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Has anybody had any success in moving telephone poles?If yes ....how much did it cost?Who do you contact to get quotes etc?The house is an old factory. The current owner moved the road that used to run directly in front of the house. But the telephone poles remain along the old road - which is now the front garden. The road relocation was made 30 years ago. Who can give me any advise on how to move them or if this would even be possible?Thanks in advance!Bonne Journée !Louise 

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We have a Ground Heatsource system that has failed, is there anyone in the Apt area that has experience in these systems and is willing to come out and quote for repairs?

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Hello, We want to use a VMC during the winter to keep moisture levels low when the house it shut up, its anold house but double glazed and dairly airtight, so moisture apppears in the walls, are we able to just stick a plug on one and use it that way, or does it have to hard wired in, it won't be used any other times.Chris

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Hi all. I am hoping to find a new builder to put in some new window openings in our stone house on the first and second floor. Anyone who has a builder that they could recommend I would be very grateful to hear from you as my old builder has recently retired . Thankyou

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Hi all. I am hoping to find a new builder to put in some new window openings in our stone house on the first and second floor. Anyone who has a builder that they could recommend I would be very grateful to hear from you as my old builder has recently retired . Thankyou

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If you need to take care of your pets or to repare little stuff, call me

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Bonjour mes amis (hello my friends),  I hope that this message finds you all well and positive.   I am a landscape gardener who travels around france in my camper working in most of the regions and am at this moment working down in cavaliere on the coast between le lavendou and st tropez.   The job that I am doing here as well as the annual garden tidy is fixing up all the old steps and repairing a lot of the terraced walls that have fallen down over the years. Unfortunately I will not have time to do it all this visit as I have obligations with other clients in other regions of France,so will have to return later in the year and apart from that I shall be running out of stone soon.   The stone that I have been using is pretty much just mountain rocks and field stones which do the job nicely.   If anyone out there in this vicinity has got a pile of stones-rocks that they dont want and wouldnt mind having them removed little by little over a stretch of time then please email me on gerdweller@hotmail.co.uk , or send me a text on 0673 631 996.    I have only got my camper so could only take a few away at a time,but if you had quite a large collection,I could maybe sort out a small lorry and a couple of lads to help out as I made this connection last year when we needed to get a lot of rubbish taken to the tip.   I shall be here for about another two weeks before I have to head up to the Dordogne for my next gardening Job and probably will not be back here on the south coast until much later in the year due to quite a big work load on throughout the country.   I went down to have a look at stone for sale in the local towns and the only stone they had was dressed and was a ludicrous price,in fact,the most expensive that I have seen in france,and as someone who specializes in dry stone walling,I have seen a lot of prices. Over 400euros per M3 !!! A cubic metre does not go very far,that I can assure you.   Anyhow,am more on the scrounge for just normal stone from say hand sized upwards to the size of a breadbin that anyone may want removed which will save you having to pay to get rid of it or do runs to the decheterie and at the same time earn you a very good bottle of wine of the colour of you choice.   Maybe one day we will consider buying any good building that you may possess as the house and garden are built into the mountain side and the earth is always on the move with ground movement and hard rain,so quite a few small retaining walls have to get put in to help stop the mess that occurs after such movement.    Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2018  .Love and stuff to all.  Jamie xx

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Hi all.  I am urgently seeking a Laptop with an English keyboard. Has anyone got one for sale. I am located in Messac. Many thanks

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Living near Chateau du Loir,  need a man with a van to help me with furniture delivery from Le Mans to Chateau du Loir.  Any advice welcomed. Thanks.

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Hi we are a Dutch family, and will be moving from the Caribbean to Luynes, France in Aug since out kids (11 and 13) will be going to IBS international school. Does anyone have tips for finding a rental home near the school, we are Dutch so biking distance would be perfect!! If anyone has any tips welcome he have found a few website but often when we call the agent the house is already taken. thanks anouk

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Please contact Ian Callen on 06 83 86 22 25    OR 04 86 56 65 61 We are looking to rent a house for June to september 2014 for our project http://goprovence.co.uk/ to offer holidays to british people with learning disabilities.    

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We are retiring this summer and want to rent a house and garden long term to ensure that both France and the region are suitable for us.so if you have a house that you want looked after or that you are holding off selling until the market improves do please let me know.many thanksrich 

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Hi,We're looking for a house with at least two bedrooms for rent in the Bergerac/Issigeac/Eymet area.Thanks,Stevesteve.s.long (at)  gmail.com

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First post - for whatever that is worthI have just purchased a property - it has, I believe 75-80 tree's on it.Does anyone have any idea of a cost / tree to trim OR contacts for people that might want the olives or olives / cash in exchange for trimming?thanksandrew

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Hi, advice please.We have friends in Cannes; they have a lovely, shaped pool, but the small tiles are gradually falling off, the pool is several years old.Does anyone know the best solution without spending a fortune or can recommend a specialist without the huge price tag!I guess re-tiling is the most expensive solution and putting a liner on instead is the best ?Thanks for any help.

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Looking for someone or some company to clean my house in Pierrelatte after I rent it.

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Hi looking for advice regarding garden fires in Mouans-saroux area. Yesterday one neighbour told us it was okay to burn on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday. However, neighbour on the other side shouted over the hedge that it was an illegal fire and that she'd call the police if we didn't extinguish it. Does anyone know the exact regulations? Tried the mayor's website but it won't load. Thanks kindlyCraig

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Hi, We are getting close to completing on a holiday home in the Luberon. The property is connected to electricity, phone, internet etc. Do I need to set up accounts with the providers of these services before completion or is it something I do at the time of completion/shortly afterwards.  I don't want to be disconnected from any of these services.Your advice is appreciated!Thanks,David.

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Has anyone had a concrete pool sprayed with polyester and if so, have they encountered problems?

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We are professional house/pet sitters with excellent references and do not charge for our services. We are registered on all the major house sitting websites but would love to live in Provence this fall/winter. We've been house/pet sitting for over 4 years now and run a business from the homes we care for in addition to: Pet sitting, Pool/House Maintenance, Light Gardening, Security, Mail Collection etc. We prefer assignments that are 4-6 months or longer and are currently booking Fall/Winter 2016 and Spring/Summer 2017. Thanks for your consideration!Sincerely,Laura

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