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Does anyone have the contact details of an English-speaking doctor in Marseille, close to the Vieux Port if poss.Thanks

started by: Nicholas-Hirons-922314 · last update: 1521632846 · posted: 1518541522

Hello all!  Have lived here in the Vaucluse for just over a year now with my wife.  Our French is improving but we need to find an English speaking GP, preferably in the Orange/Carpentras area but are willing to travel as far as Avignon if necessary.  I saw a topic on this from 9 years ago with a link to the US consulate in Marseille list of doctors but the 2 in the Vaucluse seem to be closed (just performed a Google search).  Any help would be most appreciated!  Thanks - Nick

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started by: Yassine-Corbin-912085 · last update: 1508143695 · posted: 1508143695

Hello, We are dentists currently working in London, and have decided to relocate to Marseille. We were wondering if anyone had any info on the size of the anglopone community in Marseille or nearby? Kind regards, 

started by: angelika-917122 · last update: 1506955678 · posted: 1506955678

Currently I have excruciating pain caused by the muscle Piriformis, through which the sciatic nerve runs. The only effective treatment is "Cold Needling" a Trigger Point Therapy. I have just moved to Lorgues in Provence and have not been able to find a physio familiar with this treatment. Is anybody out there who knows about cold needling ? I would be delighted to hear from you !

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Can anyone recommend a female doctor in Aix en Provence please

started by: ange2014 · last update: 1474285142 · posted: 1474285142

Hi.  I have a big box of used makeup/beauty products to give away.  It has a mix of drugstore and high-end brands - all in clean usable condition.  If anyone is interested to have it and is able to collect it in Cassis, please drop me a note.

started by: Veronica-Brzezowska-868265 · last update: 1472551454 · posted: 1472551454

Hello expats!I am new in France and I can't speak French yet. Does anybody know of English-speaking doctors and gynecologists in Manosque? Please email me the info at vd3392@gmail.comMany thanks!

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I know that there are chiropractors in France but where in the Var please?

started by: Jjane-654799 · last update: 1464359123 · posted: 1424186996

A friend and I are wanting to book a day at a health and beauty spa as a treat to ourselves. If anyone can recommend or suggest any in the central Var area we'd be delighted.  Have looked already at St Endreol and Fayence, and know there are some in Aix (too far and too expensive), but there must be more we haven't heard about.  Would love to hear from anyone! Regards Jj

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Hello I am in Iax presently but going to be I Goult this month until March 10  . Does anybody know of a yoga studio in the area? Namaste, Beth Dillard

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I am looking for a  rhumatologist  near Carcès:  Brignolles, Saint Maximin Sante Baume.English speaking if possible but more important to be a good rhumatologist.  

started by: Lizorr25 · last update: 1456136252 · posted: 1455860820

Hi all,   i love in Australia but am getting married in Uchaux France and am trying to find a hair dresser and makeup artist for the big day! Does anyone know anyone that is good and does weddings at a reasonable cost?   thanks Liz 

started by: malinkemaninka · last update: 1453132041 · posted: 1397039957

Hello: I know this question keeps cropping up but because of these French regulations (not posting medical professional's details) it has to be repeated, apparently. Seeking English-speaking female GP in Aix-Marseille area. I  have the list from the US consulate, but am looking for personal recommendations if possible.  Any help is appreciated. Quite urgent. Please email me at malinkemaninka@gmail.com    Thanks!

started by: kevinpower · last update: 1452894535 · posted: 1452863520

Do you know where they are?  Many of us move around quite a bit and so the information is scattered in many different places.  How do we insure that we can collect this information in a central location and have access to it when we need it.  

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Searching for an excellent hairdresser in Marseille. I went to one last week and he ruined my hair so I really need a good colourist/cutter! Please! Thank you

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I have just moved to Avignon and I am in need of an English speaking doctor who can also administer vaccinations. Also, out of curiosity I do not have international health insurance and I am not from the EU. Has anyone used thier home country insurance here and was it expensive? Thanks I appreciate any feedback and if needed I can give you an email to send me doctor information as that seems to be the protocol.

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Hello-could anyone please tell me where you go for an eyetest?.After noticing i was having difficulty reading small print for the first time, I went to the local shop that supplies glasses (that i would class as an opticians) but he just gave me a temporary pair of low prescription glasses-he said I needed a prescription and dont know who go to or how this works in France ? Thank you

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Hi Can anyone recommend an English speaking Doctor and Dentist in or near St Raphael Thank you

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