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Any good places to rent a bike or a scooter? It is just to go to the beach...  Thanks  

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Does anyone know a good and reliable motorcycle mechanic in Zona sul? The brand guys charge way too much for my liking.  Thanks  

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I will be over from Switzerland in a fw weeks and wondering about driving myself or not...  Is it a good idea to rent a car and drive around the city myself or would it be safer to pay for taxi or public transport.  Where is the best place to rent a car?  Is the public transport safe?   

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I am new in RJ, the driving here is often crazy. After more than 10 years in pro driving business with comfortable cars in north europe, i see a very different driving culture here. Do people feel safe here, or could it be a market for vip transport with better cars, and good drivers? Near  40.000 people die in traffic related accidents per year in Brasil, almost the same as in USA where they drive many times more.

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I'm looking to buy a used 1991 Yamaha Tenere 600 for sale. It has 70k kilometers on it. What should I look for/ask if I go look at it? For a BMW, that is almost nothing for km, just getting broken in. I have no idea, for a big single Yamaha.

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Can a Canadian tourist purchase a new bike, license and insure it.  I'm in Teresopolis now and would like to get around more and a bike seems convenient.  I can't seen to find and information on this and the bike dealers don't even know and I don't speak portuguese and the DETRAN is hard to get a hold of and I don't even think they know. I would really like to tour this beautiful country.

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