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Can anyone recommend a good company for this - seem to have lots of confklicting prices and cover!

started by: Mas Jen-644355 · last update: 1133278386 · posted: 1133254182

RE: Two distinct Baccalaureates which can be earned by children of Lycee level: 1. BAC, with European Option (ie just Hist/Geog in English) 2. BAC, International Option Does anyone know if both are recognised by UK and US Universities, or only the International Option??? We need to clear this up urgently as we are trying to choose schools...Thanks! Jennifer

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We are looking to sell our apartment and are wondering whether anyone can recommend a good estate agency? Issy

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I heard on France Bleu that all the shops were going to be open in Marseille on Sundays up until 11th Jan to make up for the lost trade during the transport strike. Anyone been in today, is it all open? Does it mean that the out of town shops will be open as well, I was thinking of Ikea/

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Hi We have a large van coming with the rest of our belongings and Xmas stuff now and it is leaving UK to France and back with lots of space if anyone has anything. Best

started by: Annette-643982 · last update: 1133010137 · posted: 1133001776

Where's the best place - I know about Toys R Us in Marseille but what are the French equivalents of this store?

started by: RobinG-644350 · last update: 1132932403 · posted: 1132684863

I have a dutch Drivers licence and it needs to get replaced. However, the prefecture in Nice send me to Grasse and the sous-prefecture in Grasse sends me to Nice. I've even stopped by in Grasse and called the head of the department in Nice, but they each send me to the other party. Does anyone have any idea how to get a new valid drivers licence?

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A group of friends are just starting a new twice monthly association in the Carpentras region of the Vaucluse with the idea of making friends, improving our foreign languages, social outings, coffee mornings, discussion groups etc. This will be welcome to all nationalities. Anyone interested in finding out more please contact me and I will be happy to tell you more

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HELP URGENT HELP-I am writing because in September 2004 I agreed a contract with an accountant to buy a property in France. I had gone to the accountant because I needed to buy the property in a certain manner as part of a personal pension fund. In the eleventh hour this was not possible as under the laws of France, the country does not accept private trusts. As a result the property had to be bought with cash which was difficult but achieved.I was not happy with the service and wrote them a letter to this effect but not until Spring. I also did not settle the bill because I was not able to. I assumed that although this would not be the end of the matter there would be more discourse but I did not hear from them until now just over a year later.They have just been in contact and have said that under the statute oflimitations for contracts, as a year has passed that I will have to pay nowand in full regardless of any dispute.I have said that I will pay a proportion of their bill; at least 33% and infact I would pay up to 50% to en the matter.Is this the case and can anyone provide any information.The bailiff has just contacted me again, explaining that if I do not agree to settle the bill immediately, he will bring the Police on Monday under administrative procedure; so it is all very stressful.ChrisW

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  I will have space to the UK and back in December.........would you like to share costs if you have anything to move? bamford

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Need the chimney sweeping, anyone have any recommendations? Around the Salernes area please.

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Can anyone recommend a course for oil pastel painting in the Antibes region?    

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I have heard that lots of people set up English companies so that they can work in France, because it is easier and cheaper especially is you don't know how successful the business will be, or only expect a small revenue. I am thinking here about professional services such as financial advisor, or business consultant. Has anyone had any good or bad experience in this matter.

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Does anyone know if you can check a credit agricole bank account balance online?   allie

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Have got to go to the UK to MOT the Land Rover so will be going up and back with a large flatbed trailer capacity 2.6 tonnes. Would like to share costs by taking/bringing back any load.

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Is it my imagination or were there lots of shops open today? Are the French getting commercial? Used to be that there was nothing open on a Bank Holiday! Mind you, as most people took yesterday off as well I suppose some things never change....

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Can any one tell me if the French celebrate New Years Eve or New Years Day - or both! I have heard New Years Day is more traditional - is this the case? allie

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those little English 'goodies' such as Horseradish sauce,marmite etc ..... Eco Marche in Carces has got an English food promotion on at the moment. Not sure if this will be on going or is a one-off? Eco Marche is on the Route de Brignoles as you leave Carces village allie

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We have until Friday to decide whether we would like to buy EDF shares - what's the general opinion? Going to net us a good profit, or don't bother?  

started by: Bamford-644118 · last update: 1131810772 · posted: 1131795629

I intend to drive from the UK to the south of France and have some space if you need anything bringing. I will be leaving around the 18th of November. bamford

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