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Can anyone tell me when I should expect a bill for these? Wills

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I understand that we can organise a 'Top Up' to our Carte Vitale - sort of a private health insurance but only for the bits the state doesn't pay for. Anyone shed some light on this? Is is worth it? What sort of cost is involved?

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Does anyone know where to take the kids ice skating? Henk Henk

started by: Anna83 · last update: 1129561417 · posted: 1127057013

Need advice on where to go, what to do etc. We know the score in the UK but how difficult is the process here?

started by: Milo-643724 · last update: 1129399605 · posted: 1121032360

Congrats AngloINFO on your new site for Provence.Can anyone tell me where the best restaurant for Boullabaise can be found in Marseille.

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Anyone managed to find ginger wine anywhere? Friends asked us to bring some with us when we come down - is it that hard to find? Don't want to miss out on the whiskey mac if I can help it.Wills

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I've been told by my doctor that I need blood and heart tests before he will issue some medication. Does anyone know how to go about getting these done? Presumably clinics are advertised in the yellow Pages? Under what title/classification? Many thanks in advance. Dalsegno

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Ive been looking at various publications re hiking/walking in the area and Ive seen 'Grande Randonnee' routes mentioned - does anyone know if these routes are available from Tourist Offices in The Var? allie  

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We would like to immerse our two children and am not sure how to find a smaller town/village with a good local school(We want to experience the slower pace of life). A school which would be supportive of our children(they are in french immersion here in Canada) Any suggestions would be much appreciated! We would also like any input regarding moving to france 3 - 12 months, leasing versus swaping homes and other tidbits. We look forward to your replies, thanks!!

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Aparently there are new fosse regulations coming into force soon. Our friends have just had their inspection, courtesy of the Mairie. They have a house built in the 70's and their system doesn't comply. The Mairie have tried to help but don't seem to know what's going on. All I know is that if our house is over a certain age and has a fosse, we should expect an inspection visit. After that the improvements are the homeowners reponsibility, and cost. What are the new regs??? Anyone have a clue???  

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We need to leave the car at Marseille SNCF at the end of October for 4 /5 days. Has anyone in AI land any experience of the car park? Is is secure? Is there nearby parking that is more secure? Anyone any idea of the cost? Couldn't get much sense out of them when I called so would appreciate any help. Thanks all

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We have just received our taxe habitation and as earlier stated the tv licence cost has been added to it  fair enough, but I have already paid from July 1st 2004 to June 30th 2005.  So I have paid for the first half of the year and I am now being asked to pay for the same period again.  Anyone know how to claim a refund from the Tv licencing department for the period already paid.   

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Hello, I have moved to Villefranche Sur Mer to live and I am currently studying french at the Institute de Francais. I am looking to meet people between the ages of 18-30 of any nationality. I am a 23yo boy from Glasgow. I hope to hear from you.

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If anybody knows of a doctor that speaks a bit of English in the La Ciotat or Aubagne area could you please email me the name / address / phone number? Thankyou in advance!

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I'm glad there's now an angloinfo for Provence...thank you! I was wondering if there are people who live in or around (or nearish to) Bandol who read this forum?  

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We're planning a weekend in Italy shortly, anyone any advice on best ways to get there? We're planning on Florence, but should we drive, fly or train? Going from the Var.....

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Hi, i would be grateful if anyone could recommend a good English speaking Hairdresser? I live near Frejus, so it would be good if they were relatively close by, but not essential. Thank you.

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We are moving to the Var next month and am seeking advise as to how I can bring my shotgun with me. I am fully licensed in the UK - what do I need in France and how do I bring the gun into the country? I also will be bringing an air rifle with me.   johnn

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Hi, We are wanting to look at Provence for a permanent move however we want to rent first have good look, children still school age so not too remote as we still want to live life to the full. We are in Brittany at the moment wow is Brittany dull or is it dull..... Not worried about selling current house at the moment, so anyone considering longish term 6 months+ you need at least that long to avoid mistakes :-(    John

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Please couls omebody translate the following for me, it is from a form from an estate agent pertaining to an offer of purchase. Thank you in advance. ×        L’état hypothécaire du bien objet de la présente ne devra pas révéler d’inscription d’un montant supérieur au prix de vente stipulé sauf au vendeur à en rapporter mainlevée ; ×        Le certificat d’urbanisme ne devra pas révéler de servitude grave pouvant déprécier la valeur du bien vendu ; ×        L’obtention d’un prêt si le proposant déclare y avoir recours.   Martine

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