Gardener/Estate Manager/Key Holder/Driver/Security

Posted by: Marc-Smythe-941827 · 1596004629

Dear All!

Why go through an agency who charge the absolute maximum to employ someone like myself when in fact you can approach me direct!

I am highly experienced in Estate Management, Villa Maintenance, Security of Property and Persons, Driver and Gardening. My CV is exceptional, my references are also of a jolly high standard and my team management and ability to work alone is second to nonce.

I am reliable and trustworthy and have very high work standards.

Currently I reside in Cannes with my family but my wife understands my job and knows that sometimes I must work away or Live-In so there is no problem on that front.

Why not contact me direct and see my resume for yourself. I have a full criminal record disclosure also which is updated year on year.

A little about me: I am 43 from London, England, physically fit, married with a child and have lived in Cannes for 8 years. I have worked for various principals on the Riviera with the most recent being a Russian principle living in Monaco.

Please get in touch via this site or my email

Thank you for your time