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Bit of a long shot ... I need to build or buy a new field shelter and/or stable and am looking either for one that is no longer used and can be dismantled and re-erected or the materiels to build one. I can use either wood or even insulation panels. I might even be able to adapt a garden chalet ... all ideas welcome. It needs to be about 4mx4m.

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I live just outside Puyricard. I have two Shiba Inu dogs and would like to find a good, reliable boarding kennel or dog pension for short periods of time. Can anyone recommend anywhere . A big thank you if you can!

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Hi all, I'm posting this on behalf of a lady on AngloInfo Brittany, hoping that some kind souls may be able to contribute a small amount towards an operation for an abandoned cat. See here for details: http://brittany.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/222662/0/injured-cat-dilema/ Thanks for taking the time to read this. Best wishes. Linda W

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Does anyone know of a reputable boarding kennel around the Aix area.  Need to go back to UK in July for a week.  My two doggies are Shiba Inu breed, very loving and adventurous but need a secure environment.  Any ideas?

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Can anyone tell me where to go for help for an injured seagull that I have managed to put in a cat carrier?  It's been hit by a car and can't fly.  It's in the garden sitting quietly.  I've tried to give some water and dried fish but it isn't responding.  I live in Le Rove - Provence

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About 2 kilometres from L'Isle sur la Sorgue, modern villa, electric heating and wood burner, lots of space, 7 cats and a dog who likes a good walk every day. And animal lovers very welcome.

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Hi Does anyone know a supplier of BARF diet for dogs here in France?  We are considering changing our dogs from kibble to raw .  We are  in Lorgues area. Thank you   

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week of 17th of February, somewhat flexible dates I will be traveling to Corsica and would like to offer my cat and dog sitting services to someone who is looking to go away and needs somebody in the house to take care of the little ones. - 43-old female from Provence - owner of 2 cats (hubby will stay home ;-) - non-smoker - own car - reliable The 24th of February I will be expected on Sardinia for another cat sitting gig so this will have to be my departure date from Corsica. Any suggestions & ideas welcome www.organicprovence.com

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Our dog has a fast growing bone tumor. We´re looking for an experienced vet who would also be open to alternative treatment. Our experience so far has been that the vets here tend to follow strict protocol and in this case I`m looking for someone who I can talk to and is open. We live around Lourmarin but a vet anywhere in Vaucluse would be fine.  In order to abide by AI rules, I`d be grateful if anybody who could help us out here would write to us at: peter.rohsmann@orange.fr   Thanks

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Where are the nearest pet shops in Provence.  I'm in the area around Le Rove, Ensues, Carry le Rouet.  Are there any good pet shops in this area?  I have a cat so I'm looking for cat food and accessories.  Can anyone direct me to the nearest pet shops or specialist shops in this area?

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Magpies are among the most disliked birds and probably for good reason. However, 3 weeks ago my dog found a tiny nestling on the ground with only quills for feathers. I popped him into the cat carrier and spoon fed him mushed up catfood with baby cereal. He migrated to an old cage we happened to have and continued to blossom while real mother kept an eye on him daily. When we deemed him ready and able to fly we released him, and he flew straight to my OH's shoulder. Quite simply, he won't leave home and has no interest in his bird family who still try to get him to follow them. This morning he was making sounds like human conversation and thought it was fun to fly low enough for any of my 6 cats to catch. Luckily we had water spray to hand. What to do? If we take him away into the next field, someone else's cats will kill him. I don't see how I can keep him! At the moment he's in his cage overnight and in the mornings, and afternoons when the cats are having their siesta he sits in the tree he fell out of, coming down to be spoonfed as and when he wants. Despite having sustained a cat injury to his leg he doesn't seem scared of them and pecks around on the ground. They can't believe their luck. It seems to me a catch 22 situation - if he stays he dies, if he leaves he dies - we just won't know about it. Please no unkind responses, I'm very fond of this little guy that appears to adore me.

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My father-in-law has a horse available to gift to a good home. He is handsome chap, approx 15hh, bay with a white star and stripe. He has been used for the past 15 years as riding school horse and is still very happy to hack-out, he is not lame just ready for a quieter life. Available to be tried just 15 mins from Aix en Provence.  Serious enquiries only please, homes will be vetted.   Please enquire by e-mail at stcannapolo@gmail.com    

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drop me a line , that way I can send you information including our whereabouts..

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I have 3 very beautiful Ragdoll kittens, currently 8 weeks old. I'm looking for loving homes, not breeders unless they are kept inside with the family. I've hand reared these babies from day 1 as mother had inadequate milk (every 3 hours, bottle feeding), so am as proud and protective as their own mother! As such they are very people friendly already. Mother is Déesse de la Cyrrllette, identification number 250269400175457. She's a seal tortie. Father is Fra Angelico de la Rossdollane, identification number 250269801619743. He's a lilac bicolor achieving Champion at the only 2 shows he appeared at, and was nominated Best in Breed and Best in Show at Menton. There is one female, a blue mitted (not for breeding or show), and two males both of which could be show cats. One is red point tabby and the other cream tabby bicolor. These are quite rare colours and are sought after in the breeding world. They will leave us with pedigree status, vaccinations and health checks for all the usual diseases. Both parents are tested free of feline aids and renal (PKD) disease so the babies will not have them either. Please ask for photos! They'll be ready to leave us - assuming I can part with them - and then assuming my OH can - towards the end of April from 12 weeks of age.  

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Hi - Could anyone in the Vaucluse area recommend an especially good kennel  or someone who looks after dogs in their home?  We have to leave our 12 month old dog for a few days and, as he is a sensitive soul, he will need lots of loving attention.  We can't use the services of someone coming to stay in our home as we won't be in it at that time !  Any serious recommendations appreciated.

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Hi everyone,   Just putting the word out in case you or anyone you know may need this: I have July 30th through August 15 available (flexible somewhat) if anyone needs a housesitter or petsitter to stay "chez vous" during those dates.   You may recall, I'm the California single mom living in the south of France (Lang Roussillon region) with 2 very well behaved girls (ages 8 and 10 yrs). We also have a super mellow long haired german shepherd "Olivia" who can come with us, she is social and just lays around all day, but she can also stay with friends if you can't have her in your home or your pets are not comfortable with other dogs.    I am fit and do nice long walks and pretty much we stay at home most of the time and can also garden and do other duties.  I was a professional petsitter for over 20 years among other things and we have references of course. We just thought we'd like to do something different then, but only requirement is need WIFI that works well as I do work from home online nights (NY hours) so have to connect with no regular glitches.   Please let me know if you need me this summer. Perhaps you even know a French family wanting a "sejour linguistic" where we speak English around them while staying there with their family. I've had French friends tell me this is becoming in demand as well. Our dates are flexible and open as well as in Sept, Oct and other school holidays. Thanks! Beth www.Move2France.info

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Ii am going on holiday in November and the person that was going to look after my dogs has been taken into hospital and can't look after them now.  Does anyone know of good boarding kennels or preferably someone who looks after dogs in their home? Anywhere between Aix-en-Provence and up to 100km west would be ideal. many thanks for any help. 

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Hi, I am looking for a place to keep my American Thoroughbred horse.  I am currently near Carces but not happy and wondered if there is anyone out there with a couple of stables and an arena who might be interested in having a lodger who is a BHSII and can be trusted to look after her/your horse(s) while you are on holiday?  If you are interested or know of anyone who fits the bill I would be very interested.    

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I have a chicken that keeps leaving our property and ends up crossing the road to peck away in the long grass of our neighbours, first time she did this she was away for 5 days. Can anyone tell me how we can stop her doing this there is plenty of food put out for her on our side of the road

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Hello does anyone keep snakes or phelsuma geckos. I am interested as to create a breeding program. I live in the Vaucluse near Apt if anyone knows any induvidual or breeding groups. James

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