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I am helping the vegetable seller here in Greoux les bains find a home for his magnificent purebred Canni Corso since he is moving and tragically cannot bring Chico with him. This is a super gentle huge dog loyal good with other animals and great with children. Must have references. Please call to inquire: 0637 092879

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Hi, Does anyone know of a Shih Tzu or Maltese rescue in the area or anyone that is looking for an amazing loving home for a Shih Tzu or Maltese- after the death of one of your fur babies last year were looking to replace and would prefer a rescue dog or rehoming a dog Thanks so much

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Hi, Im guessing im not going to have much luck with this, Im looking for someone in the Fayence area that has a horse that would let me ride and maybe even give me a few lessons- I can ride but haven’t on a horse for over a year and just need a bit of confidence. Im happy to pay or help out- mucking out/grooming etc

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This is very hard for me to write, I adopted a beatiful golden retriever a year ago, she is a lovely dog, very sweet and good natured, there is no problem with her at all, the problem is with my 2 other dogs, they have never accepted her fully and things are now getting out of hand with them nipping and biting at her, they really are making her life unpleasant, I thought this behaviour would stop when the dogs got used to each other, but it is getting worse. I think ideally I need to find her a new home, not for my sake but for hers, she deserves to be able to run around and play without being attacked whenever she does, if anyone knows of someone who would love a beautiful companion who would give lots of love and affection please let me know, I thought I was doing the right thing by adopting her, we love her dearly and I feel like I have failed her, do I keep her and let her be bullied or should I find a new loving home for her? This is so difficult for me.

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I'm writing an article at the moment on what prompts horsey folk to move to France and am keen to hear why you chose to move to France in particular, or why you are dreaming about moving to France. I suspect people with horses might have a different take on things than those that buy a more traditional home over here.

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I have a cat which is allergic to my employers dog fleas, the dog has been treated, but the cat has many sores and contines to lick herself back to her skin. I am in a very bad financial situation. I have borrowed money for vet treatment on two previous occasions so cannot ask anymore favours. Is there anywhere that would treat her at a reduced price. I have wormed de fleaded her and tried bathing the sores with salt water it hasnt helped. She is ok in herself eating drinking running around but this skin disease is obviously causing her great discomfort.I rescued her from a poubelle a few years ago and dont want her to go through any more trauma in her life.Blessi and me would be very grateful for any advicethank you

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For the first time in my life I am without a dog in the home. Having made the decision not to replace my dear departed one I am available to look after other peoples dogs in my own home for holidays etc. I am used to going for long walks twice a day and have no objection to them roaming the house at will. My garden is not large but fully enclosed and "dogproof". I would only be taking dog/dogs from one family at a time so they would have my full attention.I live in Alps de Haute Provence close to Lac Sts Croix.

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Hi all Just wondering if anyone knows of a cattery around fréjus or up towards motorway for when we go on hols, not keen on someone coming in to petsit, got one cat thats very timid, and the other one tends to look after her, so better they are safe somewhere together, any ideas??????

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HelloI am looking for someone to walk my dog once a day for 6 days at the end of August? Either in the late morning or at lunchtime. Specific date are Tuesday 23 - Fri 26th August and Monday 29th August. (Doesn't necessarily have to be every one of these day, but the 6 day would be preferable)If anyone is available on these dates or knows of a good dog walker in the Aix area can you please let me know? ThanksLynsey

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Hello all, I am making an appeal for help, we have to move to the Caledonian Islands in the South Pacific and they are not accepting the importation of domestic animals at the moment because they are rebuilding their quarantine facilities. We have two cats one is a female of 20 years old and the other is a male of 12 years old. They are both sterilised but not vaccinated, we re-cooperated the cats when we bought the house and life has just gone on with very few visits to the vet, once when Leo fell into a pot of paint and had to be shaved and once for Minette to have her great teeth cleaned. We need someone to take care of them during the 5 years that we are away, if there is anyone out there who could help us, please let me know, we are very worried.

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.....does anyone know of a house sitting service which would include the care of one small dog? Care arrangements changed suddenly, so a bit of a last minute emergency......

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Hi all,Wondering if anyone has had experience of transporting horses from UK to here and if so, any recommendations or advice to avoid! I have a 13.2 pony to transport from Lincs to here & I'm hearing conflicting reports on some of the bigger namesDo please mail me if you can recommend anyone or have any useful advice!Thanks

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....half starved and terrified - showed up at our house, although I'd seen her the day before running along the main road. Doing all the right things, i.e. contacting the vet, the Mairie, gendarmerie etc with a photo and phone number to call, and happy to feed her in the meantime, although it's very hard to get near her. However, I am due to go on holiday at the end of next week for a few days, and if no-one has come forward to claim her by then, I would dearly love to know of an excellent shelter or boarding kennels near the Lourmarin/Bonnieux area, where I could leave her until my return - any suggestions? Not going to say she's been beaten, but she's clearly had some rough treatment and is mistrustful of just about everyone. She's only now beginning to relax around us, so it needs to be somewhere she'll be treated gently. Thanks for any help anyone can give.

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Insect repellent for horses Can anyone recommend a good insect repellent for horses. My two ponies are being eaten alive by nasty little black flies, which draw blood and leave sore patches on their underside, between the front legs and even in their ears. I have tried to make my own natural repellent using vinegar, tea and essential oils including citronella and Avon Woodland fresh, but this doesn't seem to work well enough to repel them. I've seen a couple of different products in the shops, costing around 30€ each, but would rather go on someone's recommendation before buying. Can anyone offer advice please? Thank in advance for your response.

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Anyone got any for sale? I have a broody that just won't give up so she may as well hatch some out but since the fox came calling I do not have a boy to do the bizz. South Luberon

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Hi to all you southerners! I live in Brittany and compete in agility (and am a qualified dog trainer). Gracie (my Sprollie) and I have just been selected for the Pays de Loire regional team and will compete in the National Final of the Grand Prix de France Agility over the first weekend of July.Paul, myself and our 3 impeccably-behaved dogs (2 Sprollies and a Border Collie) will need dog-friendly accommodation for the nights of Thursday, 30th June to Sunday 3rd July (4 nights). If you know of anywhere suitable, please send me a private email. We would consider a gite-swap ... 4 nights in our gite near Nantes to be arranged for a mutually convenient date (already booked over the above period). We do not want to stay in a hotel (as on the journey to and from the venue) as our girls deserve a garden to relax in! Pool not required! lol !Merci

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We will be gone for about a week later this year and need a top notch dog facility for our 7 yr old large friendly lab. I don't want a typical 'box-stall' kennel outside. I would like a 'home' setting as our dog sleeps inside and is normally pampered. Any recommendations our area? Thanks, Coloma Gold

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Hi, I have just been let down by a lady who was going to look after my 13year old black labrador whilst we go back to the UK for 8 days on the 5th April, She does not need much excersise just a little stroll, perfect with children and other dogs and is completely house trained. If anyone can help me I would very much appreciate it. She has never been into kennels and as an old lady now I cannot bring myself to expose her to such an experience. Thanks heidi

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We would love to find a kennel near Senas (Bouche de Rhone or Vauclause) that has INDOOR boarding for extended stays of a pampered large yellow labrador. Contact Larry Griffith 04 86 37 77 17

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Please can anyone tell me if there are any bylaws regarding the continuous barking/whining of a neighbour's three dogs. A lge labrador, a jack russell and what looks like a springer spaniel. By continuous, I mean almost all day, all week, every month, every weekend. The dogs are left alone almost ALL of the time, either caged up or the spaniel and labrador occasionlly have the run of some of the garden.They are never allowed in the house. The jack russell is left caged because he burrows his way out of the garden, hence he whines all day. Now the mornings are lighter they start even earlier. To compound the situation they frequently set off other dogs in the neighbourhood but I guess the owners of these soon shut them up Before I go hot footing round to the mairie I would like to know if it'll do me any good! The continuous noise is driving me nuts but more importantly would be buyers to my house are being put off. Unfortunately they are not the sort of neighbours I can chat to about the problem. They are a bit bloody-minded! Can't understand why they have the animals as they are never walked or petted by the family. Thanks in advance.

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