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Can anyone give me information on where to adopt a kitten?  I am in the Ste Maxime area and would like to get one from a refuge if possible. Many thanks pip

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Despite Frontline my cat still seems to come home with tiques. Any clever answers?

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Found today in Grimaud/Cogolin area, a black labrador - estimated age of just less than a year - no tattoo or name tag.  In good healthy state, obviously well looked after and very friendly. Info and photo of this dog circulated by Grimaud municiple police today.  Have you or a neighbour lost their labrador today ?  This is a dog-loving household - two of our own, but would like to find rightful owner  - otherwise will keep him ourselves.  Please e-mail me - do not want to give my phone number here.

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As this refuge is in Flassans sur Issole which is into Provence please have a look at the original posting on AngloINFO Riviera and see if you can help. http://riviera.angloinfo.com/forum/topic.asp?topic_ID=59863&forum_ID=26&cat_ID=2&topic_Title=Dog+Refuge+in+Terrible+State This refuge is in desperate need of help and there is a group of volunteers going over to help on Saturday. If you can spare a few hours to lend a hand you will be very welcome.

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I heard on the radio this morning that the French government are advising cat owners to keep their pets in doors, or certainly out of the area frequented by wild birds (which roughly translates to outside!). Certainly my two cats are not going to be impressed but if it's necessary then that's the way it has to be. Is there a vacine that we can give the cats? Anyone talked to their vet about this? Presumably the risk is only if they chase and catch the birds - my two are too old to catch anything these days, so maybe the risk is lower?

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We are looking for a puppy to give a loving home to (we have thought carefully about an older dog but decided against it for now due to other animals and secondary to that, wanting a puppy to be honest ) we are in 06 but the dogs in the refuges here at the moment are older dogs. I would be grateful if anyone can suggest a refuge or list of refuges in Provence   

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We would like to give a loving home to a puppy of four months or younger (must be a puppy - we have thought long and hard about adopting an older dog and decided against it at the moment) . I would be grateful if anyone could let me know if there are any breeders of boxers or beagles in the area...we would actually prefer a cross breed of one of these sorts of dogs - so if anyone knows of a litter.  

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Does anyone have any advice about horse riding in the Camargue? I have a 13 year old daughter who would love to do some. Also when is the best time to go riding, I've heard that the mosquitoes can be a bit fierce at certain times of year.

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Does anyone have any experience of using airlines to move cats (or dogs for that matter) from the UK? Wills

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We have a very good natured male Boxer cross puppy looking for a home - he was due to go to live with some friends in Vienna but they've decided to search closer to home. He loves people but has not had any experience of living with small children yet. He is fascinated by cats but they're not keen on him much to his disappointment. He likes going for walks, playing ball and getting attention. He understands and obeys commands like sit, paw, lie down, bed... and gimme 5.... he's a fast learner and eager to please. He is brindled and is a bit larger than his mother - he is a very attractive dog and I can email photos. He is seven months old and has been tattooed, vaccinated and had an anti-rabies shot. His tattoo number is 2EGR535. We are situated in Vidauban, in the Var.

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Can anyone recommend some companies that offer pet insurance in France. Need something to cover two cats. Thanks

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We are looking for a good home for our 6 year old dog Alfie.  We are moving back to Uk and are unable to take him with us.  He is a great family pet and a excellent guard dog. He is a cross with a basset hound and is lovely, photos can be sent on request. His tatouage number is YNM388 and is medaille n° is 4066. We really would like to find a great home for him, he lives outdoors most of the year, we have a wooden kennel for him, although he does like to come indoors as the weather gets colder. Thanks Lulabel

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Does anyone know of a Kennels/Cattery in the Lorgues area, or a within a hours drive, which is of a British standard, i.e. plenty of TLC.

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I'm going on holiday for 3 weeks in October and I can't find a cattery in my area for my 2 cats, anybody any addresses? I live in the Var near Fayence. Thanks for your help!

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Visit your Vet for: * Microchip * Rabies Vaccination * Blood Tested (one month after vaccination) with the blood sample being sent to an EU Recognised Blood Testing Laboratory * Six Month Wait from the date the the blood was drawn which lead to a successful result The dog must be treated for ticks and tapeworms between 24 and 48 hours before checking in to depart to the UK and travel to the UK on an approved route with an approved carrier.   With regards to paperwork the dog would require an EU Pet Passport.   Please see the link below to our fact sheet which explains the above in more detail:- http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/quarantine/factsheet/eufactsheet3a.pdf The above link gives full, up to date information on travelling to and from the UK with a pet.   

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Anyone any experience of bringing cats to France? Flying them is really expensive. Anyone driven with their animals recenlty? And what are the new pet passport law? Wills

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From Friday 26th Aug untill Sunday 28th Aug is the European Bat Night weekend and activities will be held all over Europe. If you click on this link and then click on your region on the map you will find details for your area – do something different it could be fun.  Chris http://www.sfepm.org/Nuitdelachauvesouris/programmeRegions.htm Trogoautoegocrat

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Anyone got any recommendations for dog training in the Var, nearish to Salernes, Aups, Cotignac? Our 7 month old spaniel is getting very good but some formal training is definitely in order. Preferably in English, or bit of both as my French isn't that good.     Susie Q

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Can anyone else advise me on Sanctuaries for abandoned pups and dogs in the Var? 

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sanscollierprovence.org I just looked at all the pupps they have and so many other wonderful dogs. Unlike the shelters these pets are in tiny cages so PLEASE if you are looking for a dog or puppy look here....viva la France!

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