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I think I have a serious problem... I am seeing what looks like sawdust in several drawers of the wardrobe and I assume it's termites.  Is there anything I can do to myseld to get rid of them without having to call a specialized company?  Thanks

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HI. I need my bedroom floor changed to a marble tile. I like natural flooring but am wary of the upkeep and staining and we're not DIY people.  I want to find a good and reasonably priced retailer and as near as possible to Recreio, or mayby a website where i can view, ring for advice and that speak english...i am learning portuguese but don't speak well yet. Can anyone recommend a place or website and also a good workman to collect and fit it for me, again that speaks reasonable english.  Obrigado. 

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I am looking to install an alarm in my home. Any recommendations for an installer are very welcome.   It would be awesome to find one that speaks English. Thx  

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Hi, I have a sofabed that needs repairing. The structure is fine, but the fabric has been ripped. Does anyone know of anyone - anywhere that could do this? Thanks

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Part of our bathroom tiles need to be redone and I'm looking for someone to do this.  Anyone here can recommend a good tiler pls?  Thx

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We need several rooms in our house painted and decorated. We would like to use a company which has been used by other expats. can anyone help with a recommendation  

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Hi all. Great website. My friend told me that this was up and running. I have read all about the other ones in France so good luck to you all. Anyway, does anyone know where I can get my hands on moving boxes?

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Back in Europe, I used to do some gardening & looking to contnue that here in Rio. Any good places around here (Preferably Zona Sul) with gardening supplies? 

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