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College transfer from US to Brazil 0 AngloINFO Support Started by: Nicolas-Silva -976611 · Updated: 1605798615 · Created: 1605798615
Hi, my name is Nicolas. I’ve been in the US for almost 2 years now, I started my college life at a community college a
Reasonably Priced Gyms in RJ 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: jcoinc · Updated: 1597105944 · Created: 1357959746
I live in Meier and was wondering if anyone knew of a reasonably-priced gym in the area? I know Smart Fit is a good one
Marmite or Vegemite in Brazil 0 Food & Drink Started by: Patrick -Divorne-856690 · Updated: 1579731924 · Created: 1579731924
Marmite or Vegemite can be find in Brazil with thename of Cenovit.Beside spreading on the bread with butterit's a great
Jobs in RIO 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Justin-Edwards-915236 · Updated: 1511209830 · Created: 1511209830
Hey guys, I'm justin I'm 20 years old, I'm from morocco, I'm planing to move To RIO, as a tourist, but I wanna live ther
Blanco do Brazil ATMs have stopped giving... 2 Financial & Legal Started by: TonyP-898857 · Updated: 1489250181 · Created: 1476394213
Hi, Has anyone experienced a problem with using UK Nationwide Debit cards in Rio De Janeiro or Brazil in general.Mine ha
consumer habits 1 Food & Drink Started by: joelittle2424 · Updated: 1449480763 · Created: 1444752328
hello; i will be visiting Rio in a few weeks. i am visiting the city to study 'daily' consumer spending habits on basic
Changes to State pension age for women 0 General Started by: patty-549001 · Updated: 1446816747 · Created: 1446816747
A new campaign group has recently formed in the UK called WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign) to "s
New laptop - how to transfer my outlook emails 1 General Started by: sumpy · Updated: 1438799926 · Created: 1438085360
I was hoping that somebody here could tell me how can i copy my email history (outlook 2010) from my pc to my new laptop
Bernie sanders next president? 2 General Started by: tairy · Updated: 1438799488 · Created: 1438085594
I have been seeing a great deal of positive news about Bernie Sanders lately. I am not from the US but it would interest
ITAU bicycles, how does it work? 4 Sport & Leisure Started by: frey · Updated: 1438799184 · Created: 1438086010
I have a question about orange itau bikes. Can anyone explain me how do it work and is it good? please thank you
Bank account in Foreign currency 0 Financial & Legal Started by: langfield · Updated: 1438085035 · Created: 1438085035
Hi, just curious about whether banks in Rio would offer bank accounts in Euros or pound sterling... Which bank would off
International Schools in Rio 1 Families & Kids Started by: BlueAzul-10038621 · Updated: 1438084800 · Created: 1436547881
Anyone got kids attending the American or British or International school. Great, kids love it? Not so good kids found i
Vegan Restaurant in Ipanema - Spazziano =... 0 Food & Drink Started by: Raf-883434 · Updated: 1433159878 · Created: 1433159878
Last week I had a meeting in Ipanema and the person I had to meet with suggested to have lunch in restaurant Spazziano (
Emigrating the UK? 0 Entertainment Started by: EllieGibbs · Updated: 1431088879 · Created: 1431088879
Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential documen
Dengue Fever surge as result of drought 1 Families & Kids Started by: Raf-883434 · Updated: 1423775585 · Created: 1423413197
The drought not only has prices going up, but there according to this article there was also a rise in the number of cas
Preparing for a Job interview 0 General Started by: Raf-883434 · Updated: 1423744343 · Created: 1423744343
It has been a while since I had my last job interview and the other day I came across this interesting atricle about how
Event staff in Rio de Janerio 0 Entertainment Started by: Raf-883434 · Updated: 1423671913 · Created: 1423671913
Here's a tip for those of you in Rio de Janeiro who are looking for event staff for your family party or corporate event
Weather in Rio in August 1 Families & Kids Started by: tairy · Updated: 1423413778 · Created: 1423413589
Hi, my parents are coming over to visit in August and I'm wondering if the weather will be warm enough to go to the beac
Prices going up as consequence of the worst... 1 General Started by: survival4x4 · Updated: 1423410384 · Created: 1423410208
According to this article, the drought that has been hitting Brazil hard is starting to affect the population as prices
Termites in furniture... Help!! 0 Home & Garden Started by: Lady_Clemo · Updated: 1422432170 · Created: 1422432170
I think I have a serious problem... I am seeing what looks like sawdust in several drawers of the wardrobe and I assume