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Hey guys, I'm justin I'm 20 years old, I'm from morocco, I'm planing to move To RIO, as a tourist, but I wanna live there, I wanted to get a work visa but its really hard to get, my question is: is there any chance for me there to find a job in hotels or restaurant or shops, cafes.. Without a work permit? THANK YOU!

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Hi, Has anyone experienced a problem with using UK Nationwide Debit cards in Rio De Janeiro or Brazil in general.Mine has worked for six years with one change of card and then suddenly it stopped in March 2016. It was not a problem because I changed to HSBC, but this weekend they changed to Bradesco who do not support foreign debit cards. This leaves me with just Citibank as a potential replacement bank.Just wondered if anyone else has this problem and might know the reason. Blanco do Brazil are useless, Tried all the normal helpline and two bank managers. No help at all. I left my money in UK as the Real was and is going through the meat grinder just now.Thanks in advanceTony

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Hi,  just curious about whether banks in Rio would offer bank accounts in Euros or pound sterling...  Which bank would offer that and is it worth it? I heard the service of brazilian banks is not very good. Thanks

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Hello, I am enquiring about the official travelling allowance regulations. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there are rules set for business travel daily allowance and if there are officilal rates for foreign and domestic travel (meals, accomodation...).  Thank you very much for your time, Best regards

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Hi all Need a little help. All of my valuables including my passport with entry/exit card inside were stolen from my hostel in lapa. I have a new passport on the way and it should be here in 10days. But I no longer have the passport stamp or entry card. I have been to the federal police at the airport twice now and they won't help me with this. However,  my Portuguese is not strong enough for this issue and no one there spoke English.   I really cannot afford a big fine when I leave due to my money and credit cards also being stolen. Is there any way I can get a new entry card issued and a new passport stamp or will I take my chances at the border.   My previous visa runs out on 14 August so I will be able to leave brasil with a new passport and new passport number before that so I won't be overstaying.    Any help is much appreciated  All the best Emer

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I was wondering if there was information somewhere about the process of applying for and obtaining an RG card once someone has citizenship. In particular, how difficult a process it is and how long to expect for it to take to receive the card after applying for it. Thank you for any assistance. 

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I heard that I would need to invest a minimum of 150.000 R$ to get a visa as an investor. Is this correct? What about this requirement to hire a minimum number of Brazilian employees? Thx  

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Is it possible for students to work in Brazil, like a vacation job? From what age? Thanks  

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Hi all.  Came across this interesting article about having business meetings in Brazil and thought I'd share: http://www.worldbusinessculture.com/Business-Meetings-in-Brazil.html Could be useful.  Cheers  

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I have a qestion. I need to get a cpf and want to ask what is the best way to ask for it.  

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I am in the process of setting up my own business and am not really sure about how this works in Brazil, having lived in France for the past 12 years. I think I'm going to set up a Ltd or ltda company with myself as an employee - is this legal/complicated? Where do I start? Can anyone recommend an accountant in Botafogo area as I'm guessing this should be my first port of call???

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Hi! I had a 6 months student visa, which I had to renew/extend. All the documents were handed over to the Federal Ploice and  everything was ok so I got a "protocolo prorrogaçao de prazo". They told me to check regularly online and when the protocolo is approved, go there again to get the official passport sticker...   Nobody said how long it would  take. It's been 3 months now.    Did anybody here ever go throught this process? Is it normal that they don't approve right away but you have to wait untill you see the approval online? How long did you wait?    Thanks!!

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Hey, any recomendations for a good lawyer specialized in immigration problems?  Appreciate the help Lex  

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Hi guysI am working with a company who want to set up a new LLC in Rio. The company is based in Buenos Aires, but we are aware that the law requires a manager who has a permanent work visa for Brazil or is a Brazilian citizen. We are looking for any general advice on doing this, in particular:How long is it likely to take to set up a new LLC in Brazil? Once set up is it likely the company will be able to get a work visa for me (a British citizen) so that I can go and help them on the ground? If so how long is this likely to take, and is it a costly process?Any advice would be much appreciated as we are trying to avoid spending toooo much time with expensive lawyers on the basics ThanksMatt

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Good morning,  I have a business contract that I need translated... Any suggestions fort a good translator.   

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Hi, someone smashed my car window and stole a backpack that was inside. I know it was not the smartest thing to leave the backpack in the car, but still... So I nbeed to go to the police, but my portugese really sucks. does anyone know where I can go and they speak english?  Thx

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I will in near future give an offer for a 7 acres farm here in RJ state. The owner is also european, I will buy it directly from him, no broker involved is the plan. My first deal in property in brasil. Do anyone know, or where i can find info about laws and regulations about farms, is it different than for houses? How is the taxes and costs, the same?  What is smart of me to do.. us a lawyer ? Its located a couple of hours outside Rio by car, I have been there a few times. Thanks for any good advices :) Wern

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I'm thinking about starting a company in Brazil and found some info on this government website: http://www.portaldoempreendedor.gov.br/how-to-open-business-in-brazil/limited-liability-company-llcThe first paragraph seems to mean to me that I need about 68.000 R$ to register an LLC"A LLC is a legal form of company consisted of a single holder who owns all of capital share, fully paid, which shall not be less than 100 (one hundred) times the highest minimum wage in force in the country. The holder shall not respond for company’s debts with his personal wealth and assets." (So lets say minimum wage is around 680 R$. So that should be multiplied by 100?)Other questions:1. Do I need to have permanent residency to register a company in Brazil? Or all I need is a Brazilian partner? 2. How long does the company incorporation process take? 3. In my case what type (category) of company registration would be advisable? How much is fair to pay an accountant for this service if its worth paying an accountant?   It is difficult to get a quote via the phone. I could be wrong, but I have a weird feeling that service providers want to "size you up" before giving price information, and if you're a gringo they charge more.  Any advice welcome. 

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I just tried to open a bank account in both Banco de Brasil and Bradesco here in RJ. But not possible, they say i need a permanent visa for opening a private account. I do have CPF, but it was not enough. I know i can buy a house without a permanent visa, but for doing so i need a bank account. Can I or can i not open a bank account here in Rio ? If so, do anyone have a link to a official site, so i can print it out and show it to the bank. Because i think i can.. Thanks for any help :)

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I am trying to find the tax rates on salaries in Brazil.  Also, I'm looking for neighborhoods in Rio with decent housing prices. Any recommendations? 

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