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Hi Can anyone advise me of a dog boarding kennels for when I have to go home for a visit say 14 days Thank you

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Hey, does anyone know a good groomer for yorkie terrier? I brought mine to Pet in Rio shop in botanic gardens, so he is now terrified to go back. In the USA he was totaly fine, so I need someone very caring... Help will be much appreciated!

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I have to find a boarding kennel for my dog for up to 3 weeks. Who can recommend one.

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Hi, are there rules about keeping a dog in an apartment? Do I need to inform the landlord before signing the rental agreement? 

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3 days ago a cat followed me home and I thought it would belong to one of the neighbor's. The cat is clearly not a streetcat, but asking around, I'm not able to locat e the owners.  Anybody has advice who to call or where to take the poor thing?  thanks  

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Hi, were looking at a possible move to Brazil, but we want to bring our pets (cat, dog and a few birds)  Is it possible to bring them and how do we do it?  D.

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Hi, we're preparing to move to rio and I would like to bring our cat. Anybody have any experience with that? what about the vets there? Are they any good?  

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I saw this article and was thinking that we humans sure came a long way if we now have to start cloning animals to prevent them from disappearing.  My question is: Is this cloning really that bad? You hear a lot of things, like people saying these cloned animals are not as healthy or even infurtile, but I don't know if thats real or invented.  I the end, if you would have a cloned dog or a cat , would it be diferent from a "normal" one?    

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