the obligatory EDF bill or similar and they register you there and then.

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We are considering buying a house but have only recently put our own house (here in France) on the market (one week ago). The Estate Agents keep pushing for us to sign the Compromise de Vents on the new house and say that getting a Bridging Loan is the normal practise in France to secure the house that you want to buy, if you do not have a buyer for your own house. Can anyone give us any advice around this as our first discussion with one bank shows that the interest charges on the bridging loan can make this a very expensive route to go down. By the time you add the cost of buying the new house (Notaires fees) and the cost selling our own house (agents fees and Notaires fees) as well as the Bridging Loan interest charges (and Notaires fees for this as well) it makes it a very expensive exercise.  Does anyone know a good third party that could help provide lower cost finance for the short term period between us buying and finding a buyer for our house?.Any help, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. La Bergerie

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We have considered northern France and come to the conclusion that it's too similar in climate to the UK. We are about to retire and have spent several happy holidays in various areas of Provence. We have almost decided on the Haute Var area (Barjols area). Can anyone recommend activities for us to participate in? Our French is passable and we usually manage to communicate well. We are looking for people our own age (60 ish) French and English.    

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Hi I'm looking to install a woodburning fireplace insert, preferably something efficient and not too ugly. The house is near Carces (about 10 miles from Brignoles). Would appreciate any advice on make/model and sellers/installers.

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  Hi, Two families jointly selling quite a lot of real wooden unused colonial,rustic,original furniture. All in Excellent Condition,never been used since the time of purchase about 10 months back.Some are still unpacked. Private furniture for sale to private persons. Ancient Cupboards...hand painted....large size  6 of them in different colors. http://tinypic.com/ilc4yu.jpg http://tinypic.com/ilc51h.jpg Large wooden  12 drawer cabinet/chest. (Real good work!). http://tinypic.com/ilc5dk.jpg http://tinypic.com/ilc5mg.jpg Large wooden cabinet/Chest with iron mesh front 2 doors and 1 drawer. http://tinypic.com/ilc614.jpg http://tinypic.com/ilc65j.jpg Wooden Cabinet 12 drawers chest. http://tinypic.com/ilc6fs.jpg Wooden cabinet with 2 front wooden mesh pannels. http://tinypic.com/ilc7y9.jpg http://tinypic.com/ilc852.jpg Wooden cabinet with 3 side drawers and 1 side door pannel. http://tinypic.com/ilc8l5.jpg http://tinypic.com/ilc8pj.jpg Wooden table long with 2 front drawers  -(Total 6 of them) http://tinypic.com/ilc900.jpg Several Wooden Bed Side cabinets http://tinypic.com/ilc9dw.jpg http://tinypic.com/ilc9jo.jpg http://tinypic.com/ilc9pw.jpg http://tinypic.com/ilcb2b.jpg http://tinypic.com/ilcb9t.jpg http://tinypic.com/ilcbiq.jpg Octagonal low height table (Antique) http://tinypic.com/ilcboi.jpg Wooden towel racks Double and single http://tinypic.com/ilcbwg.jpg Round cylindrical 5 drawer chest. http://tinypic.com/ilccah.jpg And many more....... Pictures, details can be sent by email,and they can be physically seen at the BOX-STOCKAGE,located just  behind Frejus beach front  with prior appointment. Terms; CASH AND CARRY. Reason for sale:Owner of the secure stockage boxes,has sold his premises to a builder for constructing apartments...and we all tenants have to vaccate by 5th january 2006. Urgently Contact: Cathy at Tel: 06-70715229 or Pedro at 06-20651215  E-Mail: cat83@libertysurf.fr

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I've just seen an item on people who do not have a Permis de Construire for their properties. Apparently the Var has the worst record in France with over 1,000 properties concerned as opposed to 100 in other départements. Seems a bit low to me but... The regional council is cracking down big time and the news item showed the example of a holiday home belonging to a German couple being demolished. On top of no longer having the property the couple, will be presented with a bill for over €15,000 for the costs involved in the demolishing.

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Do you live in France but work in the UK? If so, we are looking to interview you about the benefits and tips you can pass on to others for trans-commuting. It would feature as an article in the Connexion newspaper. Please contact production@connexionfrance.com

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Which networks are best for Provence? We've had SFR which seemed to be good but had some serious black spots in and around the Haute Var. We are going to change to a monthly tarrif and don't want to have the inconvenience of too little service when we are out and about. Anyone have any personal experience?

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Since we bought our house (modern villa) we have had the kilowattage into our supply increased to 12KW. We still, in the Winter, have an issue with the system tripping. Anyone any ideas what kind of wattage we meed to stop this happening? The house is 145 square metres.

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I am having problems with my open fire that smokes.  The chimney venting has been improved to help but the fire still smokes.  I am thinking of putting glass doors on the front of the fire opening but outside of the U.S.A. I cannot find a supplier.  Most fireplace companies want to install an insert - I just want the doors.  If anyone knows of a fairly local supplier/installer it would be much appreciated.  Please reply to Lesley 

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Hi, I need to move some things, mainly clothes, books etc, back to the uk could anyone recommend a company that does this please...Thank you

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Can anybody explain the different kinds of flour here? What is the equivalent of plain? self raising? I can't seem to get it right!  

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I have some friends who are moving their house contents to Flayosc at the weekend.  The truck will be leaving Flayosc (Var) on Thursday 15th December and returning to Swanage in Dorset. Is anyone interested in making use of some or all of the space (For a modest contribution).

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Hello, I wanted to find some activities in english for my 5 years old daughter.There is nothing in Aix en provence.So, I decided to create an association myself .But to do it, we need to be 4:1 president, 1 vice-president, 1 secratary and 1 accoutant.So I need 3 more persons motivated to create something. My idea is une hour per week-end.I would like to find an english student to do the "course".I was thinking, a half a hour of differents activities, like crafts or pottery, and half a hour songs, learning numbers, speaking...and everything in english. If you've got ideas, you are more than welcome!! As soon as I will find 3 more people, I will create the association, find the student and ask the council at Puyricard to give a room for a hour per week end. I think it's a good idea for our children to keep going speaking in english and it can be great fun for us to organise it. Let me know.......3 more people  

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Anyone know of any services in English in Aix? Would love to find a Midnight Mass service in English if at all possible. Anglican if possible.

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Anyone know the last day for posting to the UK so the package will arrive before Christmas?

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