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Seta is a beautiful female tri-colour Ariegeoise, a medium to large size dog from the hound group. She was found near the A8 and was given a home by some friends of mine. They have a house at Frejus but not enough outside space for Seta to run and play in. The first vet estimated her age around 6 but it is now thought she may only be 3 years old. She is very sociable with people, children and othe dogs male and female, she doesn't display any aggression at all so would make a lovely family pet with a bit more education. She is a very happy and lively dog so needs plenty of exercise and a large enclosed garden. I know this dog well and she is so much fun. I have three dogs so can't offer Seta a home myself but when she visits she loves to play with mine and I think she would like to be in a home with other dogs. Photos are available. Microchip number 250268500327665

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Charles is a lovely male Cocker Spaniel cross of 3 years old (Microchip Number: 958000001471723). He is castrated, vaccinated fully up to date and microchipped. He was rescued from Lebanon and is just so loving, very clever and has lots of energy. I am working with him at the moment; providing basic training/socialisation and once he is re-homed I will continue to provide all aftercare and further training. Charles would love someone who could provide him with lots of cuddles and time. He has lots of energy and would love nothing more than long walks with his new owner. I am looking for a home for him without any cats and other dogs as he would best suit a home where he would be the only dog and be provided with one to one attention. He also needs some further training with socialisation so would best benefit from this type of home. He really would provide someone with great companionship; he is very sweet and could just flourish in the right home!! Please if you feel you can offer a loving home to Charles, don't hesitate to contact me on for further information and photographs: Victoria James. The Animal Welfare Association 04 94 67 95 35 / 06 13 93 57 99 animalwelfareassociation@ymail.com

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Hi There,I am looking for advice on what plants and weeds are toxic here in the Var for horses. I have read that Laurier is, which is a nightmare as it grows like wild fire all over our garden...... what else should I be looking out for? Dh do you find ragworth here? Also any tips on the best and cheapest place to buy fencing would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks,Susanne

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I have been given an opportunity to ride a super dressage horse a couple of times a week, but the owner won't leave her saddle at the yard because she needs it for her other horse at home. So, in order to ride, I have to provide my own saddle. Does anyone have one going spare, preferably dressage? A tall order, I know, but I'd consider any proposition, from temporary loan, to ... well anything! I just don't have the funds at the moment to pay out for a saddle. The size at a guess would be med - med wide. Its for a Selle Francais horse, 17.2hh. The owner has no idea what size saddle she has, or the horse takes. :~ (Here it seems, a saddle is a saddle, and saddle fitting is a relatively unknown art!) I'd fit anything from 16.5" to 17.5". Can anyone help me out!???? Desperate of the Varps Im near Brignoles, but happy to travel a long way for this!

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Hi, I'm having difficulty in finding a hard feed for my laminitic pony. She has ad-lib hay and still appears to be underweight! In the UK I fed her a mixture of low protein nuts, Hi-Fi (chaff) and sugar beat throughout the winter months and this served her well. I have spoken to several suppliers over her but there seems to be very little choice and no-one has heard of chaff or sugar beat. Does anyone know the French terms for these feeds or can suggest where I might be able to find a better selection of hard feeds? Thanks

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Hi, We have 2 adorable jack russells and a puppy English bulldog, which we would like to be minded whilst we are away for a week, 20 feb onwards. We are looking for someone to mind all 3 together in their own home.. Can anyone reccomend anyone? Thank you so much

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Sadly, my beautiful Light Sussex cockerel has shuffled off this mortal coil. I miss him - but not half as much as his girlfriends do! Unusually, I do not have a young heir waiting in the wings (or for the pot!) so am looking for someone with a surplus boy. Bantams, mongrel fowl or posh birds - any offer gratefully received but must be local (or the cost of petrol will be more than buying one!). South Luberon. Many thanks!

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Curious to know if animal lovers here would seriously consider giving a permanent home to handicapped (either in a wheelchair or three-legged), healthy dogs? Dogs who were abused, neglected and almost left for dead, and yet still hoping against all odds to find a family to love them. Appreciate your thoughts about this.

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Hello We regularly use dog sitters when we go away and we are looking for a sitter for around 2- 3 weeks in March, we have 3 dogs and live between Hyeres and Toulon. I was thinking that maybe if someone is having some family visiting that this could be a good arrangement, they could live here free in exchange of looking after the dogs.

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To the east of Draguinan, near the village of Figanieres. We would like to find a dog sitter to live in, or to take to their home a young 4 months old Saluki who is bright, playful and learning every day. We are going abroad with our other Saluki but cannot take her until she is Rabies chipped later this year. Lovely countryside.. large garden. dates: 15 Jan-6th febuary Any ideas please leave me a clear message on the answer phone, I am often out of doors. Thanks

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I am an experienced, yet out of practice, equestrian. When young, I owned and showed hunters. Since university I have not ridden. Recently, I began to take lessons again, because I greatly miss riding. As this gets expensive, I am wondering if there might be someone who would like to have their horse or large pony lightly exercised one or two days a week. I am content simply putting a horse through their flatwork – my goal is simply to ride more regularly and get my horse legs back in to shape. I am fairly flexible as to days and/or times.

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Has anyone lost a male yorkshire terrier ?

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Are there any experience riders ,who would like to ride out and help excercise my horses with me .The horses are in the hills behind flayosc . One is a boomproof well schooled 14.2 Appalossa ,would suit a nevous or older person and the other is a 4 year old 15.2 Quarter Horse who has just been started .Both are very kind horses . Janet

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Hello.We live in the Upper Var area just outside a small Village called La Verdiere, which is about 20kms NW of Aups. We have two female Westies, one aged 9 and the other just over 1 year old. We are away for 12 days in February 2011 and are looking for 'Top Notch' dog kennelling for them whilst we are away Anyone know of any such kennels in or around the area???G.

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Hi We are living in Le Thoronet and would like to use a dog park so our dog can socialise with other dogs. If anyone knows of one please let me know. thanks Alia

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The town of Toulouse in Haute-Garonne (32), and the Alpes-Maritime department (06) both support the neutering of their stray cats as a means to reduce their number. I would like to know how many communes, towns or departments in Provence support their local stray cat associations/refuges. If you know that the mayor of your commune, for example, is supportive then please please let me know. Similarly which towns and departments. Thanks. 'La Protection des Chats' Association W174001125 Charente Maritime - Poitou Charentes.

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Hello everyone, We have lost our dog. She is a black and white, wire-haired hunting type. She is a bit of a heinz 57, looks like a mix of griffon/cortal/greyhound, a light build. She was wearing a green collar when she went missing and is microchipped. She is very friendly and would approach anyone offering affection.We have called various police municipaux and driven the roads. She is capable of travelling long distances if she is following a scent. We do not hunt with her but she is a hunting dog...She went missing from Saint Cannat on Thursday but could, by now, be in the Luberon or even Low Alps.Please call 0618741527 or 0611204347 if you have any news, good or bad.

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We need a top class kennel or dog sitter for the first two weeks of December . We live between Apt and Isle la Sourge . The dogs are small poodles , they are both sweet but we only want someone who can take the time to look after them .

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We are planning to relocate in spring from the Santa Cruz area of Portugal to near Orange, France with our two Lusitano horses. If anyone has any recent experience of long distance travel or transport companies for horses we would appreciate your comments, good or bad! Please reply by pm – thank you for reading.

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I heard an add on Riv Radio yesterday, a pet cat has been abandoned due to illness.The owner is distraught but had no choice.The current carer has no internet access so I said I'd post this for her.The cat is one of the lovely race of Norwegians, forest cats of Norway.Here's a link to info on them: http://www.cfa.org/breeds/profiles/norwegian.htmlShe's a crossbreed but displays the characteristic traits of the breed. Long furred tabby, neutered and 8 years old.She's being fed by a kind soul but the carer is leaving on 28th so there will be no-one to care for her after that.Norwegians are quite a large breed and majestic to look at. They love to climb and come down trees head first!Apparently she's okay with small dogs and other cats, I've said I'll foster her if a permanent home can't be found but I really can't keep her either.The poor baby is only half way through her life, it seems terrible to spend the rest of it in a refuge.I'll go and take photos and get full info. I'd keep her myself but I've just got a kitten and I don't really have space for another cat.Anyone ready to rescue her?

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