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Hi we have a lot of Arbousiers and I was wondering if it was possible to make jam with them. I know people eat them as fruit. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks spiritofangels

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Would anyone know if there are navettes to reach Cap trois mille, ar the shopping area outside Nice at Lingostieres, from Nice. Thank you. LMN

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Just noticed my village,Carces, is not on the markets info board. So - here's the info:  It's a general market, held every saturday morning in this pretty Mediaeval village.  Allie.  

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I seem to remember seeing a posting about solar heating last year, can anyone give me a steer on this please? Thanks

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Ive now got my message translated via Babelfish (accessed via angloinfo link - fantastic) next ,I need to send it - so - anyone know email address of EDF Brignoles?? cheers allie

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 Looking for a house to rent for the weekend of 29th September for 4 adults and 3 small children in Saignon or nearby areas. Does anyone have suggestions for agencies or properties? M.B.

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I hear that the weather has been pretty dreadful down there this week. Is it normal for September? I thought that the Summer went on a bit longer . Wills

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Hi we have some space in our van from UK coming down and then going back through France if anybody needs anything?

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Due to a rather rapid departure : Peugeot 106 kid - red - 5 door - 1994 - controle technique ok - very good condition low mileage - 31,500 kms bought 2nd hand from elderly couple 2 years ago Price : 2400 Euros ono Need a quick sale - leaving france next friday 23rd ! car in Toulon

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Well, Ray - a little bird tells me that it's Hawaii Day for you, with the big Five-Oh finally coming up. Have a great day down there in the Var, and many happy returns! 

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HI I've heard there are free translation websites -useful for me at the moment as I struggle to draft something for EDF - does anyone know of them and what their URL is? thanks allie  

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I just arrived in France and setup my previously functioning W2k machine from the US and tried to start it ...unsuccessfully. It will not even boot up. I have tried to boot it in Safemode(s) and with a W2k CD but that doesnt work either. I checked Microsofts website and they suggest trying to use a Recovery Console utility on a boot disc. Does anybody have any idea how to get one of these utilities or a boot disc? I am also concerned that somehow the power being switched to 230 from 110 is an issue since during one of my attempts to boot it I recieved a "blue screen" with an error message related to power.   Thanks

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Does anyone know the best place to go for an annual gas boiler maintenance and service contract in Nice?  Gaz de France have said that a private company would need to carry this out.   Thanks.

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In 2002 - 2003 I had lessons with an Englsih woman who lived (maybe still does) in Grimaud. She was quite inspiring, filled me with confidence and had me chatting away in French by the end of the first lesson. I want to go back to her for more - but have forgotten her name and have lost her phone number..... Does anybody out there know who I'm talking about ???

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Have a wedding to go to in the UK at the end of the month - so looking for a new outfit....but why are these French sizes SO small?? Any ideas where I will find size 14/16... made for normal people??  Suzanne

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I missed the first meeting this Tuesday. Did anyone go? Sounds like a great idea. Hopefully see you all next Tuesday for coffee.

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I've just sat and had my breakfast outside and watched 12 eagles circling above my house..........they were happily cruising on the air currents and calling to each other..........is this unusual, what kind of eagles would they be and is this an omen for the end of the world? vaucluse

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We offer free house and pet sitting throughout Provence and France. Contact us for availability at: crtvak.3232@virgin.net Hope we can help,Chris and Victoria

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Are there any AI members who live in/around Carces village who could recommend a Doctor in the village? As my french is still less than fluent at the moment, perhaps a Doctor who knows some English? All help much appreciated allie  

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does anyone know an approx price in euros for a medium quality single mattress and double mattress? I'm wondering if its going to be worthwhile lugging out some vacuum packed mattresses on the plane this weekend for our apartment, or would it be cheaper/better to get them at Ikea in Toulon   all help appreciated allie  

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