Blanco do Brazil ATMs have stopped giving me cash using Nationwide Debit Card

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Hi, Has anyone experienced a problem with using UK Nationwide Debit cards in Rio De Janeiro or Brazil in general.Mine has worked for six years with one change of card and then suddenly it stopped in March 2016. It was not a problem because I changed to HSBC, but this weekend they changed to Bradesco who do not support foreign debit cards. This leaves me with just Citibank as a potential replacement bank.Just wondered if anyone else has this problem and might know the reason. Blanco do Brazil are useless, Tried all the normal helpline and two bank managers. No help at all. I left my money in UK as the Real was and is going through the meat grinder just now.Thanks in advanceTony


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Hi, I am a Brit settled in Brazil, but I get paid in GBPs in my UK bank, so I have to transfer money regularly. I bank with Bradesco , in Brazil and HSBC, in the UK. It was originally HSBC in Brazil before the take over. Now I am having problems transferring money from the UK, if it creeps over 3000USD. I have to provide proof I am a UK tax payer. I have recently been changed over to NT (non tax) by HMRC, as I am a non UK resident now,, and the bank want a declaration I pay income tax.which I don't now, but I still pay National Insurance in the UK.  Even before I was changed to NT, bradesco wouldn't accept a P-60 or my latest payslip, as advised by theHMRC in the UK, without a fight. It appears I need to register to pay income tax in Brazil. However, I live in Brazil, but I do not work in Brazil. My income is paid into the UK. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Do I have to pay Income tax? I work outside Brazil for at least 6 months of the year.



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Hmm, As I understand it because you are resident in Brazil and not the UK then you do need to register with the tax service over here. I have registered with tax authority here even though my savings are in UK. I do not pay tax as the interest is less than the amount you are allowed to earn in Brazil. Next year I get my uk pensions and then I will pay tax in Brazil. I suggest you check with a local accountant as to the best approach to take.

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