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Hi, i currently have a bridging loan on my house which is due to expire next year after the 2 year period. Does anyone know if the French banks are keen to extend bridging loans? I know in the UK they would welcome you with open arms, but i know the French lending system is very different. Thanks.

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Just wondered if anyone of non-pensionable age had investigated how (in later life) we get to claim the English bit of our pensions? I'm now working in France but had a private pension in the UK where I contracted out of Serps. Should I contract back into Serps? Will they let me now I'm living here? What age does the French pension kick in? Also, anyone used a financial advisor to sort this out? Recommendations? Thanks all,   Susie Q

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My friend tells me that the market in St Tropez is brilliant.   Does anyone know which days it is held? And what about the one in Aix? Now it's a bit cooler, ready to shop till I drop!Suzanne

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What's everyon's opinion - international school or French school in the village? I've heard various things about French schools. I suppose it's the luck of the draw, some areas are great, some are not? Would welcome some feedback. Wills

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Can anyone in AI land recommend a gym that we can use when we move to Aix? Nothing too flash. What sort of cost can I expect to pay for a family membership (do they have such memberships in France?). Thanks all,   Wills

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I am moving to Toulon from Canada in a month.  I would love to get my nails done with gel overlay before I leave North America but I dont know if there are salons in Toulon that would be able to do the upkeep. Do any of you know if there are nail salons that use gel nails anywhere in Provence?   Thanks :)

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Does anyone know a good english speaking physio in the Cannes/Mandelieu area?

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Anyone got any advice on getting rid of a hornets nest?  It's just a couple of metres from my lounge and I have to keep the windows shut to stop them coming in the house. The pompiers used to do it for free but they've stopped now, so any advice would be very helpful!

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Wow, just moved to the area and found this website. Does anyone know where I can get tickets to see Marseille? --------------------Digger

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Bought a house near Avignon last year. Just finished the inside and now its time to attack the garden. Needs a lot of work, probably with machinery etc.. Anybody know anyone or have any recommendations? Thanks

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We are moving down to a village near Aix later this year - anyone have any recommendations for removal companies. Don't need any packing or storage just collection and delivery. Anyone any advice on how much this should cost? All advice gratefully received. Thanks - and isn't this a great site?! Wills

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Hi All, Just found this site and wondered if anybody could point me in the direction of a shop selling english books. Anywhere in the 84 or 13 would be great as im on the border. Thanks

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If anyone has trouble with moths in the food cupboard, you can buy "traps" at Amazon, link below:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/search-handle-form/002-7380389-3203209We have been having a real probelm with these horrible creatures, not for the first time I might add, so I did a Google search and there were 16,000 pages about them! Seems like France is not the only country to suffer from them. The awful thing is that they can already be in food that one buys.Even the supposedly "airtight" containers I bought did not work. My "other half" brought me some lovely spaghetti bolognese the other day when I was ill in bed but my appetite fled when I saw a moth larvae on the side of the plate. Apparently it had dropped from the kitchen ceiling" Yuck! When I want protein I'll choose it myself, thank you very much.I'm going to send off for these traps and see if they work.spiritofangels

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Does anyone know when and where the market is in Avignon? Thanks Fiona

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We brought my piano from the UK and I'd really like my son to learn. He's 5 and a half and could learn in English or French. We live up in the Var near Aups, any suggestions? Thanks all.

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Does anybody know where I can get a good piece of Cheddar around here? (And i know that in France we have enough cheese to taste a new one every day of the year - but i really miss cheddar!) All suggestions gratefully received!

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Hello everybody - is there a regular bus service from Marseille ariport into the centre of the City? If so - how regular? how much? and where does it stop in the centre? Thank you in advance  

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We are Americans and have moved to the Isle Sur La Sorgue area recently. My children would like to meet other kids in the area to play with. They need not speak english but some would help as they speak very little French. They are 8,6 and 4. Please email me if your interested.   Thank you,   Andrew

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Is it snowing ash for anybody else out there?

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Obviously, I shall advertise my camper van on AngloInfo...but where else should I advertise?  Is there an Exchange + Mart/Autotrader equivalent in France?  Any suggestions would be very welcome! pip

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