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I live in Meier and was wondering if anyone knew of a reasonably-priced gym in the area?   I know Smart Fit is a good one, but there prices change all of the time.  Does anyone know of another good chain of gyms?   Thanks  

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Hi, I wonder if anyone has a recommendation for a good cross fit gym in Rio. Thanks

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I want a Brazilian drivers license, but my US license has expired. Do I have to do the auto school? I have almost 15 yrs experience in the US.... without any accidents. 

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Hi folks,  I have a serious case of dry eye syndrome. One of my eyes is worse than the other. It probably has something todo with getting older and the fact that I have been wearing rigid contacts for the last 25 years. I wonder if someone else has got this problem and how you are dealing with it. MAybe someone has some good tips before I go and spend a fortune on a doctor. :)  Any suggestions welcome. 

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I would like so much to visit Brazil but I have a very weak immune system an am afraid of getting a dangerous desease from a mosquito. Is there a time when there are no mosquitos at all maybe? (probably  stupid question :) Thx

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I am looking for information about plastic surgery in rio de janeiro or some where else in brazil. How to find a good doctor. What about prices? Any input welcome

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I just read an article about the number of people that died from Dengue fever last year and it was up 36%, which is kind of worrying...  What can be done to avoid Dengue and what are the dangers if you get it? Thank you 

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I came across this article stating thea 70% of sewage in Rio goes straight into the ocean... I find this quite shocking and don't think I will go into the water any more...  Here's the article: http://www.gadsdentimes.com/article/20131216/API/1312160814?p=3&tc=pg    

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Can anyone recommend an optometrist in Barra? 

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A Friend has just recently moved to Recreio and is looking for a gym with baby minding facilities. A pool would be bonus. Anyone?   

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hi all Im lookin for a plastic surgen in Rio any recomendation? 

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Does anyone know a accupuncture place in Rio where they speak English? Preferrably not too far from Lagoa... I hate driving all the way to Barra.  Thx  

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I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know of a dentist in Campo Grande who can speak English?   

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I'm planning a trip to the Amazon later this year and need shots for yellow fever.  Who can tell me were I can get these?  Tx  

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I just came across this list online of open air gyms (ATI's) in Rio and I thought I would share it here:  http://bit.ly/14LLpqv No more excuses to not be in shape  :)

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I just lost a filling and need to get it fixed.  Who can recommend a good dentist and not too expensive? I speak Portuguese so t is ok if he doesn't speak English.  Thx Ice. 

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I was thinking about riding all the way from zona Sul to Grumari, but I don't know if that is a safe thing to do... especially the tunnels look kinda scary. Has anyone done this before?   

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Hello - does anyone know of a good english speaking doctor who is available / open on weekends in Zona Sul? Thx  

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Could anyone recommend a good english speaking hairdresser? I will be relocating to Rio in 2 weeks time. We will be based in Leblon so somewhere local would be great. I've have only just found a decent hairdresser here in Hong Kong and now I need to start the search again! Hope someone has some good tips. Thx  

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Does Brazil have an efficient healthcare system?  What are the main differences between public and private sectors?  Is it recommended to purchase private health insurance?  Thanks

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