The American Society

The American Society is a non-profit organization offering its members a way to stay in touch with the homeland traditions, by organizing and sponsoring events, working closely with the US Consulate. Estrada da Gavea 132, Gavea, Rio de Janeiro


The American Society of Rio de Janeiro (also known as "Amsoc) was founded in 1917 as the planet was in the midst of the terrible conflagration of World War I, and American soldiers were being sent to France. A group of American women in Rio took the initiative to make bandages for the war.  Their husbands decided that the American community in this far-flung outpost needed a full-fledged organization to support the wives initiative and maintain the American community united in a foreign city.

In the course of the following decades, the city of Rio de Janeiro went through considerable changes. Despite the fact that it was the capital of Brazil, Rio remained something of a backwater until the 1930s, when it took its place onto the world scene, one of a handful of vibrant world capitals. Suddenly, everybody was "Flying Down To Rio". 

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Charity Work

One of the fundamental missions of the American Society of Rio de Janeiro is to play a role in the community through the organization of volunteer projects and fund-raising events and donate collected funds to non-profit organizations.

The commitment of many of our members, who are giving their time, talent and heart to offer financial and in-kind support to charitable institutions has always been in the tradition of giving back to neighbors and working for a better Rio de Janeiro. 

If you would like to be involved as a volunteer and/or know of a charitable institution that the American Society may be able to assist, please send us an email or call us

(see contact details - "visit website" - for more information)