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The couple will be based in the family's secondary residence in the countryside in a small village in the Grasse-region, but will also work in Monaco and other residencies of the family in various countries or holiday retreats. The couple will be responsible for the daily property maintenance and running of the household in all aspects in the secondary residence. They will be working in team with other part- and full-time household employees. Impeccable presentation and high standards in all aspects are essential. Discretion and an excellent and proactive service-mind is a must. Working with a good teamspirit and flexibility will be required at all times. Work intensity varies during the course of the year. The couple will mostly have a small car at their disposal for professional purposes and for transportation between the secondary residence and Monaco. Free housing will be provided in the secondary residence and basic food will be included. The family has a full-time chef employed but basic cooking skills are still required. The couple will prepare breakfast on a regular basis and will prepare other meals as well when the chef is absent. Preparation of basic staff food will also be required. Serving food and drinks service are required. Gardening services are required as well. The family has a part-time handyman employed but basic handyman chores will still be required. Chauffeur services required on a regular basis. Need to speak english and french and be dog and cat friendly. We also require persons with papers in order (European Passport or French carte de séjour).


Elle: Cleaning and General Housekeeping, Ironing, Laundry, Basic cooking, Serving, Dog and Cat care, Sewing, Basic flower arrangement and table setting skills, seasonal chores, shopping and other errands

Lui: Serving, Basic cooking, Chauffeur, Car care, Dog and Cat care, Shopping and other errands, Basic gardening, Handyman, Guardian, Seasonal chores, Cleaning and general Housekeeping, Pool and Spa maintenance  

Job Type: Full-time live-in position