Searching for the right horse

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My lovely old boy is coming up for retirement and despite the fact that I am no spring chicken either I am now beginning the search for a new equine partner. I have the time to be picky. So if you know of someone with the following for sale, please get in touch: A gelding, aged between 6/7 and 10/11, clean limbed and in excellent health. He must be calm enough to hack out on his own, yet able to deliver a nice dressage test at Club 2/1 level so he should have his lateral work in place.  Between 153 and 160 cm in heIght, not a skinny chap like a TB as the terrain here is harsh and he will need strong legs . I do a bit of everything so either he will already jump a little or be able to learn. It is very important to me that he has a good attitude and be willing to learn. In return I can offer an excellent forever home with my little herd. I have a sensible budget for the right horse.

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