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... has anybody rented one of those lock-up boxes ?  I'm assuming that they have a Post Box address.  I am going to spend a few weeks effectively 'homeless' between addresses.  Actually, travelling and staying with friends until my new place is ready. Such a box would be useful. How does one organise this service? ANy idea of the cost? Thanks

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Does anyone know if there are any firework displays planned around Bonfire Night...in the Var? (St Tropez/Ste Maxime area).  Have got small children who would love to see some fireworks. Henk Henk

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My daughter is 4 and a half years old.We are french.Because we lived in england for few years, she speaks more english than french. I wanted her to go to an international school but they are really too expensive. I don't want her to loose her english.So I decide to find some activities in english.I know there is some association in nice but is there something similar close to Aix en provence? It will be very good for her to meet some english friends. Do you know where a can find those activities in Aix en provence? If you've got children between 4,5 or 6 years old, and like me you want them to have english friends could you contact me please. If I can not find any associations, I am really motivate to create one .Is someone interest to do it with me?It could be a good thing, the children will not loose the language by speaking english at least once a week,and it could be fun to organise some activities for them towards an association. Give me your ideas..........Alexia

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I am thinking of going into keyholding and other services but I was wondering whether there was a demand for such services in the Marseille area. I would also like to know how much to charge so if property owners could let me know how much they would be willing to pay. Or present keyholders how much you charge. It would be very useful. Thank you in advance Sarah

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I know... we all hate tourist shops, but I was in one this past summer in Arles, facing the arena (just a few doors from the Fondation Van Gogh). This shop, amongst all of the other tacky tourist stuff sold butterfly wing jewelry -- earrings and pendants made from real butterfly wings encased in acrylic. I want to buy a couple of pieces for my neices for Christmas (they LOVE butterflies), but all of the online sellers I can find do not ship outside of the USA, because of 'US Fish and Wildlife" regulations. I can't get back to Arles in time for Christmas shopping... can anyone there possibly find the name and telephone number of the shop for me??? Perhaps they can help me place a telephone order or something.Thanks!Deborah, from Nice

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Hello, I am based in central Brittany and am currently researching the process behind trying to start a campsite and/or mobile home park. We are going through a change of use on our land to permit this and have been writing to various Government bodies/departments to get information on the legislation and regulations to open a campsite. The trouble that I find is that whilst I ask specific questions I never get straight answers but I am pressing for this! Whilst we have prepared a business plan and have experience of working on campsites I thought that nothing beats 'talking' to other people who have been through the same process and would perhaps be prepared to share their advice and/or experience in return for which we would be happy to advertise their site if, and when we open and have a website. I would be grateful for any feedback, however good or bad!. Many thanks. Sara

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Please help me - I am a lost dog.............................. Please collar tag your dog. With "J'ai un micropuce" "your french tel no/mobile no" - including dialling codes if applic.  Please don't rely on micro-chip/tattoo alone. The regulars will yawn "not again" the newcomers hopefully will respond with a posting to keep this at the top for a while. Every few weeks I do this posting to suggest to dog owners not to rely on Tattoo and chip alone.  Most people who find your dog don't have a micro-reader par example.  Please pop a tag on your dogs collar with your phone number. Our own spaniel X chip has long time migrated to his shoulder, not even a vet finds it. Please get your dog back as quickly as possible - COLLAR TAG IT._________________Alison BritServIlle-et-Vilaine (35)__________________________________Alison BritServ_________________

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I hear that there is going to be a new Ryanair flight from Stanstead to Toulon. What's Toulon airport like? We usually fly into Marseille with Easyjet. When does the new route start? We've moving to Aix later this year but this sounds a good option for some family who live close to Stanstead. Hope somebody in AI land can help. Wills

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I seem to be paying lots of little bits of bank charges with my French Bank. We use them because we speak very little French - can anyone recommend an English speaking bank in the Haute Var area, close to Draguinan please? Currently we use Credit Agricole. PT

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Myself (23) and my girlfriend (26), both British, are looking to move to Southern France or around the mountains.  We have little information on what to do and need advice on employment and renting property.  We are both qualified at degree level, myself in Environmental science and my girl friend in Sports, tourism and leisure.  We were wondering how difficult it would be to find work in these fields.  We are both learning French but are still very basic in our knowledge.  Any information around these areas, or just general advice for people our age would be greatly appreciated. Adam

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Came across this by chance - looks like it plans to be bi-lingual and focus on anglo-french cross cultural differences. It mentions AI in the "Why" page.  

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Good moaning to all We are going to *hibernate* in Capestang near Beziers, anyone in that area? Regards Have a nice day The Box

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We are located in Le Rouret & need someone to put on a new garden gate & to do some small things. If anyone can suggest someone to do this or can do it themselves please let us know ASAP. We would really appreciate some help.Please e-mail us the info.Thanks

started by: Jacky Kalish · last update: 1130264906 · posted: 1130179519

Hi there I have a forage (bore hole) in my garden which initially supplied the water for the automatic watering system.   It now supplies all the water in our home but I have been told that the water company is likely to come down on me if I do not use some town water each month.  Does anyone know if this is true?  Jacky K

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Which are the most reliable providers? Not worried about paying a few bucks more but need something that won't have more down time than up.

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Has anyone used any kennels in the Var around Cotignac/Brignols/Lourges? We have two Westies and will need to board them occasionally. johnn

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Just spoken with Caroline Wirta at MABN - great lady and full of ideas for getting newcomers talking to each other. Her next event is this Friday in Aix, definitely one to go to. See you there. Wills

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Last year we just 'shifted' English Christmas to France. This year I'd like to incorporate some French traditions. Can anyone point me in the right direction? 13 desserts? St Nicholas and presents in shoes? Could do with some help.    

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Just found this - it's an exhibition for students new to Aix this year. Looks good, will definitely be sending my niece along.

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Can any one tell us whether the match will be shown in any Monaco/Beausoleil pubs? Thank you.

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