Dog needs accommodation Mougins area 15-17 July.

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We are coming from the UK to a family wedding in Mougins, and making it part of a longer holiday in France. From Friday 15th July to Sunday 17th July our very friendly little Border Terrier will need some accommodation, as he is not into weddings. I have made enquiries with local kennels but (a) so far they have failed to answer any emails, and (b) they appear to specialise in large guard or hunting dogs (not the company he usually keeps!).  If you are able to assist, or can recommend someone (professional or amateur) in the Mougins / Cannes area with contact details, we'd be very grateful. Please message me if you prefer. Oh I should mention that he is rather cat-averse.

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Sarah-Conners-860663 1464375972

Have you had any luck? We're moving that way in August and have two Border Terriers, a male and female, and would love a recommendation for a kennel or dog sitter.

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