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I am looking for a kennel for my 2 dogs as I'll be staying in a property near Bonnieux at the end of August which doesn't accept pets. I have seen a recommendation for a kennel in Merindol called Complexe Canin la Truffe Noir - does any one have any further recommendations on this kennel or another one close to Bonnieux. Thank you.

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Hi -- I'm an experienced animal/property caretaker with excellent references and decent French language skills, looking for a medium-long term caretaking situation in France (beginning anytime after February 7th, 2012). I'd be happy to exchange accommodation for services, depending on the amount of work involved. I'm 50, extremely fit (non-smoker, non-drinker), financially secure, good at basic DIY, and an animal lover. I'm a writer, looking for a relatively quiet place to work on a novel. But I'm also hoping to improve my French, so a living situation which isn't too remote or isolated would be great. I'm Irish, own a home in Dublin, and can provide police references as well as a spotless driving record. Thanks! Caroline

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Does anyone know of any dog parks near Carpentras/Avignon? We have lots of lovely places to walk but would like also our young Jack Russell to socialize with other dogs. Also, we are going to UK for a few days soon and would like to know anyone's opinions on dog kennels in the Carpentras/Avignon area and if anyone can recommend one. She is used to spending all her time with us so we are worried about leaving her for the first time. Adele

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Hello,My husband and I are experienced pet and house sitters with very good references . We will be house sitting in Provence this Fall. However, we are available from July 5th until September 15th. Please, contact us at moniquevermersch@yahoo.com if you need our services. We don't charge. Monique is a French citizen and Allan is Canadian so we can exchange messages in French or in English.Thank you for your time

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Hi I posted earlier re my pup. lorgues st antonin area. A stray spaniel type dog . Liver and white ,maybe a hunting dog came to my house last night, he has been before last year and left after a good nights sleep. However he has stayed this time . HE is friendly and gentle . I am going to speak to friends re a new home but should I contact the Mairie or SPA? I cannot keep him but willing to look after him for a couple of days.

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Hi everyone, I live in lorgues area and have a new puppy ( 12 weeks) and am keen to socialise him more each day . With a view to training as he gets older. Does anyone know an English speaking organisation. Or any good ideas . He goes everywhere with me markets shops etc thanks.

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Rognes, edge of woods, circ Caire val, Bouches du Rhone- Found wandering and confused outside property in snow last night- Black female labrador- friendly -healthy- have been to police but ID details may be out of date as registered miles away as 'Dora'. ( tatoo on ear) And we have not heard back from them. A long shot but has anyone lost her? We are keeping her overnight but cant keep her as we are caretakers with a guard dog , so not our property. She may have to go to a facilty in Salon tomorrow.So just desperate to find her owners...

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My husband is sick in the United States so I need to go back for 1 month. We have 2 dogs that are professionally trained and well behaved, The girl dog is a Belgian Malinois and the boy dog is a German Shepard. We need someone to watch them for 1 month Starting tomorrow - February 29, 2012!!!!!!!!! Sorry for such short notice but this is a last minute thing- my husband has taken a turn for the worst and I must go to him.My flight leaves Thursday early morning. If anyone is available please contact me at 0761007348 or email me at nessabug0313@hotmail.com.Thank you!

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There is a large Burmese shaped hole in our lives since we lost ours. Good home in the country side, happy to re-home older cat, but it just has to be Burmese.

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Hi, Does anyone know or can recommend either a boarding kennel or dog sitter in the Pernes les Fontaines/Avignon region. We have a young female Jack Russell and we frequently go away for short trips. Adele

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I am looking for a loving home for a loving male cat who is approximately 8 years old. We adopted him 2 years ago and now our circumstances have changed we are devastated to find that we can't take him with us.Thank you

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Does anyone have any vague idea of the cost of air freighting a small poodle (about 8kg) from Marseille to the UK?

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Hi I was wondering if anyone can recommend a vet in Aix en Provence who can clean my dog's teeth? Also if anyone's pet has had this procedure done recently in Aix could you give me an idea of how much teeth cleaning costs?Thanks for your helpLynsey

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Hello All,We are looking for a person to come and sit with our dogs. We live in St. Antonin Du Var and are hoping someone would be available from Friday lunchtime 23rd Sept. untill about 6.00pm the following day. (To be confirmed) The dogs have plenty of room in the garden and would have been walked in the morning so it really is just a case of overseeing them and ensuring they were fed, watered. They can obviously be left for a short time if you need to go out.Many ThanksSarah

started by: brenda.l · last update: 1321906656 · posted: 1319452729

I am available to care for your dog for the times you have to go away. I have had dogs all my life until the present time, where I find myself dog-free. The garden is "dog proof" and lots of walks and cuddles are guaranteed. I am situated at Montagnac, in Alpes de Haute Provence. which is around 5km from Ste Croix and the lake.Brenda

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Looking to buy some Orpington chickens. Please contact me if you are aware of any breeders in the region. Thank you in advance.

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Any suggestions about where I can get hens in the Cotignac/Lorgues/Brignoles area?And if anyone has surplus they'd be willing to give to a good home do let me know!Thank you.

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Can anyone recommend a really great equine chiropractor in the Var/Provence area please? Failing that, a physio or an osteopath. Must specialise in horses though. Please send replies by PM in accordance with forum rules. Thanks very much!! RegardsJj

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I am wondering the amount of interest there would be in setting up a course/seminar for a lady from the USA who is a Animal Communicator, Asia Voight (http://www.asiavoight.com">www.asiavoight.com) to come over to France and give courses in 2012.If I get enough interest I will help her organise a visit. Please visit her website to find out more about her work.Please contact me if you or anyone you know would be interested.Many thanks

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Could anyone help me find a Cat refuge in the Plan De La tour area,I work at a house (Holiday rental .For the last three months there has been Three stray kittens whom up till now have been kindly fed by guests and the owners whilst on holiday. The problem we have now is that the house will be closed up for the winter and there will be no one to feed them.I have tried to catch them but they are not used to human contact! I think they are approx 4/5 months old. I would need someone to come catch them and find a home for them.I would love to have them but i already have two rescued cats and a dog. Any ideas welcome!

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