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hello; i will be visiting Rio in a few weeks.  i am visiting the city to study 'daily' consumer spending habits on basic food, drink, and confectionary items. part of study will be visiting brocery stoes and 'corner' stores. i am most interested in studying lower and middle income consumers.  my first question is whether people do most of their shopping in larger grocery stores (as we do in North America) or in smaller 'mom & pop' type stores (like Oxxo in Mexico). I want to visit a typical middle class neighbourhood.  any suggestions?  (allowing for personal safety etc...) thank you for your asistance.


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I don't know if you are still in Rio, here are some tips:

- About our shopping habits, it depends... We usually do our monthly shops in larger grocery stores, like Walmart. But we usually do daily shops in little markets - it's very, very common. 

I recommed you to visit Tijuca and Méier, both located in North Zone.

See you.

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