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Hi, We have a field in Salernes (approx 2.5 hectares) that needs mowing once or twice a year.  Would be grateful if anybody knows of a local farmer who would be willing to help? Thanks Chris    

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I've acquired an Ipad Air and would like to use it to stream Filmon, Netflix etc to my Sony HD TV. What is the best way to do this, given that the ipad has only a lightning connector? I'm told Chromecast will do it but I've read elsewhere that it doesn't, and as both that and the lightning to HDMI cables are pretty expensive, I want to be sure I don't opt for the wrong one! Thanks for any advice (apart from ditching the ipad).

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hi, has people get older & less independent, what services are available in France to assist in everyday living, ie. shopping, personal care, getting to the doctors, etc? Are they government or privately funded? thanks

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Hello, would like to watch BBC TV and found a web site offering a £5 per month subscription to do this via a VPN (whatever one of those is).  My anti virus doesn't like the web site and can not verify it as safe.  Has anyone else used this site and is it safe.  Would really appreciate any advice. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards EH.

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Hello, we are looking for someone that can help us with the help of a trained truffle search dog to find truffles, we have 2 truffle farms on the property. Thank you in advance AStrid 

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Hi; I am doing a closet cleaning and thought some of the things may be useful for anyone who has been affected by the flooding.  I have no idea where to donate things.....we are located near Frejus/Roquebrune sur Argens in the southern Var. Any ideas much appreciated.

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Hello everyone, My name is Lana, I'm 25 and currently living in London. My boyfriend and I are plannig on moving to Cannes/Nice in April 2015. I wonder if somebody might be able to give me some advice on who I could contact in the area whether it be recruitment agencies or individual companies. I am looking for work within the classical music industry (preferably) as I currently work for a renowned music publisher. I would be open to discussing oportunities within other relevant fields, perhaps magazines (publishing/editorial), radio, events etc. Hope that's not too much of a ramble! Thanks,   Lana

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Hi-- My family is visiting Provence in June and I am trying to find a school that can administer the DELF A2 exam for my two kids (ages 12 and 10).  Ideally, I'd also like to arrange for them to have instruction for one or two weeks prior to the examination.  (The boys should be generally prepared already, but a review wouldn't hurt.)  We haven't finalized our accomodations yet so are fairly flexible as to location-- this exam seems hard to find, so we're prepared to base our decision on wherever it's administered. Can anyone advise me?  Many thanks!!

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Hi, we have been quoted 800 euro's for a 1 metre 20 satellite dish, can anyone recommend anywhere that supplies them for a more sensible price! We live just outside Cannes. Perhaps it was the gold plated model?! Many thanks EH

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Hi   looking for a young energetic person to help with stripping wallpaper and painting walls in the Riez area. Lodging possible. Work needs to be done sometime between Dec 15th and end Jan. About one week work available. Maybe more if person able to do other small jobs. Pls let me know hourly rate when contacting me.   Thanks JP

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Hi everyone, I'm looking to meet English speaking people in the Toulon/la Seyne/SAnary area! I'm 29 and live in La seyne with my French husband and 9 year old son!! Although i have been here for a while (Ten years) I miss English convo and company we are a lot different from the French in that way.....I work in the Mourillon area of Toulon as a Nanny for two wonderful French families so i am free evening and weekends for a coffee or a glass of wine! I've been finding it hard to find ny Aglophones around here and whenever i have they are always in the middle of moving out!! Not like in Nice where i lived before!! !hope to hear from some brits around here soon!!

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Just saw a documentary on Green Peace.  Wonder if anyone in these parts is active in someway.  Would like to know more and perhaps make some contribution Thanks, cn .

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Hello, we live in the Poitou Charente area and want to spend  the month of Jan staying around the area. Does anyone have suggestions who to contact. We have 2 poodles so we need a garden too. Many thanks for your help. Susan

started by: Mushy P · last update: 1415280114 · posted: 1415280114

Hi, If anyone is coming back through Calais during working hours in the next week or so, I have a couple of smallish packages I need brought down. I am willing to pay for the carriage of course. Thanks

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Hello, Next year in June, 6 couples (most from the BC area of Canada) are visiting the Bandol area for a week.  I would like to prepare a list of 5 or 6 farmers markets or flea markets which we could visit during our time.  I noted that there are at least 80 or these held on various days.  We are all seniors so rock climbing and other really active pursuits are kind of at the bottom of the list.  Got and 'shouldn't miss' suggestions?  Thanks for your help. Gus Cammaert

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Hello I have a French landline with Free and am plagued with cold calls.  Can anyone help me find a site or a give me a number I can call to remove myself from whatever mystery list exists somewhere? Many thanks!Julie

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I need to get some sports equipment from Surrey to CDA, for a local amateur sports club.  It is not a huge amount, but more than a suitcase. If anyone is planning a journey south, anywhere between Marseille/Nice, and will have space in a vehicle, please let me know. Many thanks.

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Does anyone have a house to rent in London for Christmas week?  French family with two children are looking for somewhere to rent that isn't too far from London centre town and not too expensive.  They would consider pet sitting too.  Anyone know of a family in England who would be willing to take a French child for the summer months.  Perhaps an exchange with an English child?  I teach here in the Provence and my new students have started to ask if I can help them to find places in England but since I've been out of the country for 20 years, I don't have many contacts there anymore.

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I need the name and address(email fine) of an accredited translator from English to French to translate a vehicle ownership document to apply to the FFVE for a control technique waiver for a classic vehicle. Anyone out there know one? Many thanks in advance, Pedro

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Could we ask what everyone does about the small scorpions that appear regularly throughout the year in our house near Roussillon. We keep bunches of fresh lavender from our garden in the bathrooms but nothing seems to deter them and we all absolutely hate them, we don't even like killing them but no-one is that kind that they are going to try and get one on a newspaper and put it out.  We have one of those blow/draw things that works well with flies, spiders etc but not with scorpions. All suggestions (if tried and they work) would be welcome. We also have an American (with adaptor/s) running machine here in France.  It is about 15 years old and in very good condition and works well. It would be free to someone who would collect it (with other strong people to carry it downstairs) - too much for us now. Let us know please about scorpions and running machine! D and D

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