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Our gentle 15.1 dark bay, Thoroughbred x Connemara is not enjoying the extreme heat and the diet of hay here in the South - if perhaps you know of rolling hills and other horses who need companionship, she would be much happier. Aged about 18 - 20 yrs, a bit stiff in the joints (Arthritis) , she is an affectionate, easy companion. We have enjoyed her for eight years and open to a medium term option for her happiness. Any ideas? sa

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Our beautiful loyal and loving big dog sadly needs more time, space anddedication than we can offer him. 3 yrs old in Dec. he has been a wonderfulfamily dog but with my husband working overseas, the 'Man/Dog' relationshipis missing for him. Running a busy family/business etc. if I could find theperfect home with lots of walks, space or male companionship for him, Iwould be happier. He needs more and deserves more.All jabs/chips etc. up-to-date.  Tatoo Number : 2ECN 146.  All otherinfo.available sa

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im animal mad and often hold horse and dog shows for fun and to raise money for charity!our next one will be in may!if anyone would like details please emailwe are going to hold a photograph show too for people who cant make the show;classes for photo show are dogs,cats,horsescutest furriestfunniestplease send photo with self addressed envelope and all detailsthey will be judged by an international British judge at the show may 6th 2006 michelle odone-higgsmont au loupst clementmanchefrancerosettes for 1st :5th placedonations and tombolla the chosen charity this time is special care baby unit fund to raise money to buy more incubaters for prem childrenplease contact 0233695401 for detailssmallworld smallworld

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Shetland pony looking for a new home. Fully papered (Haras Number 52 159 588 U) and microchipped 250259622225698.  Pretty Alezan gelding, 1.07 metres, approx 15 years of age.  Can be ridden or a companion pony.  Would like to rehome under a loan agreement, then if the circumstances change in his new home he would return to me.  I am willing to pay for the farrier and annual vaccinations.  yorkshire rose

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Hi We have 2 dogs and need a sitter either to come to our house near Draguignan or for the dogs to come to you. Currently we just need some one for a long weekend in Aug (11th), but if it works out there will be more dates. We have 2 medium sized dogs, both soppy and useless and 1 is deaf! If they come to you the garden must be fenced as the deaf one would have made Houdini proud! Claire 0677089025

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There are three puppies soon to be available - 3 females, spaniel crosses, who were found in a poubelle. See the website for further details and photos and also details of the other many dogs available for adoption. http://refuge-de-flassans.blogspot.com/ There have been several adoptions: Benji, the Griffon, has found his new forever home. Also Ricky, Dogue Argentin has been collected by his owner - he was sick for a long time - the owner, not the dog. Also, Rover, has gone and also Snowy, the deaf Staffy type. All good news. There are so many dogs, tho, in need of a good home. Do consider visiting the refuge (all details on website mentioned above - location etc). Many dogs are highly adoptable and will give so much back in return. Phone me on 06 20 71 84 81 for more details of any dog you might be interested in. You can visit the refuge without obligation. Thankyou - Jilly Bennett

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URGENT Beautiful black female labrador, 4 years old in need of adoption.   She now lives at the SPA in Flayosc and is going to be put down on the 4th July because she has been there too long.   She's loving and very friendly.   Her tatoo number is 2 amh094.  Can anyone help? Susan

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A wonderful young dog is in temporary care in Brignoles and he needs our help to find a good and loving permanent home. His name is Prevert. He is only a year old (still uncastrated) and has a kind and gentle temperament. He gets on well with other dogs, cats and children. He would make a wonderful family companion.So, (I hear you asking) where's the catch? Well, only that this poor dog has been unwell and has lost most of his hair (which, in all likelihood, is why he was abandoned in the first place). He was found, more of less completely bald and very miserable, roaming the Var countryside.He was rescued by Sans Colliers Provence and their carers fell in love with him (to the extent where they actually paid for his veterinary treatment out of their own pockets!) He's on the mend now - the majority of vet treatment is over (all he requires is a syringe-full of medicine given by his new owner directly into the dog's mouth now and again). His next visit to the vet is not for another 3 months and ALL REMAINING TREATMENT relating to his illness has been paid for in advance by his carers.He was suffering from DERMODECIE, but his vet has now issued an official certificate stating that Prevert's condition is NOT contagious to people or other animals, so there are no dangers of spreading any infection.You can have a look at him by following this link (he's about a third of the way down the page). He looks a bit bizarre at the moment but with comfort and love his hair will grow back and, within a few months, he'll be as good as new. Prevert would love to find a new home with a loving family - he would repay your compassion and generosity with so much love and affection.http://www.sanscollierprovence.org/sos_photo2.htmlContact details for Patricia or Genevieve (his carers) are marked on the Sans Colliers website page that you'll access with the above link. These two women are doing everything they can to save this dog from being put-down, but the only way they can assure this is by getting him adopted. Can you, or anyone you know, find it in your hearts to offer this wonderful young dog a new home?Please tell your friends and colleagues about Prevert; the more people who know about him, the better his chances.Many thanks for taking the time to read this message.

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Is there anyone out there who has a motorised horsebox to transport a 16.3 middleweight horse from near Salernes to Normandy in the very near future.  It must be a motorised box and we are willing to pay to have him transported.  If you know of anyone who could do this please reply asap.  Thanks. Chris Haut Var

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Family returning to Australia are urgently seeking new home for a beautiful 18 months old, female, black lab cross. Healthy, vaccinated and sterilized.  EU passport and microchip No 250269700027995.  Please contact Kate Lennon on 0621038628 or 0493169530 or via email: kyla@wanadoo.fr for full details and photos.

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Yuck - have seen several snakes in the lane over the last couple of weeks. Are they harmless? Is there a web site where I could find the different types that live in Provence. Not my favourite animal.....

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Hello, we are moving back to the UK very soon and a year ago we took on a hamster for friends who very foolishly bought the Hamster and then not long after decided to move back to the UK. We are not particularly 'pet people' but did it because they were desperate. Of course, now the problem has unloaded onto us, so I thought I would post here and see if anyone was interested in adopting this lovely little Hamster. I admit, I have no idea what species it is, Russian maybe, and it comes with a hand-made cage and plenty of food and bedding. Please, if anyone is interested drop me an email at sarahoboyle25@hotmail.com, we have a car and will deliver anywhere in the region! Best regards Sarah

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I am hoping to buy a dog very soon as I am getting increasingly worried about buglaries in my area, however as i am due a baby in september i want to get a breed that is child friendly. I have often been told that dogs and babies who grow up together make friends and lifelong companions - is this true? which breeds will scare off thieves and also bond with my baby?  

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Have been searching for a kitten for a month now!  Have phoned 18 vets in the area...called ALL the cat refuges and no-one has a kitten for adoption.  Any help would be much appreciated!  pip

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Can anyone recommend a 'Pension pour Chats' within easy driving distance Draguignan? Any idea of what kind of charges are involved? I probably wont need to use till much later in the year but no idea if I will find a suitable place easily or not! penni

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There have been many more dogs added to the website - see below. There are some fabulous dogs in this refuge - all ages from about 2 upwards. If you are looking for a dog, do consider going to this refuge and taking a look. I did - I adopted three - and they are simply wonderful and have settled in as if they've been here forever. http://refuge-de-flassans.blogspot.com/ Note: not all the dogs' names are listed in the right hand column but just scroll down and down and you will see all dogs currently on this website. More will be added over the next week. You can read my personal blog to read about the dogs I adopted - hope this encourages anyone thinking about getting a dog. http://life-with-dogs.blogspot.com/ Tip: Boromin, the yellow lab is wonderful - so is Chocolat, the small German Short-haired pointer - and then there is Stan, the Happy dog. Thanks - Jilly x

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Hi We are looking to own two goats - partly as pets and partly to help us keep the vegetation down where we live. We've found loads of info on this topic on English websites, but we're struggling to find relevant info here. Does anyone know where we can get goats from? Ideally we'd like 2 neutered goats - as we're not intending to breed them or use them for milk. Thanks Sarah Elliott

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looking for a small dog to adopt...5-6kg or less....any race, including mixed-breed- "heinz57" variety....not a puppy...1-8 years old....for a "senior" adult, no children.... tired of going for walks alone since my 15-year-old Bichon died last fall. I live in 04, in a small, dog-friendly mountain village. anyone got a "pocket-sized-pooch" that needs a new home?

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These caterpillars nest in pine trees and their nests look like gossamer sacs hanging from the branches.   After leaving the nest they process in a chain along the ground and can be extremely dangerous to curious animals who can suffer very nasty effects including swelling of the tongue and ulceration of the mouth if they come into contact with one.   In serious cases this can prove fatal.    You should consult your vet immediately if you suspect that your animal has come into contact with one of these caterpillars. The nests should be removed and burnt but should be handled very carefully as the caterpillars can eject fine hairs (which are highly toxic) into the air. It is advised to cover the sac with a plastic bag and then cut off the branch and burn the lot. Don't touch them. If they are on the ground douse them with something flammable and burn them.

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Petrous male caramel labrador tattoo 2CFN290 3 and half year old;Petrous is at the moment at the SPA of Mougins under observation,he is waiting for someone how have some experiences with dogs and no children,is a beautiful dog playful and he has no problem with cats no need to say that his days are compted for more info please contact SPA de Mougin tel 0493654411 and for more info go to AngloINFO of French riviera under animal magic merci and have good day mamasous

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