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My French mother-in-law was widowed at the end of last year and is looking to find activities where she can meet people on a regular basis, classes, sports, music, anything really. The idea is really just to get out and meet new, friendly faces, any age group or nationality, male and female. She speaks a very small amount of English, is a young 53 year old and still works so it would have to be evenings or weekends. She lives near Avignon. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated :-) Thanks! Sophie

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I have heard that houses in various areas of the South of France are sitting a lot longer? Are prices going down yet? Everyone talks about a correction in the market as prices doubled on the Cote in the last 7 years. Wondering what your opinions are? thanks viva la France!

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Can anyone recommend a french private school in the Aix region? What sort of costs are involved? Is this much cheaper than the international schools?   JR

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Hi, If you are a parent of a child or children aged 4-7, please carry on reading...... I am an undergraduate business and French student from the University of Brighton, England, and I have been studying at ESPEME, Nice since last September, and am currently carrying out my dissertation. I am looking into the differences in fast food advertising in the UK and France. I have written up a questionnaire, and sent it around a couple of schools in the UK, but I cannot seem to get any replies from French or English schools here in Nice or the surrounding area. I was relying on this to complete my dissertation research!! If you have a child aged 4-7, or know anyone that does, and would be interested in completing the questionnaire, I would be eternally grateful to you!! It should take no longer than 5 minutes of your time. If you could please do this for me, please email 'yes' to s.mellon@brighton.ac.uk, and i will send you the questionnaire. I have a copy of the questionnaire in English or French, so please state which one you would prefer, or I will automatically send the English one!! Thank you soooooo much in advance Sarah

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Hi there,   I'm looking for someone who owns a holiday home in France who also rents it out to help cover the costs who is interested in being featured as one of three case studies for a feature about holiday homes in France in a specialist Travel magazine.   My deadline is the end of next week (Jul 29 2005) so please get in touch ASAP if you think you fit the bill.   If you'd like to see some of my other articles, have a look at the following links.   http://www.livingfrance.com/lvfra/content/search/?Search=amy+fetzer&searchType=site   http://travel.guardian.co.uk/saturdaysection/story/0,8922,986286,00.html    http://www.thisistravel.co.uk/travel/citybreaks/article.html?in_article_id=37933   http://www.thisistravel.co.uk/travel/couples/article.html?in_article_id=38200&in_page_id=7    Thanks, Amy  

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Do we have an explanation to all these fires in Var taking place each year at the same period: Crime or just a Fag-end of cigarette lost in the middle of the forest by a kind tourist !!! Thanks for your comments, Best wishes, Louis 

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Does anyone know of a christian church in Aix-en-Provence that has a weekly service in English? Activities for children would be great too. Many thanks, M.Gaye

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Hi, does anyone know how much the notaire fees are for a 3 year old property? I seem to remember reading that on houses under 5 years, the fees were slighly lower than the standard 8% or 9%? Thank you

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Hi all, I am looking for a hotel or conference facility where I can hire a room for half a day or even 2-3  hours to carry out a monthly work meeting. The room only needs to seat around 10-12 people Any ideas? Spidey

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Does anyone know if there is anything going on in the Var on Thursday? I am staying in Draguignan with some friends on Wednesday evening, is there anything happening in the Var which may be worth a visit on the Thursday? Merci Tim

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Congratulations to all the team on a new Anglo Info site - you really do seem to be the only group that have a consistent level of service throughout France - may there be more new areas to come soon, Cordialement       A J Scott - Francophile

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Can anyone please recommend a solicitor with a good knowledge of English in the Var?

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Congratulations to Anglo info provence!

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I have been an avid follower of AngloInfo Riviera for some time even though I live in Languedoc so I wish AI Provence all success and look forward to a similar site here soon. Pudding

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...popping of champagne corks....congratulations everyone....well done with the new 'baby' of AngloInfo!   All the way from 56!

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Congratulations for this new website . I love your postcards. Especially the one showing the Palace of the Popes. Long life to AngloINFO Provence. Best Regards, Bernard  

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.... perfect for the launch of AngloInfo Provence Hello to Everyone Blue Skies and fluffy white clouds 

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