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I am trying to find a family for a gorgeous tabby cat who has been abandoned and is living rough in the gardens of our building. He is a very gentle, super-affectionate boy who would make a lovely companion for somebody. I’ve taken him to the vets and confirmed that he’s not microchipped but he is neutered; he is about five years old and in perfect health. I’ve had him vaccinated and treated for any parasites he might have picked up outside, so he is completely ready to move in. He’s spent a few nights in my spare room during the last few weeks of torrential rain, so I can confirm he’s litter trained - but my own two cats have made it very clear that they do not want a brother, so I can’t adopt him myself. If you have been thinking about getting a cat, please get in touch. I have loads of pics....

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 my lovely dog needs a kind and friendly boarding kennel, or preferably a home that he can stay at for a few days, would love some recommendations please

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Don't hesitate to use Trusted Hous-sitters.   I have been a member since their inception & only once have I been a little less than entirely happy to have left my property & pets in the care of responsible sitters.  Our pets are so much happier on home turf.

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We are shortly moving (5 August) from the Var to the department of Vienne in Poitou Charentes.  I need to find a professional horse transport company to take my horse to our new house.  Can anyone recommend a company?  Thanks in advance.  Jj

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We are coming from the UK to a family wedding in Mougins, and making it part of a longer holiday in France. From Friday 15th July to Sunday 17th July our very friendly little Border Terrier will need some accommodation, as he is not into weddings. I have made enquiries with local kennels but (a) so far they have failed to answer any emails, and (b) they appear to specialise in large guard or hunting dogs (not the company he usually keeps!).  If you are able to assist, or can recommend someone (professional or amateur) in the Mougins / Cannes area with contact details, we'd be very grateful. Please message me if you prefer. Oh I should mention that he is rather cat-averse.

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Anyone welcome whether you're a seasoned beekeeper or a beginner. Whether you have bees, don't or just want to learn. Whether you believe in a natural approach or a more human managed one.https://www.facebook.com/groups/BeeksinFrance/

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Saint Cannat Polo Club is running a week dedicated to beginners' polo. They will have a whole team of extra special, easy, polo ponies staying at the club so this is the perfect opportunity to give polo a go! Total beginner riders catered for and children 12 and above with a minimum galop 2 welcome.  Olivier Girard, will be your coach, he has been playing polo professionally for over 25 years, has represented France and played high goal polo in the USA. He is currently 5 goals (his handicap) and also an FFE montieur d'equitation. You will learn the rules and all the main polo shots in a fun and safe environment.  9th - 16th April - 3 days suggested minimum Please contact Lizzie Girard at stcannatpolo@gmail.com for more information and prices. 

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My lovely old boy is coming up for retirement and despite the fact that I am no spring chicken either I am now beginning the search for a new equine partner. I have the time to be picky. So if you know of someone with the following for sale, please get in touch: A gelding, aged between 6/7 and 10/11, clean limbed and in excellent health. He must be calm enough to hack out on his own, yet able to deliver a nice dressage test at Club 2/1 level so he should have his lateral work in place.  Between 153 and 160 cm in heIght, not a skinny chap like a TB as the terrain here is harsh and he will need strong legs . I do a bit of everything so either he will already jump a little or be able to learn. It is very important to me that he has a good attitude and be willing to learn. In return I can offer an excellent forever home with my little herd. I have a sensible budget for the right horse.

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Having been disappointed with our current home and pet sitters we are now on the look out for someone new - we have 2 cats and 1 dog.We are located in Valbonne, near Sortie 44 of the A8 (I have also put this ad on AI Riviera).Does anyone know of a reputable company that offers this or can recommend someone that they currently use.All applicants will need to have a proven track record and references.Many thanksLynne

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I am part of a sort of club and we ride together. We have two geldings which we keep at home and lend to confident riders, as we dont feel we could give them enough excercise ourselves. I am also... thinking.. about taking on a third horse, here at home, Eastern Var, to join our riding team.. so in sort of symbiotic livery really. Hard to explain on an advert. Do you ride? or/ and would love to keep a horse but dont have time or funds to use a proper livery place.. ( Of which some are fairly miserable places here because of the lack of space) If you are open and friendly, get in touch!

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Does anyone in the east var or PACA have experience of barefoot horse management, pros and cons etc, routine management and possibly using boots. Thanks in advance.

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Hello. As the title suggests, I am looking urgently for an English speaking horse vet. Im not far from Brignoles, but I know horse vets travel throughout the region  I'd be happy with a telephone consultation at the moment.  .If you can help, please contact me by personal message.    Thank you very much.    Jj

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I will be returning to France with a 6month old Cocker Spaniel once his passport arrives.  I want to continue puppy/dog training classes.  Any recommendations?  I live in the Cotignac/Barjols/Brignoles/St. Max de-la-St.Beaune area.  Thank you, Vanda

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After years of reading their broadsheet at the local Vets and passing them by en route to somewhere, I plucked up the courage to visit AVSA, our local refuge. What was I scared of?Not knowing what I'd find at the end of the track? A heavy sell or feeling of obligation to rescue a poor, badly treated dog? I'm so glad I went. The refuge is well placed, clean, very well run by kindly people (you can tell, the doggies love them) and that day there were several people like me just visiting or taking dogs for walks close by. Everyone smiled, the workers were highly approachable but not in the least pushy or judgemental. You're free to come and go, walk dogs or just visit. And above all, the dogs seemed as happy in their roomy cages as they could be. I took OH the next time, having left my heart in at least 5 cages, and we walked a couple of inmates who behaved very well. One elderly poodle, who comes with the Brigiite Bardot Foundation's 30 Million d'Amis funding of 600 euros against vet bills, took our interest and we went back to visit him on Saturday. Unfortunately for him there was another that took our hearts, and she's been here, as good as gold, ever since. The cats are getting used to her... You don't have to adopt, but just visiting them is wonderful therapy if you feel a bit down. Don't drive past next time, pop in and stroke a muzzle.

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Hello, I am urgently seeking some land for a pony. Agricole or loisirs, and am willing to buy it.  It needs to be in Le Beausset area; it would be helpful if water is nearby, otherwise I am self reliant. Seller and Notaire only if possible, Thank you, e mail to gloria.hall2@btinternet.com I would consider renting land.    

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Hi, I have an 8 month old female Braque mix and am looking for dog owners who would like to get together and have the dogs play. I live in Lauris 84360, have a big fenced-in garden in the country. Lots of good walking paths here in the Luberon for dog walks. Is anybody interested?

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French dog training seems terribly brutal compared to the English method. Our Tibetan Terrier, Barney, loves to run around and play with other dogs but we can't find any other dogs who are allowed to simply play. If you are in the Forcalquier area and have a dog who needs play days, please let me know.

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My young male (neutered) ragdoll cat disappeared on Saturday evening. All the cats were out and gradually came back but he did not. OH spent half the night looking for him and most of yesterday, no cat.  He's a home bod, loves being right next to us. Normally a bit shy of strangers if they try to pick him up, but it seems that one did and he's gone. I've contacted the local refuge, the vet, the Municiple Police and placed a notice on chat-perdu.org Can anyone think of anything else I can do / contact ? I've already made posters for gate posts and flyers for my neighbours' PO boxes. Totally distraught – I hand-reared this adorable laddie, he's our baby...

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I am looking to fence my garden in order to keep my cats safe within the boundary, away from traffic. Can anyone recommend  appropriate dencing and installation please?   Thanks so much

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Hello I am looking for a recommended English speaking vet in or near St Raphael.   Many thanks

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