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Does anyone know where you can watch the Premier League matches in the Gordes area?

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Anyone out there watching the Rugby world cup semi finals tomorrow? Saturday 26th?  OR any South Africans wanting to try some proper biltong?  Let us know where you are watching the rugby.  Thanks

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Saint Cannat Polo Club is running a week dedicated to beginners' polo. They will have a whole team of extra special, easy, polo ponies staying at the club so this is the perfect opportunity to give polo a go! Total beginner riders catered for and children 12 and above with a minimum galop 2 welcome.  Olivier Girard, will be your coach, he has been playing polo professionally for over 25 years, has represented France and played high goal polo in the USA. He is currently 5 goals (his handicap) and also an FFE montieur d'equitation. You will learn the rules and all the main polo shots in a fun and safe environment.  9th - 16th April - 3 days suggested minimum Please contact Lizzie Girard at stcannatpolo@gmail.com for more information and prices. 

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Wife is a spinner/weaver/ knitter and I like metal detecting.. Does anyone know of people or clubs in the provence or surrounding area for either of these two hobbies?

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Anybody around Sainte Maxime flying a multirotor. Am trying to find a RC shop or somewhere to get small electrical connectors etc.

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does anyone have a number for cheap landline calls to england. Tha one I've used before don't work. And I can't find any new ones. Sheila

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Hi there, We have two lovely mares for half loan at our polo club. One is 1m55, 15yrs, light bay, argentine and one is 10yrs, 1m58 dark bay, thoroughbred. They are both sweet natured but not for novices. They need calm confident riders.  Their owner rides them Saturday and Sunday so they are mostly available during the week. It's possible to take riding lessons with them as there are weekly 'normal' riding lessons as well as polo. There is plenty of off-road hacking and a lovely arena for dressage. It is also possible to take polo lessons with them but this will need to be discussed in more detail.  The mares do not have to be taken together, if you want to half-loan one only this is fine. It may suit two horsey friends or mother and daughter looking to ride together.  This is a paid half-loan/demi-pension. The owner is looking for someone who would like a nice horse to ride on a regular basis, somewhere with excellent facilities, who will contribute financially to their upkeep, approx €150 per month per horse. For more information please contact me at stcannatpolo@gmail.com.

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  Calling confident riders who live in the area- at least for a while . .This is a year-round Perminant possibility. If you are good riders , one or two - we have two happy forward going horses we lend to help excercise them in the surrounding countryside. If one person you would team up with current rider- French spoken but English owners. You will need a car, and this is not for a one off ride experiance- regular riders please.. although not neccesarily every week , and flexible days and times. Not for beginers or children- independent adventurous/ confident riders. If at all interested send me a mail and I send you the folder explaining all.. where.. when.. etc. Saffron Sea

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I wondered if any Americans or other lovers of the sport are in the Draguignan region? There's a team called les Dragons Noirs who train on the new pitch in Flayosc at 3 levels, cadets, juniors and seniors. The team, all French but now with an American coach, is about to start its season if you or your children are interested.

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HI  we are thinking of moving to the area and would like to set up a Zorb ball business.( the 2 mtr inflatable ballls that you can walk on water in or at least try to) They are great fun and really good excersise. We are looking for a permanent venue to put a pool about 10X8 metres like a giant paddling pool we would obviosly need access to water and a good footfall.or about 10 metres of beach front we would expect to pay a concession fee for the privelage.

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Hi, My names is James, I'm 28 years old. Let myself go a bit over the last few years.  Looking for someone that loves the outdoors. Exploring the area as much sea and mountain depending on weather/time of year. Ideally some one whose already phisically fit or if not the case (like me) wants to become it. Male or female. look forward to hearing from you here or at jamesball48@gmail.com  Best James    

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Hello Everyone, Saint Cannat Polo Club runs group lessons in their polo arena Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Possibility to create a new group on Sunday mornings if enough people are interested.  Lessons are for adults and children from 10yrs. Novice riders are welcome but if you have ridden before this is obviously an advantage! Polo is a fun team sport for the whole family and at Saint Cannat, we offer polo in our sand arena or on grass: catering for all budgets.  Club chukkas are played Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Times vary, so do get in touch if you'd like to come along and watch.  Contact Lizzie - stcannatpolo@gmail.com - 0618741527 www.poloinprovence.com        If you're intererested please get in touch.      www.poloinprovence.com

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Hello all. I am looking for an indoor climbing partner close to Avignon. I have recently taken up the sport and have done some training on the automatic line but, now would like to proceed further. No worries if you have never done it before...I am prepared to help you with all that I have learned so far.  Only criteria I need is for you to be more than 60kg Mail me for further details and we can swap numbers

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Has anyone been to the Pilates studio on rue Paul Sain in Avignon? Wondering what it is like and how much it costs?

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Hello! Would anyone be interested in craft classes or private lessons? I've recently relocated to Marseille from London, UK, where I had a business teaching knitting, crochet, and embroidery to groups and individuals, privately and also in craft studios and colleges across London and the UK. I've also had 5 books on knitting and crochet published. (Please see http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=sr_pg_1?rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Acatherine+hirst&keywords=catherine+hirst&ie=UTF8&qid=1415721022) Just trying to gauge interest in possible classes in Marseille or Aix? Many thanks!Kind regards, Catherine Hirst 

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Hi Does anyone know of any yoga classes and or shiatsu practitioners near to Lorgues. English speaking would be an advantage. Thanks

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I'm looking for an english native speaker with whom we can discuss during some touring by bike. I have got a vtt too so riding in the hill is also possible. I'm a french man (31) and i live near Aix with my family. Others activities are also possible, i will be glad to discover to you the provence. If you are interrested, please contact me at julienflorianmarin@gmail.com Bye !    

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Hello everybody I am looking for members: male, female, young, old,any nationallity for the foundation of a aussie rules club in Toulon. Please contact me if you are interested. See you then.

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Hi Does anyone know of any Pilates classes in the Var? Also any other gereral fitness classes around Lorgues area. Would also be interested in finding running/walking partners in the area. Great for fitness but also looking for fun, chatty people! Thanks, Victoria

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Hiya. Moving to Hyeres in a few weeks and wondered if anyone knows of a good pilates class inthe area. My French is minimal so an English speaking tutor a bonus, but who knows if I will be so lucky. If all in French at least I can just copy what everyone else is doing. Recomendations gratefully received.  Thanks in advance. Floss

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