started by: John-643730 · last update: 1126039215 · posted: 1125606111

Looking at extending our house, wondered if anybody knows of english speaking architects and builders? Thanks

started by: Baileys Babe-644036 · last update: 1125757906 · posted: 1125178604

OK, I've followed the list I've been given. We have bags, pencils, art overalls even packets of tissues.... Anyone any advice on things that aren't on the list that should be?

started by: pip-643868 · last update: 1125680785 · posted: 1125677019

I am looking for an English speaking accountant to advise me on Micro Enterprises v. Nom Propre, in the Ste Maxime area. Would appreciate any help, please! pip

started by: Tropezienne-643768 · last update: 1125657468 · posted: 1125521074

Where can I go / who do I contact re: small business set - up loans other than my personal bank ?  I'm looking to raise 5000 euros and have looked at the APCE site -  are THEY the people I should talk to?

started by: wills-643906 · last update: 1125511220 · posted: 1125509983

We're moving to Aix later this year and although we can work the computer we're going to need some one to install ADSL, WIFI and generally get us up and running. Anyone any ideas of who we could ask?  Wills

started by: Anna83 · last update: 1125509461 · posted: 1125509461

Having rented in the Var for a year we are ready to move further into Provence. Working from home means that we are not tied to any one place. We've been looking over near Aix. Can anyone recommend any real estate companies? Anyone live over near Aix and recommend a quiet but not isolated village? Couple of restaurants, bar, supermarket within 20 mins drive? Just found AngloINFO - seems to be a neat idea...

started by: Baileys Babe-644036 · last update: 1125429768 · posted: 1125178537

Not that it's been that sunny today but we have a family of British coming for lunch tomorrow and I'd love to give them Pimms - anyone found any in the supermarkets....if not then they'll just have to drink pastis like the rest of us...

started by: John-643730 · last update: 1125351722 · posted: 1125329358

Out and about quite a bit in Provence at the moment. Does anybody know of any WIFI hotspots in the Avignon, Aix or Marseille areas? Many thanks for any info

started by: wills-643906 · last update: 1125218168 · posted: 1125073925

Yes, I know that we can get everything we need in Carrefour but wifey is adament that she's going to do a huge 'I can't get this in France shop' before we move. So far we've got Marmite, English Mustard and horseradish on the list - what else do I need to add? Or what's really expensive to buy in France?   Wills

started by: bananas-644010 · last update: 1125171674 · posted: 1124876761

Does the wind ever stop? We live in St Cyr Sur Mer and if I was a champion windsurfer it would be a great place to live, but I'm not. Any suggestions on places to live within a commuter distance to La Ciotat that have more shelter?

started by: Plumbline-644011 · last update: 1125170828 · posted: 1124746264

Just a question for you on your views on solar power.  Although Im still in the UK, when I move over, Im wondering if fitting solar power for say, hot water would prove popular for you folks?  Im a Plumber and Im looking into trying it out in the UK first.  It would cost around £3000 but would provide a guaranteed 25 years of free hot water.Well, free after installation!  Is it popular already? Does anyone have it? is it worth the money?

started by: minerva-643976 · last update: 1125080835 · posted: 1124617549

We are thinking of moving to Provence early next year and wonder if anyone can give advice on what visas and work permits we will need. All help very gratefully received.  Minerva

started by: ralph-644031 · last update: 1125055810 · posted: 1125055810

My son, 20, is looking for a lift from Aix to England within the next few days and would contribute the "peage". My mobile 06 07 65 57 65

started by: Allie-643901 · last update: 1124895036 · posted: 1124813357

Hi anyone in AI land able to recommend a company(s) for insuring property. we need to get buildings insurance for our maison secondaire any helpers out there? 

started by: pip-643868 · last update: 1124888156 · posted: 1122392640

Does anyone know where I can buy this??  It is really vital for making heavenly pina coladas!! pip

started by: wills-643906 · last update: 1124884769 · posted: 1124884769

Which is best - chlorine or salt? Which is costs more to install? What are the running costs of both? Thanks Wills

started by: Susie Q-643971 · last update: 1124797899 · posted: 1124620766

I know that in France you have to complete a tax return every year. Do I have to ask for one or will it just appear? And then what? Do I need an accountant to fill it in or is it fairly simple....apart from being in French!   Susie Q

started by: Aix n Pains · last update: 1124791593 · posted: 1124301195

Desperately in need of a weekend out in the country, large amounts of peace and tranquility. Wonder if anybody has any recommendations of anywhere within a couple of hours drive of Aix. Many thanks 

started by: richard-643966 · last update: 1124786495 · posted: 1124215145

Hi, My father in law, who is English has been living near Fayence for nearly six months and speaks no French. Is there anyone who can suggest where he could take lessons, preferably in a group, not too far away. Thanks

started by: wills-643906 · last update: 1124737064 · posted: 1124616443

I hear that there is a system in France that we should use if and when we employ a cleaning lady? Something to do with buying cheques??? Very confused, can anyone shed any light before we need to cross this bridge? Thanks Wills

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