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Marmite or Vegemite can be find in Brazil with thename of Cenovit. Beside spreading on the bread with butterit's a great seasoning, giving extra flavor to any recipe.Have atry.

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hello; i will be visiting Rio in a few weeks.  i am visiting the city to study 'daily' consumer spending habits on basic food, drink, and confectionary items. part of study will be visiting brocery stoes and 'corner' stores. i am most interested in studying lower and middle income consumers.  my first question is whether people do most of their shopping in larger grocery stores (as we do in North America) or in smaller 'mom & pop' type stores (like Oxxo in Mexico). I want to visit a typical middle class neighbourhood.  any suggestions?  (allowing for personal safety etc...) thank you for your asistance.

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Last week I had a meeting in Ipanema and the person I had to meet with suggested to have lunch in restaurant Spazziano (See map).  If you are looking for a nice Vegan restaurant, I can definitely recommend Spazziano.  The food, from the raw food to the warm dishes, was delicious and the staff friendly and helpful and for a fixed price of 35 R$ I would say that it was one of the best value for money places in Rio I have seen so far.  The restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of what looks like a regular building, but just go in and reception will show you the way. 

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Folks - is th fish safe to eat from the farmers markets?  I'm hesitant to eat what I bought today.  Thx Anne

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Planning a BBQ and wondering if I could get a recommendation for a good butcher in Recreio areea. Dont like to buy meat in the Supermarket. 

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Who can give me a good recipe to make pao de queijo?  I have been trying out a few I found on the internet but it wasn't quite the way I expected.  I know it can't be that hard, now can it? :-)   

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Hi all,  The other day Iwas hungry and walked into a restaurant called "Bar do Elias", located about 100 - 150m from the Teatro Municipal.  It looked like a small place, but once inside it was kinda "deep" so not small at all... The lady at the door told me the price was 49,90 per kilo, so it wasn't really cheap either.  It looked like just another classy "kilo" place, but to my surprise I found houmous there... It was the first time in 4,5 years in Brazil that I had houmous and it was very good.  The rest of the food I had was also very good. After I gave a compliment to the waitress about the great houmous, she called the manager, who spoke very good English, and he told me that they have an all arabic restaurant as well, the address of which I unfortunately not recall. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for good food, good service and willing to pay a little more... The address is: Rua Evaristo Veiga, 22, Cinelândia, Rio de Janeiro Tip: If you come in near the end of the lunch period (say around 2.30 pm, the price goes from 49,90 to 39,90, or a 20% discount.     

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Who can recomment a good vegetarian restaurant near Lagoa? 

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