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Blanco do Brazil ATMs have stopped givin... 2 Financial & Legal
Hi, Has anyone experienced a problem with using UK Nationwide Debit cards in Rio De Janeiro or Brazil in general...
started by: TonyP-898857 · last update: 1495064655 · posted: 1476394213
consumer habits 1 Food & Drink
hello; i will be visiting Rio in a few weeks.  i am visiting the city to study 'daily' consumer spen...
started by: joelittle2424 · last update: 1449480763 · posted: 1444752328
Changes to State pension age for women 0 General
A new campaign group has recently formed in the UK called WASPI (Women Against State P...
started by: patty-549001 · last update: 1446816747 · posted: 1446816747
New laptop - how to transfer my outlook ... 1 General
I was hoping that somebody here could tell me how can i copy my email history (outlook 2010) from my pc to my ne...
started by: sumpy · last update: 1438799926 · posted: 1438085360
Bernie sanders next president? 2 General
I have been seeing a great deal of positive news about Bernie Sanders lately. I am not from the US but it would ...
started by: tairy · last update: 1438799488 · posted: 1438085594
ITAU bicycles, how does it work? 4 Sport & Leisure
I have a question about orange itau bikes.  Can anyone explain me how do it work and is it good? ple...
started by: frey · last update: 1438799184 · posted: 1438086010
Bank account in Foreign currency 0 Financial & Legal
Hi,  just curious about whether banks in Rio would offer bank accounts in Euros or pound sterling......
started by: langfield · last update: 1438085035 · posted: 1438085035
International Schools in Rio 1 Families & Kids
Anyone got kids attending the American or British or International school. Great, kids love it? No...
started by: BlueAzul-10038621 · last update: 1438084800 · posted: 1436547881
Vegan Restaurant in Ipanema - Spazziano ... 0 Food & Drink
Last week I had a meeting in Ipanema and the person I had to meet with suggested to have lunch in restaurant Spa...
started by: Raf-883434 · last update: 1433159878 · posted: 1433159878
Emigrating the UK? 0 Entertainment
Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential...
started by: EllieGibbs · last update: 1431088879 · posted: 1431088879
Same Sex Marriage: Foreigners (2 Filipin... 0 Non-local
My name is Dennis Vinoya and John Lyle Gomez is my' fiance. We are planning on getting legally married in Brazil...
started by: dennisvinoya · last update: 1428674248 · posted: 1428674248
Dengue Fever surge as result of drought 1 Families & Kids
The drought not only has prices going up, but there according to
started by: Raf-883434 · last update: 1423775585 · posted: 1423413197
Preparing for a Job interview 0 General
It has been a while since I had my last job interview and the other day I came across
started by: Raf-883434 · last update: 1423744343 · posted: 1423744343
Event staff in Rio de Janerio 0 Entertainment
Here's a tip for those of you in Rio de Janeiro who are looking for event staff for your family party or corpora...
started by: Raf-883434 · last update: 1423671913 · posted: 1423671913
Weather in Rio in August 1 Families & Kids
Hi, my parents are coming over to visit in August and I'm wondering if the weather will be warm enough to go to ...
started by: tairy · last update: 1423413778 · posted: 1423413589
Prices going up as consequence of the wo... 1 General
According to this article, the drought that has been hitting Brazil hard...
started by: survival4x4 · last update: 1423410384 · posted: 1423410208
Lists of famous Brazilians (writers, poe... 0 General
Are you looking for a list of Brazilian Actors, writers, poets, painters, politicians, miss Brasil's...?  
started by: Raf-883434 · last update: 1423409936 · posted: 1423409936
Mobile phone use and its consequences (v... 0 General
Check out this video of people using their phones at the wrong place and time
started by: Raf-883434 · last update: 1423408841 · posted: 1423408841
Termites in furniture... Help!! 0 Home & Garden
I think I have a serious problem... I am seeing what looks like sawdust in several drawers of the wardrobe and I...
started by: Lady_Clemo · last update: 1422432170 · posted: 1422432170
Broken Hard drive. 2 General
Hi, my PC hard drive crashed and I need to rerplace it. I heard a lot of stories about piracy so I'm a li...
started by: sumpy · last update: 1420714484 · posted: 1420712928
Good crossfit gym 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi, I wonder if anyone has a recommendation for a good cross fit gym in Rio. Thanks
started by: RummesVW · last update: 1420713326 · posted: 1420712492
Question about drivers license... 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I want a Brazilian drivers license, but my US license has expired. Do I have to do the auto school? I hav...
started by: crusty101 · last update: 1419774484 · posted: 1419167639
Number one food in the world... 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Apparently, one of the best foods around are Avocados...  Just found this article and wanted to shar...
started by: Marlene-883418 · last update: 1419167983 · posted: 1419166800
most competitive iphone, ipod, samsung g... 0 General
Get the best original Smart Phones Wholesale prices at xmas prom...
started by: spws2014 · last update: 1417175436 · posted: 1417175436
where to find wholesale Mac, iphone, sam... 0 General
Get the best original Smart Phones Wholesale prices at xmas prom...
started by: spws2014 · last update: 1417175319 · posted: 1417175319
Best of British Rock - Who's going? 5 General
Hi all,  Looks like there will be a nice party next Friday... 
started by: Raf-883434 · last update: 1417088382 · posted: 1417087737
Water problems in São Paulo... 1 General
I wanted to share this article about the water problems in São Paulo... Apparently the city could run out...
started by: Raf-883434 · last update: 1417085652 · posted: 1416922455
Sending documents via DHL or FEDEX in Ri... 5 General
Hi all,  I need to send a package via DHL or FEDEX from Rio de Janeiro to the US. Anyone know a plac...
started by: Marlene-883418 · last update: 1414601468 · posted: 1414509106
Per diem / Business travel daily expense... 2 Financial & Legal
Hello, I am enquiring about the official travelling allowance regulations. I was wondering if anyo...
started by: nesrine-981439 · last update: 1414601422 · posted: 1414131878
Expats are a naturally intrepid and resourceful bunch. You have to be pretty adaptable to thrive in another coun...
started by: Admin-883247 · last update: 1412937923 · posted: 1412937923
entry/exit card and passport stamp 23 Financial & Legal
Hi all Need a little help. All of my valuables including my passport with entry/exit card inside were sto...
started by: emergarry · last update: 1408355797 · posted: 1406468626
Dry eyes... What to do? 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi folks,  I have a serious case of dry eye syndrome. One of my eyes is worse than the other.
started by: vstrom650 · last update: 1407666860 · posted: 1407498624
What Money Transfer service to use? 3 General
I have been using western union, but currently looking for a new money transfer provider...  Wh...
started by: survival4x4 · last update: 1407440805 · posted: 1407439823
Spam now also Via whatsapp... 1 General
My wife and myself received a message on Whatsapp yesterday with a video...The messages came from two different ...
started by: andreas88-888662 · last update: 1407084242 · posted: 1406913309
Fatima Macintyre House - Horror Guesthou... 9 General
I stayed in Fatima Guesthouse, 
started by: Traveller 40 · last update: 1406897079 · posted: 1406710212
Which Brazilian food you absolutely have... 0 General
A guy explaining in English which Brazilian foods and beverages you absolutely have to try:
started by: andreas88-888662 · last update: 1402935175 · posted: 1402935175
How to order drinks and snacks in a bar.... 0 General
Hi all, Here's a great video explaining how to order drinks or snacks in a bar:  Thought I'd share:...
started by: andreas88-888662 · last update: 1402934304 · posted: 1402934304
English/Portuguese Speaking Dentist in J... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Odontologic is a dental clinic that has just come under new ownership, and we now have a fluent English speaking...
started by: odontologicicarai · last update: 1399636960 · posted: 1399636960
AngloINFO Rio Expats on Meetup - Join us... 2 General
To add a social dimension to the online information on this site, we have created a local Meetup group called "
started by: Raf-883434 · last update: 1394372329 · posted: 1392856989
Capoeira in Rio 2 Sport & Leisure
I'm interested in exploring capoeira but not shure where I can go for this. Can anyone recommend a group/club?&n...
started by: frash · last update: 1394189525 · posted: 1392886847
When is the mosquito season? 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I would like so much to visit Brazil but I have a very weak immune system an am afraid of getting a dangerous de...
started by: snoopy-890222 · last update: 1394147358 · posted: 1392888248
Dress code in Rio? 3 General
Can anyone give me some pointers regarding dress code in Rio? I heard it is very casual, but what if you go to a...
started by: switter · last update: 1393758028 · posted: 1393678675
Dog Boarding Kennels 3 Pets & Animals
Hi Can anyone advise me of a dog boarding kennels for when I have to go home for a visit say 14 days Thank ...
started by: JILLO002 · last update: 1393608916 · posted: 1393334508
Portuguese course 1 General
Hello, I am looking to take an intensive course in Portuguese in Copacabana. Does anyone have any recomme...
started by: Malin-940497 · last update: 1393432412 · posted: 1392892941
Bike/scooter rental in Rio? 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Any good places to rent a bike or a scooter? It is just to go to the beach...  Thanks  
started by: sumpy · last update: 1392891245 · posted: 1392191905
Plastic surgery in Rio 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I am looking for information about plastic surgery in rio de janeiro or some where else in brazil. How to find a...
started by: plucky · last update: 1392890994 · posted: 1392890994
Work as entertainer in Rio? 0 General
I would like to work in entertainment in Rio de Janeiro. Do you know if there are hotels in Rio that offer enter...
started by: extrasmall · last update: 1392887809 · posted: 1392887809
Bus to Diamantina... 1 General
Hi What is the best way to buy tickets for the bus from Rio to Diamantina in Minas Gerais? I have been lo...
started by: merciful-890215 · last update: 1391029546 · posted: 1391029005
What about Golf in Rio? 0 Sport & Leisure
Anyone playing golf in Rio? How are the clubs? Is it expensive to get in?  
started by: sumpy · last update: 1391028344 · posted: 1391028344
Dengue - what are the risks? 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I just read an article about the number of people that died from Dengue fever last year and it was up 36%, which...
started by: Jasper_1989 · last update: 1390779018 · posted: 1390738338