started by: frey · last update: 1438799184 · posted: 1438086010

I have a question about orange itau bikes.  Can anyone explain me how do it work and is it good? please thank you

started by: frash · last update: 1394189525 · posted: 1392886847

I'm interested in exploring capoeira but not shure where I can go for this. Can anyone recommend a group/club?  thank  

started by: sumpy · last update: 1391028344 · posted: 1391028344

Anyone playing golf in Rio? How are the clubs? Is it expensive to get in?  

started by: Huber_RJ · last update: 1390836792 · posted: 1380210536

Anybody here has a list of the football games at Maracana stadium for the remainder of 2013?  Thx  

started by: Marlene-883418 · last update: 1389344800 · posted: 1384411957

hey all,  The other day I overheard a conversation at the bank where a woman said her bicycle got stolen while riding around the lagoa... I thought this was a safe place to be, but now I'm not sosure anymore. Anyone here had any bad experience around there?  

started by: basmati3000 · last update: 1388876618 · posted: 1387788852

hey all, I'm looking for a good internet cafe in copacabana. Any recommendations? cheers and Merry xmas  

started by: Lolgurl3140 · last update: 1386164056 · posted: 1386164056

Hi all,  Is there any place where I can rent rollerblades (in line skates) in Copacabana or Ipanema?  Thanks  

started by: canger · last update: 1384392401 · posted: 1384384718

We're planning a trip to Diamantina (minas geras) next month... any recommendations for places to stay and things to do?  Thanks

started by: Beerlover62 · last update: 1384387732 · posted: 1384380572

Does anyone have a recommendation for an american style bar with rock and blues music  in zona sul?   

started by: gatorade · last update: 1382820021 · posted: 1382262180

I have a birthday coming up and just wondered if anyone has any recommendations for good bars/restaurants (not too pricey)  to go to? Maybe somewhere with live music and/or irish theme?  cheers  

started by: Lady_Clemo · last update: 1381691001 · posted: 1380527081

Good morning, are there places to rent a bicycle in Copacabana? 

started by: plucky · last update: 1381690602 · posted: 1381690602

Hi thereI wanted to know if anybody knew where i could take some saxophone lessons?Thanks 

started by: Lolgurl3140 · last update: 1380617138 · posted: 1380529505

I know this is the Samba capital, but I would like to find a place to learn Salsa. Anyone?   

started by: Themaninblack · last update: 1380362593 · posted: 1380148176

Anyone know a - not too hard - motocross track in Rio? Thx  

started by: Lady_Clemo · last update: 1380152830 · posted: 1380148694

I'm looking for a good party photographer for my daughter's birthday party. Any recommendations?  Merci.   

started by: fey-890231 · last update: 1380152615 · posted: 1380148495

Hey all,  I heard that it is possible to get to the top of sugarloaf on foot, rather than taking the cablecars.  Is this accurate and is it dangerous? Apparently there is a section where you need ropes to climb up? I'm not a climber but maybe with a guide it is doable?  Thank you

started by: Huber_RJ · last update: 1379334846 · posted: 1379334846

Hey,  I hear a lot of good stuff about Ilha Grande. I don't have a lot of time and was thinking of doing a one day trip. Is that worth it?  tx H

started by: jerky · last update: 1379334479 · posted: 1379334336

Back in the states I used to do zumba about once a week. Been trying to find a good place here in Rio.   I was hoping to get a few good recommendations here?  If you also have classes times and prices that wold be awesome. 

started by: Lolgurl3140 · last update: 1378484181 · posted: 1378204051

Hi,  Just wondering if someone here knows a place in Rio where they have Photography courses  in English?  Thanks  

started by: Huber_RJ · last update: 1378284094 · posted: 1378204713

Good morning,  Who can recommend a good diving school here in Rio? I'm just a beginner so not looking for the advanced courses.  Obrigado.   

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