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Looking for a good recommended cattery around Avignon or Marseille.

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I have two handsome young cockerels who have started to fight so they need new homes. If I can't rehome them they will go in the pot but I reared them and they are so tame that I would prefer not to eat them. And I already have a patriarch. One is white, of a Light Sussex type, the other a handsome assortment of russet and black. Both nine months old and full size (not bantam). South Luberon. 

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A law has just been passed in Belgium to control the stray cat population by obligatory sterilisation of all cats, starting with those being adopted being sterilised before they go to new owners (from now) then being applied to all cats that are sold or given away by individuals and breeders from sept 2014. Finally all stray cats in communes will be identified and sterilised (trap, neuter, release) A public petition has been started to get the same law passed for France.  With our massive amounts of stray cats and cats and kittens killed everyday because they are unwanted I think this is something that we should support.   You can sign the petition here http://www.petitionpublique.fr/?pi=P2012N29902 make sure, when you have signed that you click on the link in the email that you are sent to confirm your signature, this is to stop people just signing people up without their consent! More info on the new belgian law here http://wamiz.com/chats/actu/les-chats-domestiques-belges-bientot-tous-sterilises-2440.html (with a great illustration of how 2 cats can become over 20,000 in 4 years)

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We have two contented rustic horses, and my husband works full time so I take people riding in an almost symbiotic way, with just a tiny participation towards the 'shoeing fund' for each ride.. therefore helping me a little, and riding affordably. or they team up and ride together once happy with tacking up and the routes.. We are situated just east of Draguinan on the D 562, so really on the cusp between Anglo sites.. I will give full explanation to anyone who may like to ride regualrly, but not necessarily often, as I have several riders who come from time to time but seek one more confident rider who might enjoy the taller of our two geldings who can occasionally shy or stop at the sight of a pale object.. but otherwise a gentle ride. Please get in touch if at all interested as I prefer to explain. loreedubois83@orange.fr      

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I would like to find a loving home for my horse.  He is a 16 years old 1m 50cm Dun.  He spent a big part of his life in a pony club and has spent the last few years being ridden out and about for pleasure.  Ideally I would like to retire him. He would make an excellent companion for another horse.  He lives out all year round and is very rustic.  Unfortunately, I do not have the space he needs.  He is used to other animals and children. I can send photos upon request. Obviously, very important to me that he goes to a good home. For further information, please email Amanda. Thank you.    

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I have been feeding a small pretty tabby for the last two years since her owner died as I felt sorry for her. She is an outdoor cat and does not come into the house.(though she would like to) . I know she is sterilised and I know she is quite old but appears in good health. Now I am to spend the winter in the UK and I am concerned that she will starve as she does not seem very good at looking after herself. Even after I've had a weekend away she looks thin. Does anyone feel they would like to take her on as I feel the only other alternative is to,have her put down, better than starving to death in the winter. If you feel you can help please contact me. I leave on the 8th December. Thank you.

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Hi Im looking for someone to look after our dog at their own home from this coming Thursday orFriday for 11 days. He is very friendly and sleeps inside. He is about the size of a collie. He loves attention which is why I'd prefer at someone's home rather than the kennel. In the area of Entrecasteaux. Please email me at  mlle.delahoy@gmail.com Many thanks alia 

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We have taken a job for the winter in Switzerland and sadly can't take our cat Layla with us.  She is a lovely cat - very affectionate and friendly, no fussy eating habits or medical needs to deal with!  She has actually done the trip down from the UK in our motorhome with us, and is very adaptable to new areas.  If anyone can help us out with a home for her either for the winter or permanently it would be an enormous help.  She is all up to date with all jabs and worming treatments, so no expense there.  If you are only able to take her for the winter, or would like to take her on a trial basis for the winter and see how it goes, I will provide all food and ongoing worming and flea treatment.  She is very social with humans but not so much animals - she'd be best as an only pet.  She has not been around children so I can't say how she would be.  Please feel free to contact with any questions or for photos. Thanks! Kim

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Hi does anyone know the whereabouts of a Bat Rescue Centre locally that could help me with a small bat that I have rescued with an injured wing. I took him to a local vet when we found him and they suggested that I continue feeding him, but were unable to help further as he is a wild animal.. I have spoken with  bat.org.uk who advised me how to care for him but  recommend that he have his wing pinned, but were not aware of any organisation in France that will do this.  As they are a protected species in the uk rescue centres are easy to find and most counties have one. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it. He is feeding very well and is very healthy apart from not being able to fly!.      

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I have been clearing ground and now have space for a couple of dozen more hens. I don't mind if they don't lay particularly well; I love to see them scratching around and they do me a service by eating bugs, scorpions, small snakes and mice. But I can't find out any info on taking on former battery chickens in PACA. Does anyone know of a contact?

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Please read this: http://poitoucharentes.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/118631/0/left-over-cat-contraceptive-pills/ If you read through, you'll see that I started the ball rolling for donations.  If this is something you'd like to help with, pm me and I'll forward 'weebs' name and address.  Even 2 euros will help. I know there are loads of charities out there who need help too, a couple of which I already donate to, but there's no way weebs' friends will be able to get this situation under control on their own and once all the cats are sterilised it's done and dusted so no more ongoing donations will be necessary. Please, no negative comments.  If this is something that you disagree with, please don't clog up the thread by posting to say so.

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I will have to take my mother and her poodle back to the UK at the end of August. Has anyone used the Tunnel to take a dog into the UK? Is it easy? Do you have to allow time for inspection on the French side or is it just on the UK side? Any advice please.

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We are moving back to England in a small flat in London in SeptemberWe currently live in a villa with a big garden and our dogs are used to living outside, we would like to find caring people with similar conditions they could live with.Boltchoi is a male Golden Retriever born 12/06/06Lolita is a female Cocker Spaniel (also Golden) born 10/06/05They are lovely friendly dogs who have always been together and we therefore feel it may be best for them to stay together if possibleThey have not been trained to live in town, all they know is the outdoors which is why we feel it would be more appropriate to find a new home for them rather than subject them to such a radical change in their lifestyle

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Hey8 I hope you guys can help me. I have recently had a new member of my Family Hollie she is a grey three week old kitten :) She is adorable.I know i know 3 weeks is too young to take them away from there mother but the family i got her from said she was 5 weeks so i thought it wasn't a problem. She was pretty off when i brought her home not eating or doing much but sleeping which i guess is normal. But now she's driving me a little crazy she's managed she eat off a plate alone and she's using her litter tray. But she has become very playful in a sense that she actually hurts me and my partner. is it too young to start disciplining her? She cries a lot I'm unsure why i keep everything out and change water and food regularly for her i give her lots of company and cuddles but she plays and really hurts. Especially when I'm in bed. She has plenty of toys scattered around my apartment so its not as if she has nothing else to play with. she's so cute but just a little annoying right now Can you guys give me any advice on how to make her stop crying as much or any tips on bringing up a kitten ?Thank you!!Danamarie.x

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I'm looking for a wooden rabbit hutch for our guinea pigs. The larger the better and preferably two storey. I'm in the Luberon.

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I am looking for a kennel for my 2 dogs as I'll be staying in a property near Bonnieux at the end of August which doesn't accept pets. I have seen a recommendation for a kennel in Merindol called Complexe Canin la Truffe Noir - does any one have any further recommendations on this kennel or another one close to Bonnieux. Thank you.

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Hi -- I'm an experienced animal/property caretaker with excellent references and decent French language skills, looking for a medium-long term caretaking situation in France (beginning anytime after February 7th, 2012). I'd be happy to exchange accommodation for services, depending on the amount of work involved. I'm 50, extremely fit (non-smoker, non-drinker), financially secure, good at basic DIY, and an animal lover. I'm a writer, looking for a relatively quiet place to work on a novel. But I'm also hoping to improve my French, so a living situation which isn't too remote or isolated would be great. I'm Irish, own a home in Dublin, and can provide police references as well as a spotless driving record. Thanks! Caroline

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Does anyone know of any dog parks near Carpentras/Avignon? We have lots of lovely places to walk but would like also our young Jack Russell to socialize with other dogs. Also, we are going to UK for a few days soon and would like to know anyone's opinions on dog kennels in the Carpentras/Avignon area and if anyone can recommend one. She is used to spending all her time with us so we are worried about leaving her for the first time. Adele

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Hello,My husband and I are experienced pet and house sitters with very good references . We will be house sitting in Provence this Fall. However, we are available from July 5th until September 15th. Please, contact us at moniquevermersch@yahoo.com if you need our services. We don't charge. Monique is a French citizen and Allan is Canadian so we can exchange messages in French or in English.Thank you for your time

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Hi I posted earlier re my pup. lorgues st antonin area. A stray spaniel type dog . Liver and white ,maybe a hunting dog came to my house last night, he has been before last year and left after a good nights sleep. However he has stayed this time . HE is friendly and gentle . I am going to speak to friends re a new home but should I contact the Mairie or SPA? I cannot keep him but willing to look after him for a couple of days.

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